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  1. Just enjoyed this. And gotta say, i almost did it. I'm gonna becoming Tobias 2.0. Not bad at all Thanks @andracass, at least this could help get me out of boredom hell.
  2. @LykosHand Sorry for the super late reply, but thanks for the kind birthday words.


    Btw, super bored today, rarely peeking into forum nowadays. Just peeked, and i saw a randomizer for the vanilla game. And i thought, eh, might as well as play a new game.




    And also say hello to my decent "Charizard". I guess this will be fun








    1. LykosHand


      No problem and you're welcome 😄

  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  4. Actually, i also got that error, but only when Froakie line uses it.
  5. Yup. It can go with modular mods just fine. Edit: Damn, my bad. Instead of just edit my prev. reply and include this in there, i made a new reply.
  6. Damn, that fixed my issue @Commander, finally i can play Redux. Thanks for the fix bud.
  7. After... lots of grunting, anger released, and cried a bit, i decided to hunt Alolan Vulpix and Bulbasaur, again. Suprisingly, within an half hour, i got equivalent replacement ( granted, Vulpix's IV in SpA is not at the value i desired, but i'll take it anyway ).


    Next hunt: Gible, Mudkip, maybe more starter ( considering to hunt decent IVs Torchic ), and depends on what kind of obstacle will block my way, more mons are to be considered. Almost reached the beginning of E18 now.....



    1. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      Atleast Mudkip is 100% show and soft resetable


  8. Goddamnit.


    Just got some great stuffs today in Reborn:


    - Got seriously decent Bulbasaur and Alolan Vulpix ( both of them have five 20+ IVs )

    - Just trained those 2 and Lucario ( Lucario also decent ), for reserves ( Bulbasaur for replace one of my main team "Joker", aka Roserade )


    I sold one of the required items for Spyce quest, i reset the game, only to find out the last time i save is before i caught Popplio ( which i lost those 2 mons + time for training those 3 ). #TrulyASadDay ;_;

  9. Finally, got some time to continue my current playtrough ( Ikr, it's been almost a year since E18's out [ What do you know? Tomorrow will be exactly 1 year ] ).  I hope before 28th at least i'll be somewhere between Charlotte - Titania, but will be great if i finished it before then.

  10. [Edit] Nvm, i forgot that's just how it supposed to happen.
  11. Alright, will do. I'll let you know in few minutes. @Commander Replaced, and it works fine. Now i have no idea why. Mods' not the culprit, nor Animation ( which if it is, then it makes sense, considering what Waynolt and you said ). Here's the pic of similar error : https://imgur.com/nv67Fsa
  12. And it's just the same. 7zip, same problem. Same error when about to enter battle.
  13. U wut? I used WinRAR ;_;. Seriously? The app that's mostly designed to extract winrar failed to do that? Let me try to use another extractor.
  14. Hmm..... i did delete the Mods folder and it still happens. Will it cause error if i'm gonna use the old Scripts.rxdata? Idc at this point if i won't be able to use mods. Edit : Nvm, even with old Scripts.rxdata and no mods, it still happens. I guess i ran out of luck. Tho the normal game works fine.
  15. Nvm. It happens every goddamn battle ( tried to battle the one that guards Opal bridge and the error happened ). I guess i can't play Redux for now : ') Edit : I chose item ban at the start of the game. That might be the cost???
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