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  1. The new patch fixed it so I'm good now. Mods can delete the thread if they want.
  2. The music is still playing, the characters are still doing their little wiggle but I can't move or open the menu. The only thing I can do is save by pressing D which I tried doing just in case but when I load back up it's still stuck. I've attached the save right before this scene and every time I run up to the gap it gets stuck again. So it's impossible to advance anymore at this point and a fix would be appreciated. Or if someone loads up the save and it doesn't get stuck for them, you could also just save right afterwards and post the new save here so I can at least continue playing. P
  3. As I'm sure some of you already know, today, January 27, is International Holocaust remembrance day where the world commemorates the horrific atrocities committed during WWII by Nazi GermanyΒ and its collaborators including the murder of 6 million Jews.

    This is both a day to mourn those who disappeared but also to remind ourselves what can happen when the disease of antisemitism is allowed to go unchecked.


    For any interested, please listen to this short statement by Israeli PM Netanyahu on this important day:


  4. Gheist

    hi again

    Yea it was pretty obvious that's what was going on from the other posts. After Reborn's done I'll still be sticking around for Rejuvenation and even Desolation is back now which is probably the biggest surprise of the year. Might give Starlight a try eventually just out of curiosity but probably not until Reborn is done.
  5. Happy Birthday πŸ˜„, i hope that you will have a fun day πŸ˜‰πŸ°

  6. I'm not very active on here anymore so again I'm responding a bit late but obviously the thing I was referring to was OP post saying "the idea had surfaced while the polls were open to give 2nd and 3rd place artwork as well" but then because you didn't like who got 2nd place, you just went with Venam instead. It's literally written right in the post. So that's my "issue" even though I understand perfectly that on a base level you guys aren't obligated to do anything in the first place. I'm just voicing my opinion that it seems like a less than ideal (to avoid using a harsher word) way of
  7. I'm a bit late but looks like my prediction of Aelita winning was spot on. Which I'm happy about since she was one of my picks. What I didn't expect was the 2nd place spot to be so contested or to see Erin up so high. A bit disappointed Crescent's not higher though but at least she's top 10. As for artwork thing, I'm kinda conflicted since it was suppose to just the top one getting anyway so nothing's technically lost, but at the same time it seems kinda low to set up the rules and then just change them after the fact because you don't like the result. I mean we knew Melia already
  8. I'm a bit late on this since it took me a whole month to realize that E5 was out since its release but I finally just finished playing through the game from the start including the new content. I definitely enjoyed the episode but I've gotta say the lack of Scarlett screentime/story involvement was a massive disappointment, especially after all these years of waiting. I'm assuming it's because for some people she'd be dead/missing at this point so including her in the story would mean writing 2 branches but we could have gotten at least something more than 2 lines of dialogue. Ah well, maybe n
  9. Love the way Aelita and Alice look. Also those rift mons look POWERFUL. Nice job.
  10. Artwork aside, it should be pretty interesting to see which characters people are into. Especially since there's 3 votes per person we might see some less prominent ones pop out. My picks were Melia, Aelita and Crescent in that order (not that it matters here). My prediction for who's gonna win is Aelita but not with too much confidence.
  11. Wow, I feel even sadder for Vivian just looking at that sprite. Great job on Risa too. She'll probably be 80% less annoying with that look.
  12. Might as well say it, I kinda liked the old Scarlett better. Her hair seemed longer too. Hopefully I'll get used to the new look eventually.
  13. Happy Birthday πŸ˜„, i hope that you will have a great day πŸ™‚πŸ°

  14. Is there any way to use this to get Ash-Greninja? It doesn't have Battle Bond as a selectable ability so is it just not in the game yet or?
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