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  1. No mods are around right now Time to show some rage
  2. I don't feel his aura around Perhaps a naughty mythical psychic type mon could tell where he is
  3. Doesn't look like raion heard your call Starry come forth
  4. A lucario will be more than enough for you Got it rage
  5. A fast one, are we? Let's call for Q-jei anyways
  6. Looks like you were really missing me What about you baumina?
  7. I don't think so Let's call a charizard this time
  8. who are you

    1. Aura_Guardian


      Just your friendly forum mate Aura_Guardian.

      Oh and I am interested in challenging your gyms.

      When can we do that?

    2. The Cyan Yoshi

      The Cyan Yoshi

      mon-fri 5-10 am 9-11 pm and sat-sun 9-11 pm

  9. Don't be so sure I predict crystalrage next
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