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Found 14 results

  1. I really need help, I have been trying to defeat team meteor at Fiore mansion for a few days now and nothing seems to work. My team is: - Ampharos level 73 - Delphox level 73 - Blastoise level 73 - Donphan level 73 - Mamoswine level 73 - Chesnaught level 73 Since I'm not really good at multiple battles after another, was my question if someone wants to look at my save file and try to beat them for me. Please help me out...
  2. So my computer decided to become Coca-cola bottle with Mentos inside and I no longer have my previous save file. If anyone has a file around the 7th badge (I assume i haven't gotten very far), I'd really appreciate it.
  3. I just defeated ZEL in devon corp, and now idk where to go. HELP.
  4. hello everyone im about to start episode 18 and i wanted to have the final member of my team be a shiny garchomp but after opening 3 full boxes of eggs of gibles and having no lukc i have come here all i want is a shiny male gible please i dont mind ivs and natures at this point and if u want something for it i will see what i can do
  5. I wanted to have the move Iron Head on my Golisopod and saw that i could use the move turtor to learn it, but when i tried to get Iron Head at the move turtor it said i couldn't get it on Golisopod. Am i missing something? It should be able to get it. (I have never used the move turtor before, do i simple not know something? Like something i need to do beforehand?)
  6. I want my Feebas back QAQ i did a online trade with myself file, and then it turns out i got double Gardevoir, and i lost my Feebas with Prism Scale please help T_T Game.rxdata
  7. So I'm on episode 16 and this team has surprisingly carried me through the entire game something I was really happy about.....and then Ciel...maybe I've missed some TM I could use to obliterate her?If not who should I replace for who?I need help
  8. Hi this is Ody straight from the uni library taking a break from my exam. The exam's time is 6-8pm, the room where it is is OVERHEAT and we can go to the library. Minimal supervision and stuff. The exam's about the semantic analysis of comics (much harder than it sounds) and I spent a good 45 mins melting before I went to the aircondicioned and kinda freezing library. Love you all, gonna continue writing now
  9. Well, it has been 15 months or so since I joined Reborn, though I have been following the game for about a year more that that. I've been having a wonderful time here, and since it's become somewhat of a tradition to mark the millenial post, I'll take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for Reborn, not merely as a game but as a community that I have grown to love. It certainly has been a long time since that one introductory post I made in the Grand Hall, promising to contribute to Reborn as much as I had enjoyed it. I can only continue to hope that I can contribute, at least in some small way, to what has fast become almost a second circle of family. I'm only about as soulful as my trademark Magnezone though, so I'm not going to make this a very sappy post, but that doesn't diminish my appreciation and gratitude for Reborn and for all you guys. I don't want to accidentally omit anyone, nor do I think it particular to add a token line to mark my friends, for I believe that our friendship is something to be felt and celebrated every day, and not just on this one occasion. So I affix much importance to this post itself, but much more to the moment when I thank all you amazing people for your company (and your tolerance of awful puns. They won't stop though!) Cheers, and see more of you all soon!
  10. I'm sorry I keep asking for your guys' help, but I'm really stuck. I just got to the part where I need to pass azumarine lake, and Cain just went on his Muk, and the green haired chick told me I need to go to this factory, but i accidentally sped through the dialogue too quickly and now i don't know where the factory is! can someone please help me?
  11. Hellooo I can't find a dark type and my pancham has just reached level 31, I need to have a dark type in my party when he reaches level 32 so he can evolve, does anyone know an easy dark type i can find?? please and thank you <3
  12. okay so i picked up the game recently and finally got around to play it, i'm at the last world doing ansem's boss battles, anyone who's beat him have any advice on what commands i should be running/any strats that might help? also this playthrough is on proud, after getting OHKO'd by his second form i'm so done with this game
  13. So I looked around the site and there's no music sheet for Reborn's main theme. I've been wondering if someone could upload the music score for the Cello~ I tried by ear and it sounds off. Now I got one of my housemates to play reborn and she's in the process of convincing the other two to play the theme with us. Here's the instruments we all play... Me-Cello, Piano and Accordion. Elise- Viola & Violin Betty-Doublebass, Timpani and the acoustic guitar. Isla-Cello and the drums. the last two girls gave it a try and they kinda got it but can i atleast have the music sheet for the cello? Pretty Please?
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