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  1. It's been a long day, without you my friend...

    And I will tell you all about it when I see you again...

    When I see you again...


    1. Mr. Finn

      Mr. Finn

      I miss you, mah friend! :( When will you come back to me?

      As I can see, you are alive and I hope you're okay in the life, I hope to see you again one day and I will be waiting for that day. ;)

  2. Is it pronounced Arceus-Arseus or Arceus-Arkeus?

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    2. HongaarseBeer


      Damn... 7 hours and 30 notifications later...


      I always pronounced it like Arseus, don't really know why actually. I find Arkeus sound weird.


      I like how it started with discussing the pronunciation and how it changed into an entirely different discussion :D


      Anyway, thanks everyone :) 

    3. Wolfox


      Hongaar, that's what tends to happen when Jess and I are involved. like... seriously

    4. seki108


      Somehow it didn't turn into a Insurgence thread, though it was about someone just as bad as the Insurgence devs, just with more influence


      (even though I missed the discussion when it was going on, I saw firsthand Versy's view-gaining tactics when he started drama with Hoodlum Scrafty and another Poketuber last year, so I couldn't really add anything that hadn't already been said.)

  3. That moment when someone who tries to jump the queue accuses me of jumping the queue when I tell her she's clearly jumping the queue...


    I am confused

    1. Wolfox


      playing the blame game is easier than just waiting and giving in that you're wrong

    2. Newt



  4. Last night was a great night

  5. This was a good weekend

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    2. Amine



      Hongaarse pls

      oh wow i can't manage working and studying, kudos to you

      Well, except for the boring poetry class, which i sleep in, the other classes are quite intresting, i'm liking the drama and anglo-civilization classes so far.

    3. HongaarseBeer


      Ahahahaha. As a student, you I just don't live without :D 


      Thank you, I appreciate it. It is kind of intense from time to time, but I seem to manage quite alright. So that's nice :)  


      And hey, gotta get enough sleep, so you might as well sleep during boring classes. I really think your study sounds interesting. It's something that I could see myself reading about. Not doing an entire study on it, because it's just not my field, but knowing about it is interesting!


      In the drama classes, do you really act? Or is it a study of drama in English Literature?

    4. Amine


      Ha I wish we acted. we're studying a W. Shakespeare's comedy: As you like it.


  6. Everyone, Watchdogs is free on Uplay until November 13th

    1. Tartar


      Everyone, Cave Story has been free for the past 20 years and is a better game :3

  7. I can't believe I've only discovered 'The Black Parade' yesterday

  8. Enjoy

    1. HongaarseBeer


      That's mad! Very interesting


      Thank you

    2. Wolfox


      I had a feeling you'd like it

  9. First day at my new job!! Excited

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    2. Wolfox


      have a good day

    3. Paul25


      Best wishes from me at your new job!! :Glad:

    4. HongaarseBeer


      Thanks, guys! It was great

  10. Man, I love Uncle Iroh

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    2. seki108
    3. Wolfox


      whoops... sorry about the spoilers... if anything they weren't too major?

    4. HongaarseBeer


      Nah, it's okay! It was more a warning so that you don't accidentally say things I don't know yet. So don't worry about it :D


      And now that you've mentioned it, that does sound familiar from her gym indeed. Quite a cool cameo

  11. Question: why would you use a Flame Orb if it burns your Pokémon which decreases its attack? I've seen lots of people use it, but I really wonder why

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    2. Wolfox


      it does Toxic Poison. why else do they name it the TOXIC orb?

    3. HongaarseBeer


      @Alistair @Wolfox @kithas @seki108 @Hooligan Thanks a lot, everyone!

      Sorry for the delayed response though, was very busy with life

    4. Wolfox


      if you can;t respond you can;t respond. it's out of your control when life is busy. and what I like to say: Never apologize for something you didn't do or something you had no control over.

  12. Should you follow a Master's degree or not? http://rostraeconomica.nl/to-master-or-not-to-master/ 

    1. Alistair


      There are a few problems with what the author is saying. First the argument that Master's degrees aren't worth it because everyone has one is... super dubious. Not everyone has a Master's to begin with, and even if it were true, standing out by not having one wouldn't be the best idea.

      Then there's the cost argument... well it's true in the US but also a non-issue in many European countries. So it really depends on where you live and what you can afford.


      People should study for a Master's degree if they can, and if it's an advantage in order to find a job in their fields of interest. And atm, it's an advantage in many, if not most fields. Even if the degree you have isn't exactly related to the job you're applying for, a Master's is the guarantee that you have the ability to think and learn. Recruiters generally appreciate this, and this shouldn't be underestimated.

    2. HongaarseBeer


      I fully agree with you. Though I do see the declining value of a Master's degree like the author pointed out, being it to some extent. However, like you said, in this case, it is better to be one of many people with a Master's degree than to be one without one. It won't necessarily make you stand out positively (if having a Master's degree is common in your field) but at least it prevents you from experiencing the possible disadvantages of not having one.


      Now, for the cost argument: in her case, she's non-EU (I think), which makes it incredibly expensive to study. Of course, it's still not as expensive as the US, but even then it's costly. The argument that education in the EU is cheap is relative. For example, education in the Netherlands used to be free (or nearly free) of charge. Due to budget cuts etc., this is no longer the case. It is still cheaper than the US, but more expensive than most countries within the EU.


      Then there are some fields of work that require a Master's degree if you want to be able to continuously develop yourself in your field. If I want to keep on developing myself in the field of Accounting, I will have to follow a Master's degree. Heck, I even have to follow a post-master degree if I want to keep growing...


      So personally, I think you should always go for that Master's degree


      Thanks for your thoughts on this

  13. Things turn yellow if you hover over them now :o 

    1. Alistair


      Everything will be hover soon

    2. HongaarseBeer




      I see that

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