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  1. Adrienn 2 Amaria -4 Anna 4 Arc 2 Aya 2 Bennet 1 Blake 1 Cain 3 Cal 1 Charlotte 2 Ciel 2 Elias -1 Eve 0 Fern 5 Florinia 0 Gardevoir 3 Hardy 6 Heather 2 Julia 2 Laura 1 Lumi 1 Luna 2 Noel 3 Radomus 3 Samson 3 Saphira 4 Serra 4 Shade 4 Shelly 3 Sigmund -2 Taka 4 Terra 3 Titania 5 Victoria 6 Since I go Reshiram Route, no wonder why Amaria really hates me. It looks like we just dislike each other. I have a fair relationship with anyone else. The value of Elias and that of Sigmund are fixed. The value of Titania shows she prefers ceasing the relationship with Amaria, since in my another save with Zekrom Route Titania has -3 points. A really interesting fact is I have 5 relationship points with Fern in two saves, each of them runs a distinct route. He's toxic and hostile towards me but he......likes me?
  2. Don't worry. I'm on your side. I completely understand how hard and time consuming to develop a massive game, not to mention you have two to work on. I'm also a programmer and I'm frustrated for not available to help you. I've read the replies in that post. All I can say is please neglect someone unfriendly or someone asking foolish questions. I wrote this post simply notice you as developers of Starlight the potential risk you will likely face. Another possible situation in future is people getting disappointed after seemingly endless waiting and they no longer care Reborn and Starlight. It looks like people (maybe 95 percent or higher) in this community are friendly and sympathetic towards you and Ame, so don't worry too much. I know that nobody eager to make the game better than you guys do, so take your time and avoid the pressure and negativity destroying you.
  3. The original post is locked for further replies, but I really have something wanna talk about, so I put my comment on this post right here. I have no negative feeling on this update by cass (Pain, anger, sorrow, remorse? None of them). However, there is one piece of advice I need to talk about, and that is putting your effort on developing a brand new game and telling that to the community can be risky. This time last year, Pokemon players realized that Game Freak arranged almost half of their developers working on a brand new game called Town. Players (including me myself) had infuriated by the underwhelming content of Pokemon Sword and Shield especially the absence of National PokeDex, and that fact further ignited players' anger and disappointment on Game Freak. As a result, Pokemon players spread their negativity and sent their bad reviews on this new game, even when the game had not been released. I would not say Town is really good, but it is too bad to receive good reviews? Not so much. In this Starlight case, similar event may happen. Reborn players (very likely to have considerably large number of players) may naturally hate this game, whatever this game will look like, since developing Starlight makes Ame postpones the development of Reborn ep19 postgame. Having a large numbers of haters already before a new game released is absolutely detrimental for it and its developers. The original development update post was locked only after it was released after one day shows the potential of negativity non-negligibly exists, though most of us are compassionate. Fighting back to this negativity may hurt the community by hurting the feelings of loyal and contributive Reborn players, which means dead end. The best way to solve this arising problem is probably releasing the ep19 main game, which had been completed a year ago. People will still play the ep19 postgame when it is launched anyway, since ep19 postgame will contain huge amount of plot and it will require tons of play time. Releasing the ep19 main game not only fulfills the players in Reborn community, but also saves Starlight from potential negativity it may face. It will also release lots of pressure for you developers. Hope Ame, Cass and other developers of Reborn consider my advice and make your decision. Thank you!
  4. That's really good by no means. I tested Zygarde and friendly notice you that Zygarde's Thousand Arrow should hit both target in double battle, but it only hits one target now.
  5. By the way, you say the latest update has slight continuation of the Redux HQ sidequest, but I cannot find one. The HCHQ and Commander has nothing new and the police station in Jasper Ward has nothing new either. The Chamber of Memories is also unchanged.
  6. It's ZEL one. I couldn't continue the game so I wonder whether Taka fight has the same bug.
  7. A glitch bug happens when I fight PULSE-Tangrowth. It says "opponents doesn't have two unfainted Pokemon. "
  8. EyesOnKindred


    It's way much faster that previous one, but there's a problem: I cannot input capitalized letter. The input is always lower case.
  9. We should say “sometimes Gamefreak is right”.
  10. I do understand the personal stuff of each team member and the difficulty to both maintain the game quality and release the game as fast as possible. Since it’s a fan game, the developer cannot gain profit with the game. I always admire people who sacrifice their spare time to persist in doing things without profit for years simply for fun and their supporters. I wish I can also do something to make the progress faster, but I have my job as well.
  11. I remember Aya is inside the Meteor Base beside the Ametrine Mountain. I'm not sure for Shelly. She should be at a dark corner of a city, maybe Peridot Ward or Lapis Ward.
  12. Thank you so much! Hardy is in front of Nightclub, showing "waiting for someone". The condition for Taka joining the team is to give him a Garchomp. He'll refuse having it and join the team. I still don't know How to make Hardy join the party. He needs a Pokemon and I've tried more than 300 Pokemon but it simply doesn't work.
  13. A little question...How can I get Cain, Taka, Titania and Hardy as my party members? These four are the only party members left.
  14. Looks like the test result is so different. My Power-Construct Zygarde does not transform to father form even with 1 hp. Moreover, the Thousand Arrows should hit both foes in double battle, but in the game it can only hit one of them. Hope all these bugs will be fixed in E19.
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