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  1. Ok, thank you. Do you happen to have the actual error message though? It should be in errorlog.txt (save file folder), and this would tell me exactly where the problem is in the code.
  2. That's strange, I haven't heard of either of these problems yet. On which part of the opening scene does it say the script was taking too long? I'm not sure how I would be able to fix this problem if I can't replicate it, but I'll look into it nonetheless. For the sage, did you get an error message before the game crashed? This would help me figure out what the problem was. Anyway, sorry for all these issues, but I'm glad you still somewhat enjoyed it.
  3. I'll let that speak for itself (also note that the HP bar only takes this long to go down because I have a bunch of programs running, and I apologize for the poor quality) Pokémon Vengeance 2020-10-23 15-00-25_Trim.mp4
  4. So actually I lied. The Discord server is now up and running for players as well. Join if you guys want to discuss the game or want to see progress updates!
  5. Thanks for trying it out! Here's a document with all the new moves and abilities so far: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l2pZe5Tn7Lv3hOGtg4gdRDj3UlYrzeaDOzBmFJXuQyY/edit
  6. Yes, all starters will eventually be available as event encounters, and we plan to make them all available starting at the same point in the game so that you aren't punished for not choosing certain starters. Oof um I may or may not have forgotten to put the link before lol, but it's there now. Let's pretend that never happened
  7. As for new abilities, I can do you one better. Here's a spreadsheet with all the abilities planned to be given to Pokemon. Abilities highlighted in yellow are new for the Pokemon and these are subject to change, so don't expect them to be final, though I think the starter abilities won't change too much. Also keep in mind that hidden abilities are not available by default. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DeDkxbOA3MkoueWPXUIXWfgPMUFXRiL67uK32Ods7mc/edit#gid=0 I'm going to keep it a surprise which starters will receive new megas, but some are definitely planned to!
  8. Damn that's a lot of posts, so I can't guarantee that I'm not restating what other people already posted. Ninjask: Switches out the target if it last used a status move, and the move used by Ninjask makes contact. Venusaur: Seed Bomb, Worry Seed, and Bullet Seed have a 20% chance of inflicting Leech Seed on the target when used. Sceptile: Until switching out, if an ally is affected by a non-volatile status condition at the end of the round, removes it and restores that Pokemon's HP by half. Decidueye: When at full HP, Evasion is increased and the
  9. Thanks! I plan to create a discord server for the community once version 1 is released, but for now it's mainly just the thread. But since I haven't really posted much of the progress we've made since the demo yet (besides Aria's redesign and the new map segments), how about the map for the second section of Route 1? This is where the foliage starts to transition from the golden leaves in the Goldsong area to the dark leaves in the Darkleaf area. It also maybe even fits an early Halloween theme (though this is completely a coincidence).
  10. These are quite amazing. The texture on the walls is very well done imo. Also I like how Sizzlipede looks like he's angrily pointing a finger at the player.
  11. This game looks promising. I really like the overworld graphics, and the grass starter looks pretty cool. I'll keep an eye out for the first release.
  12. Yeah I made each Pokemon have 4 total abilities (2 regular and 2 hidden). I've already planned to make this a bit more clear in the next release because it wasn't really mentioned anywhere and I didn't really say anything about it in this post. Music is also going to be revised in the next release. Thanks for trying out the game, it means a lot!
  13. Thanks for trying out the demo, and your feedback is appreciated! Since there is so little content so far, I am very willing to change a bunch of things around, and some of these things you talked about I already fixed or have plans to fix for the next release. I acknowledge that there are quite a few critical errors in the demo, and I plan to fix as many of these as possible and refrain from doing them again in the future. One major thing I actually kind of completely redid was Aria's character as of this stage in the demo, which I think solves some of these issues about the plot
  14. Try out the demo (currently only about 1 hour of gameplay), and join the Discord! Pokémon Vengeance, heavily inspired by Pokémon Reborn and Rejuvenation, takes place in the Verdiva Region, which consists of 3 main islands: - Deloria Island, the island on which the player begins their journey, is lush and full of forests, jungles, and mountains (and even a volcano). - Cryolysis Island is very cold and icy, and only consists of 1 city. It is very mountainous and not inhabited by many. - Dritari Island is very barren except for some areas in the Northeast. Sti
  15. I'm not sure if this is intended, but a lot of checks to do with moves/abilities/items that are new (as in not in default essentials) use isConst? for checking if a Pokemon has a certain ability or a certain item instead of hasWorkingAbility and hasWorkingItem. This allows for things like Gastro Acid not nullifying an ability and Magic Room/Klutz not nullifying the effects of an item. I'll give some examples in the code where this would be problematic: - A Tapu Fini with Misty Surge enters with an Amplifield Rock while under the effects of Magic Room, but the duration of Misty Terrain is
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