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  1. Hello everyone, I am back! I know, it's been a long time, been busy with real life and all that jazz. I got a new computer, so I'm replying the game again, and I've been busy breeding shiny Pokemon for my playthrough. While I'm not taking requests for Pokemon at the moment, I do have several Pokemon with 4-5 perfect IVs available that I'm happy to give away. At the moment, I have 4 Dratini, 3 Meditite, and LOTS of Roselia, Duskull, and Spiritombs that have at least 4 perfect IVs. If people want one, please let me know. They won't be shiny, but they should be pretty powerful Pokemon for people to use in breeding or in battles. I will be breeding more Pokemon for awhile as well- still got more shinies to collect for my team!- so I will have more Pokemon to give away, and I'll update the post when I've got more available.
  2. As someone who played this game awhile back on another computer and had to start from the beginning, this Ditto will be a HUGE help for my breeding. Thank you kindly!~
  3. Hello everyone, it's Rowigrath, back from the dead! Anyways, I lost my laptop, and I have thus lost all of the Reborn data I had, so I unfortunately don't have any way to breed Pokemon right now. I am working on that, however, and I'll do my best to return to breeding ASAP. I will need a bit of help, though, namely in the form of a Ditto. I'm in no rush to get one right now, since I'm at the very beginning of the game at the moment- haven't even gotten my starter yet, lmao- but if there is anyone with a spare Ditto around (hopefully with a few perfect IVs to make breeding easier) then I'd love if I could use it for breeding. Other than that, please keep on the lookout for me since I am hoping to breed some decent Pokemon for folks again pretty soon. Have a good day, everyone!
  4. Hey y'all! I used to play Reborn quite a bit, but due to real life being a bit of a pain, I had to step away from the game. Also doesn't help I had my laptop stolen, thus losin' absolutely everything in any games that I've played. But I'm back now, new computer in-hand, and I'm ready to replay Reborn once more! It'll be tough, starting from the bottom again, but I'm sure I can handle it. Anyways, just wanted to make a quick "Hey I'm back" post before gettin' to work on playing Reborn once more. Have a good one, y'all!~
  5. I do believe I've got a Froakie, so I'll give that a shot for the future!
  6. Dragons it is. I'll probably start with Goomy and Deino for now, since I do have a Goodra and Hydreigon on hand~
  7. I don't know if this is the right place to put such a topic, but I figured since it's Pokemon-related yet not trading-related that this forum would be fine. If it's not, then I apologize in advance and I hope it gets moved to a suitable place. Ahem... I am looking for suggestions- reasonable ones, mind you- of Pokemon that I should breed. As a part of a breeding and trading group, I am hoping to get back into the groove of breeding and whatnot- as I have been gone for quite awhile. So yeah, hit me up with suggestions. I am hoping to get perfect IV'd Pokemon from my breeding- or very close to it- and I might be trading the extras I get to those who want them. Those of you who suggest a Pokemon that I think would be good to breed might get lucky enough to get one of the Pokemon I breed. I might even make it a shiny one~ Pokemon I will NOT breed: A-Vulpix, Rowlet , Gible, Clauncher, Honedge, Golett, Teddiursa, Stufful, Petilil, Magnemite, Gastly, Rhyhorn, Fennekin, Litten, Sewaddle, Cubchoo, Fomantis, and Morelull. Why? Because I've already got boxes upon boxes of those and I need to get rid of them, not make even more! Any other breedable Pokemon are possibilities, though... provided I can get one of them so I can start breeding, that is!
  8. Alright, who needs some Pokemon? I've got a shiny A-Vulpix, shiny Maractus, Rowlets, Gibles, Claunchers, Honedges, Goletts, Teddiursas, Stuffuls, A-Vulpixes, Petilils, Morelulls, Fennekin, Magnemites, a few shiny Gastlys, shiny Pachirisu, shiny Throh, shiny Noibat, shiny Tentacool and shiny Tentacruel, shiny Numel, shiny Stunfisk, shiny Magnemite, shiny Aron, shiny Litwick, shiny Ekans, shiny Fomantis, shiny Geodude, shiny Clauncher, shiny Stufful, shiny Pidgey, perfect IV Rhyhorn, perfect IV Geodudes, perfect IV Cubchoo, perfect IV Teddiursa, perfect IV Rowlet, perfect IV Gastly, nearly perfect IV Rhyhorns, Magnemites and a Magneton, Petilils, Fennekins, Corphishs, Rowlets, Fomantises, Geodudes, Honedges, Littens, Sewaddles, Goletts, Cubchoos and a Beartic, Teddiursas, Gastlys, and a Clauncher. All of these are up for grabs. Not every Pokemon is going to be perfect, nor shiny- this is because I've been gone for awhile and I haven't been breeding. But as you can see, I've got a few perfect and nearly perfect IV'd Pokemon and a few shinies, and they can be yours. You don't have to trade me anything in particular, but if you do have a Pokemon you'd like to contribute to the Breeding Club's cause, it shall be welcomed. Whether that is a Pokemon I- or any other of the staff or anyone doing breeding for that matter- might not have (could be something as simple as a Weedle to a Pokemon like Kangaskan that's a bit harder to find), or just a Pokemon you randomly found just to trade it in for a better one, it matters not. We're here to breed the best Pokemon possible, and to gain new Pokemon to breed. If you want to see specific Pokemon of mine, feel free to ask. I will be happy to post screenshots of the Pokemon on the list that you are interested in! Edit: I now have quite a few Deino I'd like to give away as well. Some have nearly perfect IVs, and others aren't. No shinies yet, but I'm still working on my Deino breeding, so I should have a shiny eventually! Also, pretty sure all my Deino know Head Smash and Double Hit, as well as Tackle and Dragon Rage. Just as a heads up~
  9. That's right, you're reading correctly: I'm coming back! (Possibly, should life permit me to do so...) I'm hoping to get caught back up in Pokemon Reborn and resume breeding. Lots of things have happened recently for me IRL: went from being homeless to going to college- I've been attending college since spring semester of 2019- and now that summer's on its way, I should have a bit more free time for breeding! I am going to be taking summer classes- at least one, possibly two- and hopefully getting a summer job as well, so I might not be around every day. But I am hoping to make time for breeding and trading, and potentially getting further in the game (because I honestly have NO idea what I've missed lately~). Hit me up with requests for the future- reasonable requests, mind you- and I'll keep a list for when I get back into Reborn properly!
  10. I'll see if I can remind some of the other mods about getting you an Adamant Huge Power Azurill. Anything else in particular that you'd like? I might be able to do it myself, if I can find my Marill. I know a had a Huge Power Marill somewhere, and I know I've got the Sea Incense.
  11. Thank you kindly, @Karna! I really do appreciate the Vulpix~
  12. Alright, I'm all set whenever you are. I've got my Litten ready to trade, so hit me up whenever you'd like. My IGN is Rowi.
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