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  1. what must one do if they've figured out both of them?
  2. Flaccidic

    an apology

  3. Time to pick Torchic again for the 14,000,605th playthrough~
  4. Garchomp: Rough Skin ability (activates it if Garchomp has Sand Viel instead) deals 1.5x the damage, and in turn the Ground type is removed.
  6. Hello Guys! I was getting bored in the current situation we're in, so I thought of coloring sprites in my leisure! I've just started using GIMP for coloring some sprites of Pokemon, I'm just a beginning noob in this, So please comment your honest views on them!
  7. Wait. Is Starlight Divide even related to POKEMON
  8. Hey Everyone, I just discovered a WHOLE 'EFFIN KINGDOM OF GOOMY (Idk if its a sidequest or just a place to linger around) I need help with..... 1.The Blonde Goomy in his house only gets a shock (The exclamation mark on his head) after I interact with him. Nothing else. 2.THe GuArDs WoN'T LeT mE iN !!! Also I've done quite a few sidequest including the Yui's Ranch Dr Jenkel quest, underwater with Volta's Mother,etc. Can you suggest me some sidequests and where to start them
  9. can someone tell me a few quests in v12 after finishing the story
  10. How many obtainable zygrade cells are there in the current version? are there any cores?
  11. Can't wait to see this app in my phone.It will be Soo helpful
  12. Well I have the far cry and GTA series to play,but they have a common story like 'grab a gun, kill everyone you see and the game is completed' Reborn and Rejuvenation have cool plots and unlimited team combos I never get bored of. I am playing 3 rpgxp hacks currently.(I wonder if I can name them)
  13. I'm getting sooo bored.... Neither Rejuvenation nor Reborn has released a version in such a long time. I'm tired of waiting
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