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  1. Hello, since I kinda just got my Ditto in the Story without looking up its IVs, obv it has pretty bad stats. I would need a good IV Ditto for breeding, please. :3
  2. Hey! I'm post restoration so I don't think there's any way for me to get a happiny or a luck incense at this stage, if anyone has one going spare that would be super helpful. I've got a few shinies going spare (Phanpy, Unown, Dugtrio, Rhyhorn) So if you want any of those be my guest, or any none shiny thing I can provide, whatever! My username for the online trades is Erosorb Thanks!
  3. I'm looking for a Kabuto. I can trade any of the other fossil pokemon (in fossil form) or an odd keystone for it. Please let me know if you're interested.
  4. The title says it all, I need a female Mareep. Please be under level 25.
  5. Can someone please send me a Pokémon with ice stone or a Pokémon to beat ciel with cause I really can’t do it. I have been trying for so long. I just need an aurora viel nineyails and that would do it . I’ll trade one of my shinies. I don’t have many but idc at this point
  6. All Good Iv's or 5/6 Please and Thank you: Spiritomb: with Will-O-Wisp and (Foul Play (If possible)) Litwick: with Dusk Stone, Flamethrower, (Energy Ball and Calm Mind, If possible) Frillish: With Will-O-Wisp Thanks in advance.
  7. Can anyone trade a Murkrow i am willing to trade a shiny piloswine Lvl 57 Thank you!
  8. Hi, i looked through the shiny sprites of the pokemons and i fell in love with shiny alolan raichu's sprite. So i went to get a shiny pichu myself on rooftop garden and i actually got one after +100 soft resets, but its ivs are terrible ( 0 in SP.ATK, SP.DEF but 31 in HP, ATK, and SPEED ) :( i was wondering if anyone had a spare shiny pichu to trade with mine. Thank you for reading my post.
  9. Hi everyone can anyone trade with me so I can evolve my haunter so it evolves into gengar, I'm doing my first ever playthrough through this game (aswell as it being a nuzlocke), and will need it for shades gym. I hatched it from the egg you're given by the police officer after the growlithe story line, so if anyone can help me that would be great. Thanks all!
  10. Aerodactyl and Cranidos are the only fossils I have not been able to obtain through Mining, so if anyone is able to give any of them to me, I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
  11. Hey people, just wondering if one of you could trade me a Rockruff or a Grubbin for any Pokemon you would like. If you would like to trade please send me a message here. Thanks! Oh, and by the way, make sure you give me your username. Mine's XenoCell. See y'all soon! EDIT: The trade is now over thanks to @Crystalrage and @DxmmyBoi! Thanks guys!
  12. Anyone willing to trade a Rockruff or a Grubbin? Ping me if yes and make sure to give me your username for it. Thanks!
  13. Anyone have a 5 to 6 iv ditto by any chance? I would greatly appreciate it
  14. First time on the forum (posted in the wrong topic , srry -_-) I'm trying to get the rest of my dream team i can offer a shiny krabby, and anything (I actually don't have much to offer)
  15. I wanna complete the pokedex and i no longer have those two because i finished the quest already. Not sure about makuhita but i know i cant get whismur now. My ingame name is schnalkser1. I can offer any of the following as shinies: http://prntscr.com/s1f1x3 http://prntscr.com/s1f24p
  16. is there anyone wiling to give me a larvesta in pokemon reborn pokemon reborn username - WILL thx
  17. Pokemon Reborn thinks it's legally required to give me a Togepi egg everytime I get the mystery egg. I'm kind of sick of using it so I wanted to ask for a new mystery egg. To keep the random aspect of it I rolled a die to determine which mon I'd ask for and landed on Staryu. If someone could give me one it would be greatly appreciated and you can even keep my Togepi egg. Thank you in advance.
  18. Hello lovely people of pokemon reborn I was wondering I wanted to create a pure dragon team and wanted to ask if anybody could tell me what would be the best setup for this ? And if there are some dragon Breeders that have leftovers from there breeding process with decent av stats that you could gift me would verry much apreciate it.
  19. Heyyyyyy all! I am looking for Haunter and Kadabra to build an epic and OP team in Omega Ruby. If anyone is willing to trade one or both of them for something pm me your friend code and a time you can be on (EST) thanks so much in advance.
  20. Hey you lovely people was wondering If sombody could help me with obtaining Jangmo-o,Deino,Poipole, Gible and larvitar am in need of them dragons(gender or av doesn´t matter, decent would be nice though) would be very thankful for the help if anybody could provide it.
  21. HI, i am looking for poipole if anyone has it please tell me. the thing is that i love poipole( it is my favourite pokemon), but it is very hard to find in reborn that you would have to complete the pokedex for it, so if someone has it please inform me. THANKS A LOT!!!
  22. Hi! I'm looking for a Froakie to complete my starter collection. I want that shadow ball desperatly, and I really don't feel like catching pokemon for that girl. He's the only one left. If you want I could trade you for any starter, Honedge, Ralts, Ghastly... I have a lot of rare pokemons. I might even throw in a shiny... BTW, i know my username is "The Shady Dealer" but don't take that seriously One last thing... If it's possible to legitimately get a perfect 6 IV Ditto and you're willing to trade with me for it (for something you want of course) then hit me up for that too, please
  23. Hi, I already went past the mystery egg portion and failed to get a gastly. I really want to get my favorite pokemon, gengar, and wanted to do it without any mods and would appreciate it if anyone would trade with me. I can trade for any of the following pokemon or message if you have an item in mind. Thanks
  24. Looking to get into breeding. Thanks in advance. Username: Rahvin. Time zone: PST.
  25. I am looking for these pokemon and I have no requirements. Good IVs will be appreciated. even if you have any one please message me. Thank you! I am offering Shiny torchics(Hidden Ability). Tyranitar Swampert Metagross Bagon
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