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  1. Maria being Madame X seems plausible, 'cause we know that Madame X lost her mother and the same goes for Maria...okay there are too many people in this game who lost their mother too, but still she takes my number 1 place in the Madame X's identity list. Maybe Madame X is like Angie a fusion between Maria and another person
  2. Another well written chapter about the little fire devil I like the way how Flannery talks with Fern, 'cause she tells him the things I would want to hear from our own MC, if he could talk, and the Fern in this chapter was even more dorky than the original one (how could he dare to try to blame Flannery for everything) And even tough she needs to calm her anger sometimes, her hunting after the fleeing Meteors was one of the funniest moments of this chapter My favourite character combination in this chapter was Flannery and Julia, they are made for each other regarding their characteristics, Julia as the cheerleader of destruction and Flannery as the vulcan of emotions I can't wait for their battle against each other Keep it up Q-Jei
  3. Didn't thought about that, but it would be a good idea, especially since we kinda already fought saki during the terajuma arc (even though it was a tag team battle). So it wouldn't be that surprising if we fight someone else for the badge and Hazuki would make a good choice. Maybe after we gain her badge she gets mystically corrupted through someone/something and we have to fight her rift form like with Aelita.
  4. After our battle in the Hiyoshi past, Indriad left her to die since she lost to us and wasn't useful to him anymore. I believe it was either Cosmia or both happened to be there through time travelling (would also explain Venam's different personalty which Risa noticed, as she changed and became more responsible). Regarding Risa being the red haired woman, it is hard to believe, as Risa is strictly against Team Xen, so why should her "real" identity help Madame X. Either she has a split personality or when Risa was hospitalized, the red haired girl took her identity or they connected somehow (would explain why Risa was miraculously healed) but for now the only hint is their similar hair structure, but that could also mean that Zumi is the red haired girl, as she also has similar hair
  5. So far we can only theorize that, as it isn't officially confirmed, but there are some hints. Also, through Griselda/Girantina we know, that it is possible for humans to become pokemon.
  6. I think we can explore more of the goldenwood area after getting Waterfall. Maybe the new area has something to do with the cave or Jan just hid the entrance to a deeper level for a future update
  7. You are right with your second guess, we fought his sealed emotions for the badge. As for the teaser, it could have something to do with the puppetmaster, as the new title of the episode implies this.
  8. Also, on our first trip to the past it is said that the stone is empty and even if there was one soul inside of it, the stone can take more than one (if i remember correctly)
  9. Wasn´t he just a pure psychotic doctor who shares a brain with his father to inrease his sucess rate? But it would be plausible, if Team Amanda hired him for help in creating the android, even though I don´t really think that, since why would you need a surgeon to create a android with living hair and laserbeams? Who knows, but we also still don´t know what "present" Ishia left for GDC. Another thing regarding Amanda: she said that her team wants to reverse Celine´s plan. Is Celine the woman from Karen´s diary, who asked the Alamissa Urben gang (Adam, Karen, Damian and Ryland) to join the league? If so, that would mean she knew what would happen, but how? Maybe it has something to do with our time travels?
  10. Holy it is really shocking that this makes so much sense
  11. I believe Amanda meant she has chosen gym leaders who are weaker than they should be (like Texen or in the case West Gearen City position chaos) or left positions vacant so when a regional crisis happens, they wouldn't be of any help (We just had the "big luck" that most of these changes happened after we obtained the strong ones badge ). But I can't believe anyone from the ones we fought already were used as agents, as all of them were either supporters for our cause, had their own circumstances (Kennan), didn't even really count and Team Amanda had no influence over them (Puppetmaster/Marianette) or like Angie and Flora who pursued their own (evil) agenda. The last two only played into Amanda's hands with their actions. Okay, who knows what happens in the future, now that Amanda's plot was revealed and we all know Jan and his surprises For the gym leaders we couldn't battle, as they were replaced through some circumstances, like Talon, it could be possible that they are agents/spies. Plot twist: Team AA is behind all and they just act as useless idiots, so that nobody takes them serious
  12. Lol thats true, didn't remember that, the fame thing makes sense, since Nancy is an idol (if our 'mother' really was the real Nancy) that would mean that they are indeed allies of Crescent, 'cause she gave Nim/Lorna her orders. As for why Crescent wanted Nim/Lorna to turn the gym leaders to stone, I think she wanted to stop the MC from gaining badges and through that hindering us in our journey or in gaining entry to the top 8, which would imply that there is somehow more to them than just the connection to Amanda's mystery organization, maybe even a deep connection to Team Xen or Indriad. Wouldn't surprise me anymore Another thing regarding Crescent: During our scene with her when we died on Valor Mountain, she implied that those we lost can be rescued. First I thought we can revive them with the soul stone, but during our first trip to the past we learned that the stone was empty and till now we only obtained Anathea's soul. And even if Nancy was a doll/android/former maid it is possible for her to have a soul and it is really impossible that Jenner had no soul...so did they really die and if the answer is no what could have happened to them and how can they be saved. Maybe Crescent didn't just save Nim but also Jenner and during the Blacksteeple arc Nancy (not her body but her soul) This means she only used their "deaths" to manipulate us. On the other side then why the hint that they can be rescued? Maybe in future updates (postgame?) we have the chance to travel to important points of our past adventures and rescue the souls of the persons who died for our sake or without reason
  13. That would definitely make sense, even more since Comet is still stuck in the MC-form and it would be kinda weird to battle against someone who looks like us for a badge (okay maybe he regains his true form till then, but still...) And I really want to battle against the crazy twins with my own team But I'm also really curious about Cosmia's and Comet's role in the story. Even though Cosmia kidnapped (I really hope it was just thatO.o) the quiz man before he could tell us the identity of Madame X, I don't think they are allies of Team Xen, instead I think they either work for Crescent or someone still unknown to us (maybe team Amanda?). Also what do you all think, what they are gaining from imitating the MC and Nancy?
  14. I would suggest to drop Noivern for A-Ninetails, you already have a flying type with Swana and with A-Ninetails you have a better coverage for dragon types. Also its ability to produce Hail automatically together with Aurora Veil is really helpful in many battles in Reborn/Rejuvenation. At least in my case A-Ninetails was a really good supporter, who more than once saved my team from the brink of death (especially against a certain water gym leader from Reborn)
  15. Avatars regarding Persona 5 get always full points from me even though i didn't get to personally play the royal version, yet I already like kasumi 10/10
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