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  1. It's been a long day, without you my friend...

    And I will tell you all about it when I see you again...

    When I see you again...


    1. Mr. Finn

      Mr. Finn

      I miss you, mah friend! :( When will you come back to me?

      As I can see, you are alive and I hope you're okay in the life, I hope to see you again one day and I will be waiting for that day. ;)

  2. Is it pronounced Arceus-Arseus or Arceus-Arkeus?

    1. Show previous comments  30 more
    2. HongaarseBeer


      Damn... 7 hours and 30 notifications later...


      I always pronounced it like Arseus, don't really know why actually. I find Arkeus sound weird.


      I like how it started with discussing the pronunciation and how it changed into an entirely different discussion :D


      Anyway, thanks everyone :) 

    3. Wolfox


      Hongaar, that's what tends to happen when Jess and I are involved. like... seriously

    4. seki108


      Somehow it didn't turn into a Insurgence thread, though it was about someone just as bad as the Insurgence devs, just with more influence


      (even though I missed the discussion when it was going on, I saw firsthand Versy's view-gaining tactics when he started drama with Hoodlum Scrafty and another Poketuber last year, so I couldn't really add anything that hadn't already been said.)

  3. Wooooh, winner winner chicken dinner!!! Well played everyone, this was an interesting mafia game!
  4. @Greninja sorry for my accusation then! Your stories do seem to make sense to me guys... I think I'll join you. Uneliminate (?) - Greninja Eliminate - Dark rogue
  5. @Greninja you protected fuck all is what you did I protected peeps because I'm the blacksmith. I saved Roswell and (unfortunately) I saved Lord Drakyle twice because I really believed he was innocent. I nearly succeeded in saving Megagun, but he got targeted twice that night iirc, so I couldn't protect him. Edit: sorry if I sound super angry/threatening in some way, I'm just tired and don't want there to be any confusion...
  6. Lol. I'm already casting my vote. Eliminate - Greninja The others of us aren't Valiant, so you have to be
  7. Alright, it's 4v1 atm! Well done Amine! We should have this in the pocket people. Now, Newt is Town, Soso is town (according to Roswell you're the roleblocker). Then, Roswell can't be mafia because he got silenced. That leaves only Greninja who's left in my books... He must be the silencer @Dark RogueWhat was the result of your previous action you referred to in the latest day phase?
  8. Consider this bookmarked in my browser! This is interesting
  9. I'm also already casting my vote, as I most certainly won't have time to do that tomorrow. So, Eliminate - Alphagar . I'm counting on your observation @Dark Rogue
  10. Yeah, I'm also curious. I know the accusation solely based on :3 is a bit far-fetched, but he could be right, you know
  11. That moment when someone who tries to jump the queue accuses me of jumping the queue when I tell her she's clearly jumping the queue...


    I am confused

    1. Wolfox


      playing the blame game is easier than just waiting and giving in that you're wrong

    2. Newt



  12. 'So, about Drakyle. I think one of the Valiants remaining is a Lawyer, so Drakyle would appear as innocent when visited. That would explain why he wanted everyone who could see if he is innocent to visit him, becase the Lawyer was making him appear as innocent, and would explain why it did not show to me he was mafia.' @Dark Rogue This would imply that Drakyle got visited by the lawyer every night though. That does seem a bit often, don't you think? I mean, it could very well be true but I'm just not sure. I kinda dig your whole analysis though
  13. Maybe the final member of Lumina is Greninja? And since he's quite inactive, Dive didn't mention him as being part of Lumina anymore? Just guessing something random. Also, I would like to encourage everyone that has an investigative role to share their information. As of now, it's only 7v3 (or 8v2, don't know exactly) so if we can lynch one Valiant member we are in a great chance of winning this game! And I can't share information about investigations, because I can't investigate
  14. Last night was a great night

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