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  1. You're welcome! Enjoy your Bug mono run!
  2. Great! Sending the trade request now.
  3. I have one for you. Don't need anything in return. What's your online play username?
  4. Do you want a Metal Coat and a Link Stone too?
  5. Great! Grabbing the Pokémon from the box rn. You can expect a trade request in about 3 minutes or so.
  6. I can give you both. Let me know when you're online to trade.
  7. There's a few Pokémon I have too many of (scarcity of box storage, you know). So if anyone needs a 5IV Ferroseed, Magikarp, Feebas, Pichu, Togepi or Wimpod, hmu. Egg moves are the following: Ferroseed - Curse, Stealth Rock, Leech Seed, Spikes Magikarp - Lol Feebas - Confuse Ray, Dragon Pulse, Mist Pichu - Electric Terrain, Encore, Fake Out, Wish/Volt Tackle Togepi - Extrasensory, Morning Sun, Nasty Plot Wimpod - Aqua Jet, Spikes, Wide Guard
  8. You're welcome! Thanks for the shinies!
  9. Sure, I quickly bred one of each. Let me know when you can trade.
  10. I used Espeon with Magic Bounce to use the Ribombee's Sticky Web in my favour. Xatu can have the ability too.
  11. You did get lucky, but not nearly as lucky as you would have had to be in the main series games haha. Not sure what the exact shiny rate is though. Enjoy your playthrough!
  12. A few days ago I bred Gastly, so you can have one of those. Send me a PM when you're available.
  13. I can give you both. I'll send you a PM.
  14. Are you specifically looking for these shiny Pokémon with 6IV or 5IV physical/ special attacker stats? Because if not, I can give you a shiny Feebas. (Its stats aren't rubbish, just not perfect. PM if interested. Don't need anything in return.)
  15. I quickly bred you one. PM me when you're available for trading.
  16. I have IV bred Piplup, so I have one for you. I'll message you when I'm available to trade.
  17. I can give you a Scyther. I sent you a personal message.
  18. You're welcome! And thank you very much for the nice Beldum <3
  19. Sure, I'll be online for another few hours. So just let me know your online name when you're available and I'll ship it your way.
  20. I found a Geodude in my box with Pokérus that I got from a trade sometime ago. You can have it if you want.
  21. Whether you want a Qwilfish or a Snorlax, I can give you one. I'll PM you.
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