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  1. hey, I usually breeze through pokemon games without it so i never bothered to lean how to ev train, can anyone give a quick rundown on how to ev train properly in this game? thank you
  2. Hello ! I am currently at the Hidden Cave beneath the castle. My problem is when I lost against Madelis, the game doesn't allows me to access a PC, it directly take me just before the battle against Madelis when I quit my cell. is there any way to get to a pc or is my save screwd?
  3. hey people, having a really tough time against shelly (bug gym) my team consist of: blaziken 35 speed boost quick attack bulk up blaze kick double kick ampharos 35 plus electro ball charge thunder punch power gem emolga 35 motor drive elec ball acrobatics shock wave air slash pidgeot 35 big peck twister gust quick attack feather dance pyroar 35 unnerve fire fang endeavor headbutt noble roar castform 30 hail wather ball sunny day rain dance the last 4 mons are specifically to fight shelly, my main team also have meowstic 34 prankster psybeam psyshock miracle eye disarming voice mightyena 35 moxie assurance roar sand attack bite kricketune 33 technician absorb sing slash x scissor and also got stunky drowzee lotad ponyta numel fomantis gothita donsphan happiny igglibuff snubbull sweaddle any tips? i've been trying to use casform to get sunny day but its to slow and it gets 1hit ko with energy ball
  4. the trainers are 82-85...i cant really beat them and i allso need a good training spot
  5. hey, ive been trying to beat that ditto arceus of el for the past 5 hours. i got me a destiny bond cofagrigus but it 1 hit kos me...i tried swagger with my toxicroak but i still get 1 hit koed...so any ideas?
  6. hey, i was wandering if gastly i can get gastly? the pokemon location guide says that its n\a but iv seen a few posts where it says that i can get it...so?
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