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  1. I would suggest paralyzing them somehow. Also keep Scraggy up and focus on the other mons since scraggy doesnt do to much damge. For lucario i shuppet to burn him which allowed my houndoom to take one hit and take him out with a fire move. A water type would be helpful as he has 2 fire types
  2. Is there an updated v13 location guide? Im in chapter 3 and i feel like the room that unlocks after defeating all 3 maids has something to with honedge because it the shield and sword in there looks like a aegislash but i could also be completley wrong. I don't want to move on until i know for sure
  3. Can someone give me some tips for Emily, my team is pyroar, mightyena, camerupt, flygon, simisage and primarina. I use mightyenas intimidate to lower electivires attack so it doesnt 1 shot camerupt and i can use earthquake. Pyroar takes care of galvantula, flyfon takes care of raichu and heliolisk but that mega manectric kills me. 1 shots any pokemon i throw out. In my box i have and electabuzz and froslass that are also lvl 50. Any team recommendations or atrategies are greatly appreciated
  4. With Divulgence, Enigma and reworld i think we're seeing the next generation of great fangames to go along with reborn and rejuvenation. 1st impression about divulgence is it looks great and story has a good hook to it. Good luck in development. Looking forward to playing
  5. How many gyms are you planning for this game and would you say the Hard mode is similar to reborns difficulty? Love the plot description. Got me hooked without revealing anything about it honestly. Good luck with eevelopment
  6. Would have to assume no since the maker hasnt been on the site since 2017, shame looked to have some promise
  7. Pokemon dark rising is a hard one, theres also snakewood which is an intresting twist on the games. i know one creator is working on his third one. His two complete ones are called pokemon victory fire and resolute. His third one that he is working on is called mega power. I dont remeber difficulty so much but i know he is really good with the story. One of the best hacks is pokemon glazed difficulty isnt up there with reborn and rejuv but its difficult enough and the story is fantastic
  8. The only other one that i know of that is far enough along to make it worth it, at this point is full moon. Im with you that those three rise way above and beyond the rest but theres some very talented rom hackers out there also. I would check out pokecommunitys romhack page
  9. help

    1. Vinny


      Sorry mate, lost my time in the server. I answered your question. See if that helps.

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