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Found 1 result

  1. Yo yo yiggity yo! It's your favorite reincarnating Demon Lord server mod about to commit what may possibly be the worst mistake of his career by resurrecting a long-dead community meme. This time, coming to you live from my room in Florida! The rules are simple enough but for those of you too young to remember the Reborn AMA trend or just very bad at taking directions, they are as follows: Use this thread to submit questions for me to answer during the livestream. Submissions will be closed approximately one hour before the stream begins. It's gonna be this Friday (16 October 2020) around 5PM EST so the maximum possible number of people have time to submit and tune in. I do this for you, Eurobros. Never say I'm not one for inclusivity. In the style of the old Ask Me Anything threads of eons past, you can submit multiple questions in the same post and, as the name implies, ask me more or less anything. However, I reserve the right to skip, mix up, or ignore questions posted here at my discretion. Additionally, while I will answer almost anything asked of me, I request that you adhere to the following rules since I AM still a mod and, more importantly, a person and the rules are still in effect. 1. Don't troll too much; there's only so much one person can take. 2. No explicitly sexual questions. 3. Try not to repeat questions i.e. read (or at least try to read) the previous questions asked and try and give me some variety. This is supposed to be fun for me, too. 4. Pertaining to the above: Please endeavour to ask funny, curious, thought-provoking, or interesting questions. 5. Be respectful, both to myself and the other people in the stream. I CAN still ban your asses if someone steps too far out of line. I think that's it. Have at me, then, you foul miscreants (and try not to make me regret doing this)!
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