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  1. What is the word? Oh, right. Ninja'd. Get rekt. Also Seal, if you say that elves suck, I'll give you a candy.
  2. OOOoo a fellow DnD player! 1. What's your favorite class? 2. What's your favorite race? 3. Do you prefer DMing or playing? 4. Can you share with us your favorite character that you've created?
  3. Heyyy happy birthday Newt! I hope you'll have a wonderful day, you really deserve it ❤️🎂

    1. Newt


      Wow I didn't see this sorry

      Love u baby thanks I'm only some days late

    2. LykosHand


      Don't worry Newt ❤️ and yeah better late than never 😉

  4. Petition to bring this back Signed: Newt My votes: 1. @cicada 2. @Alistair You're mods bring this back
  5. Happy Birthday Newt 😄🎉, i hope that you will have a fantastic day, you really deserve it 😄🍰

    1. Newt


      Happy Birthday Lykos 😄🎉, i hope that you will have a fantastic day, you really deserve it 😄🍰

    2. Newt


      Why the fuck did the emojis get so big

    3. LykosHand


      lmao Newt xD idk, it seems that when you copy and paste emojis get big hehe jk 😛 and you're welcome 🤗

  6. You should stop stealing everybody's mans

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Candy


      It's not Caimie-chan's fault that y'all's men are weak of heart and sway to a beautiful lady 😉

    3. Caimie


      Candy really is one of a kind what a lovely lady ❤️ 

    4. Newt


      ikr we should threaten caimie to stay away from all guys or she can hurt their emotions

  7. "There's someone behind this wall. Be careful." Desmond telephatically tells Nadine, who was the closest one, as he ignores the other two kenkus that just entered the room.
  8. "Yes- I've heard it as well." Desmond approaches Gael and the bookshelf, and violently taps and shoves literally every book in it (he counted them too, there are 19 of them, mostly in alphabetical order) but no cliche secret trapdoor appears. "Well, let's try this, then." Desmond goes to the lateral side of the shelf, and starts to try to push it. For his surprise, it wasn't that heavy, as he easily pushes it from the wall. Behind it, he sees a discolored portion of the wall with an odd segment jutting out of it. A small crack runs along the center of it. "You might want to se
  9. Desmond yawns, clearly tired of this. "Can't we skip the sad and cliche story? Just tell us who is this "G" woman and where she is."
  10. Kayn gets up after taking the Zubat off, and checks out Zaru, who seemed to be ok even after the woman's kick. "Okkkkkk, get ready!" Kayn gets Zaru, and throws him at the woman like an Olympian would do (11), and Zaru hits her with a well done Astonish (8), sending her down to the floor, fainting. "Well, that's take care of it. Are you okay there, buddy?" Kayn says to Aster, extending a helping hand.
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