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  1. I actually tried it and it worked(out of curiosity) thx. PS:I won't do it again if it's a behaviour frowned upon
  2. ㅤgot the required pokemons, request for archiving
  3. Hi, I am unaware how to bump a topic or why to exactly do so in the forum, I read a topic on bumping in this forum only but I can't make anything out of it because I'm bad at english, can anyone help me with that?
  4. Hi, I would like to request a chikorita, no matter IVs , because at the moment I myself don't have excellent Pokemon to trade in return, would really appreciate.
  5. Hi, so as the title says ,I am in need for the starters given below, would really help in completing the Dex. Water:- oshawott Fire:- litten Grass:-chikorita, treeko , snivy [SOLVED]
  6. Hi, I have been recently needing a decently strong ghost type because for the Dex and also for my team,I would really appreciate it if anybody would like to trade a gastly for a gible specifically or any other.
  7. Hi , I have replied on the chat, I would be ready at 9 GMT tommorow, for me it's 11 :20 pm right now so 40 mins left for another day to start haha
  8. I am ceraitnly confused if I should've dm'ed espeon for trade or I should've just quoted him
  9. Thank you so much , it is really going to be very helpful , I am certian it would take a lot of time but except for turtwig I will surely get everyone of them from the game itself from now on ! P.S I am still far away from ep 19 ( 18 ? ) by a lot but I will surely follow your reply for the starters
  10. Thank you, I would surely love the trutwig. I would be free at 9am GMT, (Ayuya is ID)
  11. So I am going out on to complete the Dex so can anyone trade me a grass starter(cuz I have none of them) in change for a gible?
  12. Do you still want it? Kinda bad iv Edit: Idk why I double posted before but, if this is not following the rules of guidlines then I'm sincerely sorry
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