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  1. Which puzzle are you trying to reset? If you mean the door that Taka sliced through I don't think you can reset that without loading up a prior save. Even if you solve the puzzle beforehand you just get some orbs and a Z-cell and the door won't open. So it probably doesn't matter if you do it before or after.
  2. My glass wasn't broken yet the underground area was already explored so I'm not sure what happened then.
  3. I remembered the Mimikyu but looks like they changed the entrance location so my game had the location explored but the entrance still not open. So I did manage to figure it out but thanks for the answer anyway.
  4. What basement? I got the Ho-oh already but where is Saphira?????
  5. I just did and it indeed worked. Now I'm realizing though that there's no file for the noTMX thing anymore or the actual mod that lets you change the weather which were the main things I wanted. Do those just not work on E19 anymore?
  6. Just tried adding the mods to my 19.03 game version and it literally does nothing. Game doesn't acknowledge that I did anything at all. I downloaded the newest V70 version of the mod. Mods folder is in the data folder. Absolutely nothing's happening. The mod worked fine for me on 18, this is my first time attempting to add it to 19. Any suggestions for a fix?
  7. The issue is in these fangames you're gonna be fighting broken OP mons in broken OP fields so not having your good defensive stat maxed out could end up screwing you when you switch into a boosted Pokemon attacking on that side. Meanwhile on the other side you could still get ohkoed by some random non stab move that's just boosted by the field or coming from a rift mon or whatever. For example you might switch your mixed defense Clefable into a Garchomp and still get 2HKO-ed by Earthquake but then if you switch it into a Hydreigon on the special side you might just get 2HKO-ed by a combination of Dark pulse + Flash cannon because they're both field boosted or whatever. That's why I usually focus on speed + power in these games vs any type of defensive strat. But regardless you might be better off going all in on the one defensive stat and just never switching into a Pokemon attacking from the other side.
  8. Happy Birthday πŸ˜„, i hope that you will have a great day πŸ™‚πŸ°

  9. The new patch fixed it so I'm good now. Mods can delete the thread if they want.
  10. The music is still playing, the characters are still doing their little wiggle but I can't move or open the menu. The only thing I can do is save by pressing D which I tried doing just in case but when I load back up it's still stuck. I've attached the save right before this scene and every time I run up to the gap it gets stuck again. So it's impossible to advance anymore at this point and a fix would be appreciated. Or if someone loads up the save and it doesn't get stuck for them, you could also just save right afterwards and post the new save here so I can at least continue playing. Playing on PC and have the newest patch btw. Game.rxdata
  11. As I'm sure some of you already know, today, January 27, is International Holocaust remembrance day where the world commemorates the horrific atrocities committed during WWII by Nazi GermanyΒ and its collaborators including the murder of 6 million Jews.

    This is both a day to mourn those who disappeared but also to remind ourselves what can happen when the disease of antisemitism is allowed to go unchecked.


    For any interested, please listen to this short statement by Israeli PM Netanyahu on this important day:


  12. Gheist

    hi again

    Yea it was pretty obvious that's what was going on from the other posts. After Reborn's done I'll still be sticking around for Rejuvenation and even Desolation is back now which is probably the biggest surprise of the year. Might give Starlight a try eventually just out of curiosity but probably not until Reborn is done.
  13. Happy Birthday πŸ˜„, i hope that you will have a fun day πŸ˜‰πŸ°

  14. I'm not very active on here anymore so again I'm responding a bit late but obviously the thing I was referring to was OP post saying "the idea had surfaced while the polls were open to give 2nd and 3rd place artwork as well" but then because you didn't like who got 2nd place, you just went with Venam instead. It's literally written right in the post. So that's my "issue" even though I understand perfectly that on a base level you guys aren't obligated to do anything in the first place. I'm just voicing my opinion that it seems like a less than ideal (to avoid using a harsher word) way of doing things.
  15. I'm a bit late but looks like my prediction of Aelita winning was spot on. Which I'm happy about since she was one of my picks. What I didn't expect was the 2nd place spot to be so contested or to see Erin up so high. A bit disappointed Crescent's not higher though but at least she's top 10. As for artwork thing, I'm kinda conflicted since it was suppose to just the top one getting anyway so nothing's technically lost, but at the same time it seems kinda low to set up the rules and then just change them after the fact because you don't like the result. I mean we knew Melia already had a couple of artworks before the poll so the only new information is the vote count. I mean if you wanna draw Venam to put her in the art spotlight or whatever, then just draw her. Nobody would complain. There's no need to come up with these excuses.
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