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Need some help with a Sidequest! (V12)


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Hey Everyone, I just discovered a WHOLE 'EFFIN  KINGDOM OF GOOMY (Idk if its a sidequest or just a place to linger around) 

I need help with.....

1.The Blonde Goomy in his house only gets a shock (The exclamation mark on his head) after I interact with him. Nothing else.

2.THe GuArDs WoN'T LeT mE iN !!!


Also I've done quite a few sidequest including the Yui's Ranch Dr Jenkel quest, underwater with Volta's Mother,etc.

Can you suggest me some sidequests and where to start them 

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2 hours ago, Swampellow said:

You have to finish all of the neo Gearen sidequests as well.


Ohhhhh you have to do that because he needs to battle Aya for the badge. And for that to make sense you first need to clear all those quests and beat her. That explains why some people couldn't get the quest to trigger.


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