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  1. A good way to get high IV Pokemon is to get it from Memeborn, which automatically provides 6v for all Pokemon you get. Then you can copy and paste your save file between Reborn and Memeborn.
  2. Looks like we need to get Dialga, Palkia and Giratina to get Arceus. Without ash-Greninja the game has less fun, though it doesn’t enormously affect the game.
  3. A few more questions ^ ^ 9. Will the game involve the characters from official Pokémon games? (such as Red, Green, Lance, Cynthia, etc. ) 10. Will we have ash-Greninja in the game? 11. Which legendary Pokémon will have the longest quest? 12. I cannot understand your reply “maybe, if we were out here lying”. Could you explain that?
  4. We should say “sometimes Gamefreak is right”.
  5. I do understand the personal stuff of each team member and the difficulty to both maintain the game quality and release the game as fast as possible. Since it’s a fan game, the developer cannot gain profit with the game. I always admire people who sacrifice their spare time to persist in doing things without profit for years simply for fun and their supporters. I wish I can also do something to make the progress faster, but I have my job as well.
  6. I totally agree that Amaria is selfish and refusing to improve herself. Maybe she enjoys the feeling of manipulating her only friend as her wish. I would rather say Amaria’s emotion towards Titania is closer to dependency like a child who needs parents to take care of him/her, rather than homosexual love. The only difference is my attitude towards Amaria. Your anger towards her stems from your disappointment to her refusing facing reality and changing herself. In my perspective, however, just like my attitude towards Fern, I only show pity to her, not only because her team no matter which route or single/double cannot touch Shedinja, but also because her personality cannot actually befriend anyone to have a true, at least, friendship.
  7. 1. Are we gonna have trainer customization in the Reborn game? Not expecting to have a complicated one, I think a simple one may work. 2. What is your favorite Pokémon character? 3. Which route in the Reborn game do you prefer? Zekrom route or Reshiram route? 4. What is your favorite type? (e.g: Fire, Dark, etc. ) 5. How did you and Ame encounter? 6. Which game style do you prefer? Fast-paced game with more attacking or slow-paced game with more defending? 7. Are we gonna have our private space in Reborn game? (e.g: secret base in ORAS, Villa in Platinum, etc. ) 8. Which generation of Pokémon is your favorite?
  8. I remember Aya is inside the Meteor Base beside the Ametrine Mountain. I'm not sure for Shelly. She should be at a dark corner of a city, maybe Peridot Ward or Lapis Ward.
  9. Thank you so much! Hardy is in front of Nightclub, showing "waiting for someone". The condition for Taka joining the team is to give him a Garchomp. He'll refuse having it and join the team. I still don't know How to make Hardy join the party. He needs a Pokemon and I've tried more than 300 Pokemon but it simply doesn't work.
  10. A little question...How can I get Cain, Taka, Titania and Hardy as my party members? These four are the only party members left.
  11. I recommend Blaziken to run protect over quick attack. You can use Nidoking, Blaziken and Mamoswine to take over Titania. Your team will have hard time with Amaria though.
  12. Looks like the test result is so different. My Power-Construct Zygarde does not transform to father form even with 1 hp. Moreover, the Thousand Arrows should hit both foes in double battle, but in the game it can only hit one of them. Hope all these bugs will be fixed in E19.
  13. The Commander will eventually give me a Pokemon. Does the Pokemon he gives me depend on my starter I chose? Or it only depends on the region I choose?
  14. The ability Power Construct does not work in the game, but there exists the image of Zygarde-Complete in Graphics/Battler folder. I wonder whether the game does not have Zygarde-Complete yet or the sandbox is not compatible with Zygarde-Complete?
  15. I know there’s no release date, but I still wanna ask: What is the approximate date to finish and test all stuff of ep19 and postgame? August? The end of this year? Or this time next year or even further?
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