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  1. Naa, I played trough Reborn quite easy without it, and in normal mode its also manageable, sometimes a bit too easy. The whole Storyline around that prison was so smooth without beeing close to loose once, so I was thinking to change it up to intense - And then Valerie came up :D Im not talking about not using strategie, just dont wanna cheese trough a opponent, because its kinda not the sense of a game against a "KI" - In intense I think you wount get around it, so I choosed normal mode. My pokemons having medicore IVs- like not under ~20 on important Values. BTW - Muk worked easy @Z.. thanks. Muk and Tangrowth filed the mentioned missing spots in my Team - Tangrowth OHKOs his Floatzel and just reload all of his HP after.
  2. @Z..So just burn Qwilfish, put out Muk, change field, use Minimize plus healing him up and then just wipe out val? Seams reasonable, especially with his op rest Dewgong - Im gonna try that, sounds like a qucik tactic. @EspeonI choosed normal mode over intense, to avoid needing very good IV, EV trained pokemon or only cheese tactics. :D
  3. Hi, sorry for my rusty english in advance. :D I struggel against Valentine, no way to beat her at all. I got to her without any hard trouble - sometimes needed to add a pokemon to my team to succed, but always quite managebale. (Normal mode) My current Options: Greninja, Obstagoon, Corviknight, Mr. Mime, Boltund (trained for that battle, but kinda useless), Talonflame, Pancha, Garbodor, Hariyama - All of them are lv 40, with medicore IVs (beside Mr. Mime who got nearly perfect IVs and a Light Clay), no EV Training done. I got a ok Tangela at 35, who I could grind up to lv 40 also. I start the battle with Obstagoon who uses Obstruct and counter to take out Qwilfish. Val then swich in Floatzel who's facing two Obstructs by my Obstagoon. I loose Obstagoon after that and can only switch in Greninja, because with every other Pokemon he swiches out his Floatzel and I would loose his -4 Defense stats. Greninja takes one brick brake, survives with like 10 HP and OHKO Floatzel. To that Point it is working kinda well - I tried a lot after that point ; whats working kinda best-> Val switches Goldking in after Floatzel getting down, I switch to Mr. Mime who is able to bring up both Shields (lasting 8 rounds) and put out one Magical Leaf against Goldking and than faint. My Corvinight is able to take out both Hyperpoitions against Goldking after and nearly able to kill it - Greninja can kill Goldking - So Im down to a near to death Greninja and 2 free Spots against Lanturn, Dewgong and Primarina. Any suggestions what I should add to my Team? Or any suggestion to change my tactic? Am I right I cant obtain a Thunder Stone and/or a Apophyll Pancake to this point in the game? I got a perfect IV Pichu and a nice IV Charjabug, who probably would be kinda usefull :D Thanks Tristan
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