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  1. Do we have Ana's full body art with eyes? She is also one of the protagonists.
  2. This method makes the game more fair, but if you say elitism then those people can still find another thing to show off with. To deal with those people the only solution is probably banning them I guess?
  3. I think a better decision is keeping the intense mode but moving the current normal mode trainers' Pokemon set to intense mode, since all trainers in normal mode have already got fully EV trained Pokemon. Intense mode is unfair with illegal EV spreads, double mega-evolutions in battle, mega-evolving while holding other items, etc. And then, trainers in normal mode can have full but not fully EV invested teams so it is "reborn difficulty'. What do you think?
  4. This fight has bug as long as that lv.97 Sableye comes out and it loops here when I do anything.
  5. I also noticed that. It seems like a bug so far only happens in debug mode since in actual gameplay the AI always uses the boss mon at last such as fighting against Clear. I ran Clear fight in debug mode and she used Naganadel not as her last mon so the same bug happened as well.
  6. Are you bored after beating the game, or thinking the intense mode game is still too simple for you? If you are seeking more challenge, here is a custom Radical Red Elite Four Lance battle in Hardcore mode. Check it out! To run this you require debug menu to be enabled. If you have downloaded PBS files, you can copy trainers.txt file to your PBS folder, open the debug menu, and click "Compile Trainers". You can also copy trainers.dat file to your Data folder and you will be all set! To start the battle, please open the debug menu, roll to "Test Trainer Battle" and select "Champion Lance (201)". This battle in Radical Red has no field, but you can fight in anywhere you want! The fight is hard enough even without the field so I recommend you battle without field. Hope you guys have fun! trainers.txt trainers.dat
  7. The best status to deal with boss is burn, since poison damage is always 1/16 on boss health bar even with toxic.
  8. I have played this game for years but still dunno what she wears even when I zoom in the pic.
  9. Some mysteries still remain after v13: Who is Madame X? Why did her word in epilogue the same as that of Eriena? How did Maria turn into Melia? The house in prologue and the marble mansion are two different places. Why does Melia the only Archetype having Genesis Syndrome? Where did Indriad go? Did he really fuse with Anju? If yes, then when and how? How will good ending/neutral ending/evil ending look like? Why did the data of Kieran and Clear so important? So important that Puppet Master went crazy after she failed to get those data? The history of ancient kingdoms and four local guardians contradicts the "All people in this region are escaped from Miera region" fact. Rune does not fit the timeline well either.
  10. I finished the main storyline last night. It's so incredible! Thank you for developing such a game! It's worth waiting!
  11. Since you are battling on Fairy Tale field, magical seed is your best friend.
  12. I think the game developers basically treats Team Bladestar as another evil group MC team need to handle with when Team Xen is almost absent after Valor Mountain incidents.
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