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  1. Noice. I especially like the winged, evil Pegasus-like Rapidash. Good job, man.
  2. I can get you one. Send me a PM and I'll access the trading system.
  3. Espeon

    LF Whismur

    Sure, I can trade you one. Don't need anything valuable in return though, just give me something you don't want anymore. Just send me a PM and we can get started.
  4. Found some typo's and spelling mistakes: Most of them are pretty straightforward Zebstrika, not Zebsrtika I instead of it Autumn is capitalized for no reason portrayed, not potrayed weird, not wierd Pokemon is not capitalized and the last one is kind of funny: Kimono girl Efi is supposed to sound French, saying things like 'Au revoir'. However, when she should be saying "Oui" (Yes), it's spelled 'Oi', making her sound Australian :P Happens four times: Edit: two more: receives instead of recieves There's something going wrong with Last Resort. I have been able to use it without first having used my other moves. Happened on Route 9, both when using Ambipom and Aipom (two different Pokémon, not the same but evolved - don't know whether that makes a difference).
  5. 1. In the safari zone, when first throwing a rock and next throwing a ball from which the Pokémon escapes, the image moves to the right bottom of the screen. Happened with Lickitung and Alolan Graveler. 2. HM02 Fly is not sorted correctly. 3. In the third screenshot, 'stablized' should be 'stabilized'. 4. I'm assuming that in the dialogue in the fourth screenshot a 'be' is missing (It'd probably [be] best if ...)
  6. Found three minor things: 1. In Nightmare City, when engaging with Zetta in front of Central Building, if you are walking on the row of tiles closest to the Central Building (platform) your character gets stuck walking against a wall when trying to reach Aelita. 2. Typo when talking to the old woman in Scholar District: acheivements (see attached file); also: doesn't it make more sense if she would say 'a time when' instead of 'a time where'? 3. The correct spelling of 'gist' is with a 'g', not 'j'.
  7. So, I found a bug in Darchlight Cave, which causes you to be stuck in the lift chamber at the end. (I'm sorry if this has already been reported.) So at the point where you have to choose to team up with Erin, Flora or Florin I chose to join Erin. After having battled the two grunts inside the right-hand Bladestar chamber, I returned to the branching point, and talked to Flora and Florin. However, being the thorough looking for items in every corner type of guy that I am, I also entered the middle and left-hand chamber. (Not sure whether this is also the case with the left chamber, but) when leaving the middle chamber and running towards the ladder there was a flash (the one you get when the cave changes from dark to light or vice versa). The scenery, however, did not change. I believe what happened is that I triggered the cave change meant for people choosing to team up with Flora, and in doing so, I broke the game. The consequences were that I didn't get the dialogue where Erin says something like "What a surprise, Flora and Florin aren't here anymore" after returning from the Darchlight Mirror chamber and that I didn't get the dialogue in the lift chamber, making me unable to interact with Erin, unable to use the lift, and thus stuck in the cave forever. I hope this explanation makes sense and helps the developers resolve the issue in the next version.
  8. I'm at the end of Darchlight Cave. When I enter the chamber with the lift, I don't get the animation and Erin is already sitting on the lift. She doesn't allow me to interact with her, however, and there's no way of getting the lift to move. Would somebody please unstuck me? Thank you so much! Game_2.rxdata is the file before entering the chamber with the lift; the other is after having entered the chamber. (I have tried to go back a few saves, but that didn't solve anything.) EDIT: I managed to fix it. Game_2.rxdata Game_2 - 640 - Espeonage - 79h 24m - 9 badges.rxdata
  9. I can trade you one. Just send me a private message, so we can find a moment to come online.
  10. I just took a look at your other Poison Gym Leader and I actually really like him better, but that doesn't mean you should discard Laurel's design. You could use her as a character for a side story, make her a Team ... Admin., etc. In any case, keep up the good work!
  11. Espeon


    Imagine throwing them out together at the beginning of a double battle *"perfection" echoes in the background*
  12. Sure, I have a spare Claw Fossil, so you can have it if you want. My trader name is Espeonage (I think )
  13. Espeon


    I couldn't agree more, it's like the most satisfying Pokémon ever
  14. Espeon


    Thanks to the both of you!!
  15. I happen to have 7 (for some reason I keep bumping into them), so you can have one. I'll send you a PM.
  16. Espeon


    Hi everyone, So I've been playing Reborn for a few years now and I already caught Gastly when the event was still at "Kiki"'s grave in Byxbysion Wall. Now the problem with that is that I have had two Gastly events and haven't had the opportunity of catching a Misdreavus. Would someone be willing to trade a Misdreavus for the Gastly I caught on Route 4 (Lvl. 40)? I also have a bunch of other Pokémon, so I you want another Pokémon in return just ask (no maxed out IV's though). Thanks!!
  17. I can breed one for you, if you'd like. If you happen to have a Misdreavus, Sneasel or Pancham, you're always welcome to breed me one in return. If not, there's no problem, just trade me something you don't need anymore. I'll PM you when I have the bred Sandygast.
  18. Thanks, I'll give that a try EDIT: I've followed your instructions and it worked! Thanks so much!
  19. @Starry Knight thank you so much for creating this! The only problem is I live in Belgium and for some apparent reason the tracks won't play "in my country". If it's isn't a too great effort, could you maybe look into this issue for me? Thanks again
  20. Hello everyone, So I just had an idea, and I don't really know whether it is achievable and if any other players would love this addition. But I really enjoy the music on the iPoké, as I have always enjoyed Pokémon battle themes in the original game series, so wouldn't it be amazing if a playlist was created on Spotify, so that we can listen to the great music whenever we'd like? Again, I don't know if it is possible, just throwing the idea out into the group
  21. Not to be annoying or something, but actually I was looking for something dealing with the last few episodes and a little more complete and concrete (not to mention more fun to read).
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