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  1. Sure, I can give you one. DM me to arrange a time.
  2. I also struggled against Valarie in my playthrough (although I faced her in V12 - not sure whether a lot has changed since then). My saviour was a Voltorb I still had in the box, which I got from the vendor on the market in East Gearen City who sells you the overpriced PokéBalls. Also make sure to EV train your Pokémon: that should definitely make things go smoother. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  3. Espeon


    Sure, I can give you a Cranidos. DM me.
  4. I had this too. Pretty sure it's a bug. Not sure whether it has been reported and fixed.
  5. Hi there! I have Beldum, Munchlax and Larvitar, so I can give you those. DM me to arrange a time for the trade. Espeon
  6. I have one for you. DM me to arrange a time for the trade.
  7. @Ayuya I'm sorry, haven't been online since I replied yesterday. I replied to your DM to arrange a time to trade.
  8. I can give you a Bulbasaur and/or a Turtwig. I don't need anything in return though, so you can just give me something you want to get rid of. Let me know when you are available!
  9. Hi there! I have a male Gible you can have. Don't need anything in return. Remind me to nickname it 'Dallas' before trading though. DM me to arrange a time to trade.
  10. Up till now I've been doing the same. I was just wondering whether there was a button to switch to the GDC fly screen I had missed.
  11. Thank you so much! Follow-up question: is there any way to fly to Grand Dream City if you're not in the city already? I only seem to be able to get the GDC fly screen when I use Fly / Golden Wings in the city.
  12. So ever since I updated to V13, my PageUp and PageDn buttons don't work anymore, which prevents me from flying to another region than the one I'm currently in. Does anyone have an idea about what might be causing this and how to fix it? I am using an AZERTY keyboard, but even if I switch my settings to QWERTY it doesn't work, so I think this has nothing to do with the buttons not working. Thanks for your help!
  13. Hi there! I IV bred Gastly and Alolan Vulpix a while ago, so I can trade you those. DM me to arrange when we'll trade.
  14. Sure, I have the three Pokémon you are looking for. Don't need anything in return. DM me to arrange when we'll trade.
  15. I can trade you one. Let me know when you're online.
  16. If you still need it, I can trade you an Ice Stone. Don't need anything in return.
  17. Wouldn't this be incredibly hard in Reborn due to the level cap? I mean, to get Pokémon like for example Noibat from level 20 to 48 when it's not obeying your orders doesn't seem fun to say the least but you do you, good luck!!
  18. Unless you have already traded and don't need my help, I have IV bred Magikarp, so I can give @Darkyyy one of those, and I can breed a Chespin for @shinyalex777 .
  19. Hi! I can give you a Ralts with Pokérus if you want. I've also IV bred a number of Pokémon a few months ago, so anything you want from the list you can have. 5IV perfect: Alolan Vulpix Chimchar Dewpider Eevee Feebas Ferroseed Gastly Magikarp Nidoran (male/female) Pawniard Pichu Piplup Tangela Togepi Turtwig Wimpod Decent: Aipom Charmander Elekid Honedge Klefki Yamask Let me know whether you see anything you like and we can start trading. (Don't need anything valuable in return.)
  20. Hi! I can trade you one of both, and don't need anything in return. Let me know when you can trade.
  21. Oh, I don't need anything in return. Just happy to help. I'll let you know when they've hatched.
  22. I could breed you one of both, but it will have to wait until this evening (which is in about 9-11 hours). Is that okay?
  23. Espeon


    If you want one rn, I can trade you one. Just let me know and I'll send one your way.
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