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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. ah, okay that makes sense thank you so much :)
  3. Without Spoilers for episode 19 can anyone tell me if stored power is available as a tm or tutor move and where? Please and thank you!
  4. I didnt know where to ask for help, but without Ep19 spoilers is there a way I can get the TM for stored power?? 

  5. xD ahahaha! I randomly decided to put together a group of pyukumuku's to take down garchomp only because i thought it would be funny and OMG it worked! I only used like 3 of the six! image.thumb.png.781b03d67d2b9a95e21d215a1c0caa94.png

    1. Monochrome_Complex


      Yeah it works surprsingly well. I used one along with a Sudowoodo with study/counter and  kicked Garchomp's butt lol.

    2. BlueRose86


      Agreed! I just did it for fun with a whole team of cutely named pyukumuku's and me and my best friend were shocked at how well they were doing so now they are my go to team when i start a new game and fight him again.

  6. Happy Birthday to me :3

    1. SilverAngelus


      Happy Birthday~

      I hope your day goes fantastic! 🎂🎉😺

    2. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      Happy Birthday!🎂

    3. BlueRose86


      :D thank you both! 

  7. I did another pokemon thing! This time its my all time favorite! Gengar! His name is Diomed and he's just nappin. 

    Diomed naptime-Pokemon OC fanart-.jpg

    1. SilverAngelus


      This is so nice! And that's a cool way for Diomed to hold the Gengarite~

    2. BlueRose86


      @SilverAngelus Thank you! :D Honestly I didnt see a different way for him to have it xD 

    3. SBS


      he be sleeping 

      nice work btw


  8. Hello :3 Been a while. I made new art. Just finished it like, an hour ago and wanted to share cause im really proud of it.

    Luna's Playtime-Pokemon OC fanart- V2.png

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Candy


      Oooo berry nice :D

    3. BlueRose86


      @Dreamblitz @Candy Thank you both :D I'm super proud of how this turned out!

    4. Gastronely


      Woah, that's gorgeous 

  9. Been in a rut lately so while I was watching my friend stream I drew some of the pokemon I like having on my team. The pikachu's name is Luna and she is based on my pikachu from Let's go pikachu and the gengar's name is Diomed and I make sure he's in all of my teams. Gengar is my favorite pokemon :) Also there are notes at the top cause I'm going to finish them digitally.


  10. I find this to be good news! Because not only are you making sure you continue to work i the game, your also taking your own(and the team's) mental, emotional and physical health into account and those are important!
  11. So my problem with Game Z not working must have been an issue with my laptop cause its now working again. 

  12. BlueRose86


    There should be a control panel somewhere nearby. like a white monitor with green lines on it. Sorry i cant provide a picture, both of my files are way past that point in the game.
  13. Might be TMI and im sorry, but Tania and Amaria's relationship is exactly how mine and my ex's was with me being Amaria and her Tania, it hurts every time i get to their story parts, but that's also what I love about the game. The characters are relatable in ways that newer game characters arent. 

  14. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. BlueRose86


      Thank you!!!

    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome 😉

  15. I didnt want to make a thread about this cause its not that big of a deal for me personally, but is anyone having the problem of opening game Z and it opens for a split second with a white screen then it immediately closes??

    1. andracass


      that doesn't sound good.

      which version are you using?

    2. BlueRose86


      I was using 18.4 with the patch, and I had opened it just fine the day before, but then it just stopped working, so I deleted everything and downloaded the windows version on the download page and it still wouldnt open. Not sure if its My laptop or not. Game.exe works fine though.

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