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  1. Hi there! I should have one on extra in my box. Not home rn though, so can't trade now. Maybe in a couple of hours. Let me know when you'll be online.
  2. Sure, I can trade you a Ditto. Let me know when you are free and what your online username is.
  3. I can give you a level 1 Ralts, which you can train yourself to become a mighty Gardevoir. I don't need anything in return, just give me something you want to get rid of. DM me to discuss a trade time. (I'm in GMT+8 rn.)
  4. Sorry, I seem to be epicly bad at staying online after posting. I'll try to check during the day.
  5. Still able to trade you the mons @Tmcjagger, just let me know.
  6. If I'm not mistaken it's the middle of the night where you are right now, so you probably won't be for the coming few hours. I'll try to come online sometime in the afternoon, which should be the morning for you.
  7. I'm sorry, seems like I just missed your reply. I'll try to leave the forum open on my laptop for the coming hours so I'll see your posts in the thread. I have Discord, but I don't really use it, sorry.
  8. I can give you one of each of those. They're not shiny, but I also don't need anything in return, sooo yeah. Let me know whether you want them and when you're available!
  9. @LantisScientia Let me know if you're still interested in the Feebas.
  10. I'm in Paris/Brussels time zone (GMT +2), and I'm available through most of the day (9 am - 23 pm), but not always online, so let me know when you'd be here.
  11. I can give you a Feebas if you want. Stats: Gender: female IVs: 31 / 25 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 (so perfect, except for Attack) Ability: Swift Swim Nature: Sassy (-Speed, + Sp. Def) Moves: Splash - Confuse Ray - Dragon Pulse - Mist Let me know whether you want it and when you are available! (I don't need anything in return.)
  12. You're very welcome! And liking a post or comment raises the poster's reputation by one if I'm not mistaken.
  13. Damn, I kind of forgot, give me a sec to come only. Sorryyy And to answer your question: no that's all, I'll send the request. Maybe reopen that screen so it's fresh.
  14. There seems to be a time zone difference. I'm in Paris/Brussels (GMT+2). Let me know when you'll be available. Don't need anything specific in return; anything'll do.
  15. Sure, I still have the Gible. I don't need anything specific in return, anything'll do. Let me know when you're available.
  16. Maybe try using X-items to set up? It's kind of cheesing but if you're really struggling it might be your way out.
  17. Sure, I can get you a Magnemite! DM me to discuss a trade time. (Going to sleep now, so won't be online for a while.)
  18. You're very welcome! Enjoy the rest of your playthrough!!
  19. Sure, what's your username?
  20. Andracass posted this development blog early 2019, announcing new evolutionary stones in the mining rocks: The question remains, though, was this an E18 or E19 development blog? Does anyone know the release date of E18? EDIT: I guess it was an E19 development blog, cuz:
  21. Sure, I'll trade you a Gible. Is it okay if it's at level 21?
  22. I have a bunch of Togepi, so I'd be happy to give you one. Let me know when you're available.
  23. Sure, I can send one your way. Let me know when you're available to trade.
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