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  1. thanks for the help! <33
  2. thanks fam! my user is sidesteph, I'll be waiting
  3. I wanna do the type:null quest but don't wanna farm coins lol I might be able to offer some pokemon but i just opened up 7th street, there's still a lot of pokemon I don't have
  4. I loaded an old save that was in the circus, tried to battle the clown and this happened (also happened with numbers 11, 12 and 16; I suppose that's their different teams so I assume it happens with all of them) the battle doesn't start, the crash happens as soon as they say what team I will fight. I'm also not sure if this error happened because this is an old save in the middle of the game, but I just thought I'd report
  5. THE HYPE IS REALLLLL i'm so happy the game is finally being finished! can't wait to play it again~ just have a small question, i think i saw in a devpost a couple years back about changing the difficulty of the game, will this really be possible in the final release? and if so, how would we do it? with a password?
  6. sidesteph


  7. I was hoping that would be a release date too, but now that I think about it, it might be another part of the puzzle I know this is supposed to be the last hint, but it also said that "the true challenge has yet to show itself", so... maybe a bigger puzzle?
  8. lol sorry i forgot that you have to have the pokemon in yout party im asking for the trade again
  9. hey buddy are you there? :0
  10. thats great! my user in the game is alyssskylean, i'll be waiting!
  11. nope, it can be any nature, but if you have an adamant nature with decent ivs I'll gladly take it~ otherwise I'm happy with whatever you have lying around
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