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Found 11 results

  1. Hey everyone! It's been a few months since the official release of Pokemon Reborn and I bet that most of us have probably finished the main game and even postgame by now. I wanted to do a fun post as in Reborn we had access to every Pokemon from Generation 1-7. My question to you is this: What is your Champion/Elite 4 Team. (If you wanna include Gen 8 you can, but I didn't since I was focusing on mons in Reborn.) I don't mean the team you used to beat the game or postgame, but the team you would use if you were literally Champion of a region, any region (not just Reborn). On another note, if you weren't Champion, what Elite 4 team would you have and what Type/types would you use for challengers? There are a few limitations to this choice. For the Champion team, you can list one Legendary/Mythical Pokemon to use if you want, but no more than one. For Elite 4, you are not allowed to use any Legendaries or Mythical Pokemon, so choose wisely! My Champion team would be these guys on either a Starlight Arena or Holy Field. Garchomp Togekiss Silvally (Holding a Dark Memory) Serperior (With Contrary) Delphox Empoleon (My Ace) Yes its a weird team for Starlight Arena or Holy Field but for the moveset for most of my team, many of their moves would be boosted on Starlight while Garchomp is Garchomp and would just kick the crap out of you. On Holy Field, not only is Garchomp boosted but Togekiss is a BEAST on this field with Dazzling Gleam and Timid Nature as well as Delphox's Psychic and Serperior with Contrary/Leaf Storm and Dragon Pulse. Silvally automatically becomes Dark type on the field so instead of a Memory, I can give him a better item to use for his attacks. Strangely, Empoleon would be my ace purely because Empoleon is my favorite Pokemon of all time and Water/Steel is such an underrated type combined with the sheer bulk and power Empoleon has if used correctly. For the Elite 4, I'd use Dark type Pokemon since Dark is my favorite Type even though my Champion team doesn't consist of any. My Elite 4 team would be these guys on a New World field. Zoroark (Disguised as Drapion) Greninja Incineroar Drapion Tyranitar (Mega) Hydreigon Kinda feel like Luna with the Dark types, but Dark is my favorite type. Just how they are so menacing and cool looking though a lot of Pokemon are cool. Hydreigon is my favorite Dark type of all time and while it didn't make the cut for my Champion team, it would be my ace for this team. (I feel like Lin now, lol). I can't wait to see everyone's answers!
  2. Okay so this might not be the flashiest run (I've seen some extremes like mono pikaclones), but my Untiered Mons run has finally completed the main game! so I think it deserves to be shared hehe TLDR I made a video (with detailed commentary) version of my run here!! Drop a view if you are interested, and I highly recommend you to do so HAHA Overall Definitely had some tough moments, but cheese and stall took it through (stall OP). It's not impossible though, these Mons just need more strats and preparation (and trial and error). Brute-forcing without smart tricks is impossible, for me at least. Also, it took me one try to reach this team. Shoutout to my conventional team of Meowstic, Floatzel, Torterra, Turtonator, Rotom-Fan and Glaceon, you guys are the best <3 My Team Electrode (Marshmallow) Role: My lead of choice. It's main job is Taunt & Light Screen, but it hits quite hard against Heather and Elias' Noivern as well! With Volt Switch, it can also serve as a nice pivot. Ability: Aftermath (Nice chip damage) Stats: 252 SpA/ 252 Spe (Swapped SpA for HP during Anna), Timid Moves: Light Screen, Taunt, Volt Switch, Rotation HP Ice, Protect Items: Light Clay, Magical Seed Ditto (Blob) Role: To deal with the OP Mons! When in doubt, just copy the enemy and consider your job done XD However, Blob needs to choice lock into a move afterwards, so I need to be careful with it's usage. Ability: Impostor Stats: 252 HP Moves: Transform (Duhh) Item: Choice Scarf Silvally (Type:Lol) Role: My special attacker of choice, which helps to soften up teams. It's relatively wide movepool makes for quite a lot of combinations, eg Steel + Fire + Normal. I opted for a special set because Untiered had less good special attackers with types good for the E4. Also, I normally didn't let it hold type memories, since field-boosted attacks are equivalent to STABs, so other items were more useful. Also because Silvally-Steel is in NU Ability: Multitype Stats: 252 SpA, 252 Spe, Timid Moves: Heat Wave, Flash Cannon, Hyper Voice, Tailwind, Protect, Toxic, Work Up (I was a fool to forget teaching it Parting Shot) Item: Expert Belt, Focus Sash, Magical Seed Torterra (Todos) Role: My trusty physical setup sweeper! After some support and enemy-softening, Todos gets the KO for the team. Also, direct attacks without setup also works at times. Ability: Shell Armor (Prevents crits while setting up) Stats: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, Jolly (Swapped Atk & Spe to HP & SpD at Lin 1) Moves: Rock Polish, Swords Dance, Earthquake, Nature Power, Seed Bomb, Rock Slide, Rest, Protect Items: Coba Berry, Leftovers, Magical Seed Bastiodon (Wall Sina) Role: My 2nd option for OP Mons! Metal Burst + Sturdy can help take out one difficult enemy mon. Then, Custap Berry allows it to use bulldoze to de-buff the enemy. Also provides Wide Guard support during Bennett & Laura. Ability: Sturdy Stats: 252 HP, 252 SpD, Quiet (Idk why) Moves: Metal Burst, Wide Guard, Protect, Bulldoze, Body Slam, Iron Head, Toxic Items: Custap Berry Rotom-Fan (Ferris) Role: To inflict status and then pivot into a sweeper. Also sets up weather if needed. Also my secondary screen-setter. Also deals a lot of damage in the Lin 2 fight. Also very annoying to the enemy. Ability: Levitate (WHY Gamefreak) Stats: 252 HP, 252 SpD, Timid (Swapped HP & SpD for SpA & Spe in Lin 2) Moves: Will-o-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Volt Switch, Air Slash Reflect, Snatch, Sunny Day, Thunder Items: Leftovers, Chilan Berry, Magical Seed Ranking the Battles (Easiest to Hardest) 1. Heather (3/10) After speedy Electrode prevents Crobat from using tailwind, it's basically a breeze through. I won through a combination of Rock Slide, Thunder and Mega Salamence Ditto. 2. Bennett & Laura (4/10) The main strat is to just change the weather (and the field), then use Heat Waves, Rock Slides, Hyper Voice and an occasional Air Slash. Not much to say when you can change their field. 3. Anna (6/10) Firstly, prevent Aurora Veil using Taunt. Then the rest is to find a chance for Torterra to boost and sweep. In particular, I used screen support and abused the fact that AI uses Wish+Protect on Sylveon when it can't OHKO me, creating an opening for me to boost. 4. Lin 1 (7/10) Same as Anna, prevent the disgusting veil and find a chance to sweep. The biggest opening was her scarf Garchomp, EQ forced it to switch when I sent in Rotom, so its switch out made me paralyze her Gardevoir. Here I had to change my Torterra's EVs to be as specially defensive as possible, then with screens up, I used Gardevoir for boosting. 5. Lin 2 (9/10) The key here was to abuse Sucker Punch, Magical Seeds and recharge turns. Her Honchkrow will use Sucker Punch on weakened Mons, so I just took my chance and switch in a Mon with Magical Seed, resulting in an omniboost with no recharge turn (In my case, Silvally). I also had to be careful with Unaware Clefable though, as it ignored my boosts, so I used toxic to stall it (stall OP). I used Bastiodon to deal with the ARC-PULSE, by using metal burst. However it was not enough to kill (stupid me forgot screens were still up), so I had to resort to toxic stall once more (#stallOP). 6. Elias (10/10) Okay hear me out, ExtremeSpeed Dragonite is f*king OP. My first team lost here. It basically 2HKOs my whole team bar Bastiodon (which had no offensive capability), so there was no safe switch-in. I resorted to PP stall his ESpeed, had to sash my Silvally, use a ton of protects, burn it and set up reflect, force it to switch out after depleting its PP, then burn the next Mon coming in. After that, it was a matter of using Ditto to copy Elias' super OP Mons and give him a taste of his own medicine. Also, his Ditto couldn't transform because he faced my transformed Ditto, which was hilarious af. And that's my post to share my Untiered Mons run! Thank you for reading XD and feel free to share your thoughts with me! I believe there surely will be other better strats, but this is what I came up with :P
  3. Hi everyone I'm back with another 2 in 1 theory. Let's get to it. When the ritual was completed two stones revealed themselves which are the Light stone and the Dark stone. And she was attacked by Madame X and she had to a prosthetic arm which was made my dark shards. When Aevium was still recovering from the calamity and she heard that Reborn City had a pokemon league and she knew if she did the same at Aeviun she could protect the region from Madame X she made connections with others and trained them if they weren't strong enough and then the first half of the Elite 8 was formed when it was completed she recruited the top three students at Axis High to become her assistant and scouts and they scouted to find the 18 potential Gym Leaders. News of the league spread all over the world then she was worried that Madame X took down the leaders and won everything that she created would be destroyed and in order to prevent it from happening she built the Aevium League in secret alongside the original Elite 4. When they finished, she recruited four more Elite members and designated them as Gatekeepers. Once all four Gatekeepers are defeated the league would appear. Madame X attacked Alamissa and the true objective was to kill the Champion of the Aevium League. And turns out Celine is alive in her garden we see Celine encased in the Preservation Crystal which preserves her body while slowly healing her wounds which she was carrying from a spring found in Evergreen Forest and with Celine currently recuperating Alexandra is the current Champion. Alexandra and Damien's father knew that it would come back in the form of Nim. Their father said " The wretched storm will return, and it will curse us with its presence with a sign. " so the and Nim appeared from the dark core saying to the MC " Watch Out!" (Does this means that the MC and Num met before?) and she was screaming " I can't. " She can't control something the darkness inside her maybe and she became something else and they said wind and Alexandra and Damien started to battle Storm 9 when they defeated the storm Nim gained control and she shouted " Please stop fighting." the council came to their decision and voted to have Nim executed. But now that Nim has become Lorna she became unhinged and the weather started acting up. This concludes my two theories, don't hesitate to comment down below. See you
  4. Hi Guys! This is my first forum post so sorry if it isn't perfect I wanted to discuss the upcoming Elite 8 and champion in Pokemon Rejuvenation. I wanted to vocalize my thoughts on what characters will most likely fill these roles and explain why. Elite 8: Zumi confirmed that as of v12, we have only seen 6/8 of the Elite 8 on screen and only 4 before v10: It is confirmed in game that Tesla, Karen, and Jolene (Volta's mother) are all Elite 8 members. These are currently the only characters that we know for sure are Elite 8 members. Tesla: Tesla is one of the first characters we encounter in Aevium and specializes in fire types. To my knowledge, the only known members of her team are her Talonflame and the Charizard that Venam stole. Karen: Karen's team consists of Diancie, Carbink, Vespiquen, and Persian. I don't remember if she has any other mons that she uses as part of her side quest in v12. A common theme around her team is that all the mons learn power gem... Which leads me to think she is mainly a rock type specialist with some outliers. Other pokemon on her team are likely to be Starmie, Ampharos, Slowking, or Mismagius as all of those mons learn power gem as well and aren't terrible. Jolene: We currently don't know much about Jolene's team other than that she specializes in electric type pokemon. She is one of 2 of the Elite 8 members that we first encounter post v10. She is gives us the Empoleon Crest as a reward upon completion of her side quest in v12. She is also the head reporter for Gearen News. Elite 8 (Continued): There are currently 2 Elite 8 members pre v10 and 1 e8 member post v10 that isn't confirmed. Here are my thoughts on the possibilities of the characters from v10 and before being in e8: Note: Only there are only 2 other characters pre v10 in the Elite 8 Rorrim B: Rorrim B makes sense as an Elite 8 member because he is a character that we get introduced to early. He serves no real purpose in the story. I see him potentially being a more prominent character in v13+ but it is unlikely. If he were to be an Elite 8 member, he would most likely have a dance based team and probably specialize in flying/bug with a couple outliers. When discussing the possibility of Rorrim B being e8 in the community discord, Zumi gave us a hit towards what Rorrim B's purpose will be: Interpret this as you will, but I see this as proof that he will not be an Elite 8 member. Karrina: Karrina is definitely an interesting character to talk about. We see her in the very beginning of the story as a small gang leader. We later come to find out that she has the power to grant us access to West Gearen. Finally, we come to realize that she is in fact a storm chaser. It's cool to see her develop as a character throughout the story. We come to learn about her back story and about how Karen killed her parents in front of her. This is important because she tries to get stronger in order to avenge her parents' deaths and put an end to Karen once and for all. With the Pokemon League in shambles because of the whole "Amanda situation," it is likely that Karrina is able to pick up an Elite 8 position... She has proved her strength multiple times in the past and it will add for some good character development to see both her and Karen in the Elite 8. It was stated in the game that Karrina was looking for Karen for a while to get revenge. This supports my theory on how she could pick up an Elite 8 position in the future, but does not currently have one. In v12 we were able to have a 6v6 battle with her and she doesn't seem to have a specific themed team. Her current team is Musharna, Durant, Alakazam, Nidoking, Granbull, and Fearow. I feel that she will be vital in the story later in the game, but I think we can successfully rule her out as a member of the Elite 8 unless she changes her team up a bit. Rune: As you all probably know, Rune is Huey's sister and Rhodea and Lavender's roommate. Apparently she has a dark secret that would upset Huey. Flora was Rune's only friend until Flora told Rune that she was the leader of Bladestar and asked her to join. Rune refused and Flora blackmailed her into keeping the secret. She vanished into thin air without a trace. We don't know much about Rune or her pokemon, but it is easy imagine her being an Elite 8 member because of this. However, given the small amount of information currently available about Rune, I feel it is fair to rule her out of being an Elite 8 member for now. Dylan: Dylan is an interesting character to say the least. He was abused by his grandfather which caused him to leave Kristiline and move to Grand Dream City. His grandfather helped him run a fishing competition and we see Dylan use a Gyrados in order to fend off Ana from Bladestar in his house. Dylan also told us that his life was going well at one point, but then gave all his money to charity and moved into the Underground. But later in the story, he gives Ana $30k to spend on things in Kristiline and when Ana is shocked about the amount of money she was given, Dylan says, "Huh? It's only 30k. Don't sweat it." Where does Dylan get this money from if he gave all his money to charity and does not have a job to our knowledge? Mabye he's getting a pay check from the pokemon league? Finally, when Ana gets to act in Risa's movie in Pokestar Studios, Dylan is in disbelief and says: This is relevant because he said this in disbelief and acted like it was a dream of his, but he did not have that position. Because of these 3 facts, I feel like it is safe to assume that Dylan is an Elite 8 member specializing in water types. This also makes sense based on his character sprite because he has blue hair, relating to water type pokemon. Nastasia: When asking around in the community discord about possible Elite 8 members the name Nastasia popped up a few times. Nastasia is the highest ranking member of Team Xen after Madame X. Nastasia's reason for joining Team Xen are unknown and Madelis even asked Nastasia why she trusts Madame X so much, as Nastasia appears to have nothing on the line. I personally, do not see Nastasia being a member of the Elite 8 as Jan would never accept them into the league (but who knows what happened with Amanda as league scout). With Robo-Amanda out of the way, I highly doubt Jan seeing Nastasia on the list of Elite 8 members will result in her keeping that position. A cool think to note though is that Nastasia inherited Rejuvenation Co. from her mother and that is the location of the Team Xen base in modern time. The only member of Nastasia's team that we are aware of is Deoxys and I will explain why there is a better candidate for the psychic type Elite 8 position. Nim/Lorna: Nim is a likely candidate to be an Elite 8 member (other than the fact that she is literally a weapon that turns people to stone). We watched her develop as a character throughout the story from being a friendly obnoxious girl to being the shell of a human she is now, torn apart and brainwashed by Crescent to do her bidding. I feel like Nim has the potential to be a member of the Elite 8, but I do not think she will make the cut because we fought her multiple times throughout the story. I am not ruling it out as a possibility that she could potentially be an Elite 8 member (As I thought the Lorna battle in zone zero was much harder than the puppet-masters gym battle) but she feels more like a rival character than an Elite 8 member. Her team as of v12 is Aromatisse, Vivillon, Darmanitan, Marowak, Sylveon, and Solrock/Lunatone Fusion. Once gen 8 gets added in v13, I can see her with a Hatterene or Grimsnarl, but thats a topic for another day. Crescent: Crescent, Crescent, Crescent... Top of the food chain. Why think Nim will be Elite 8 if you can just go to her superior. I believe Crescent will be an Elite 8 member. We haven't battled her yet (unlike Nim) and I can't use the same excuse I used on Nastasia because Crescent is not on the opposing side as the main character. Crescent actively looks to put an end to Team Xen just like us. Her motives are unknown and her actions are unconventional, but its what gives her depth as a character. Crescent is more powerful than Nim and has so much power that she even brought us back from the dead. Not much is known about Crescent's backstory other than she seems to have known Nancy. Crescent is also a Storm Chaser so it is likely that she is able to have a position in the Elite 8. To my knowledge, the only known member's of Crescent's team is Mewtwo, Gothitelle, and Solosis (Zetta). Elite 8 post v10: Hazuki: In my mind, Hazuki Blakorey has to be the only character that will fit this position. Melanie is really the only other potential candidate, but she currently just exists as part of Melia's imagination. It makes sense for Hazuki to be an Elite 8 member as she is currently the last original storm chaser that is alive in the present. Hazuki is seen with what appears to be an Aegislash hinting that she will be either a steel or ghost specialist. Steel is very unlikely considering her granddaughter is the steel type gym leader. Hazuki being a ghost specialist makes sense because similar to Narcissa, Hazuki was not loved by Thomas and like Narcissa was not loved by Sirius. Sirius and Thomas both married Narcissa and Hazuki in order to use them for power. In turn, they both turned to ghost types for comfort. Conclusion: Based on the possible Elite 8 members I have provided, the 6 that I feel most likely fit the role are: Tesla/Karen/Dylan/Crescent/Jolene/Hazuki Champion: There are 2 Characters I want to discuss regarding the Champion position. Alexandra: I was holding off talking about Alexandra as a potential Elite 8 member because I feel that she is the most likely character that will become Champion. One of the main reason's I believe Alexandra to the Champion is that she feels the need to constantly change her name, first going by April when we meet her in Amethyst Cave, then going by Krystal when we meet her on our was to Grand Dream City. Another reason is the fact that on the train to Grand Dream City, Venam rants to Alexandra about how the Champion should be protecting the region and not doing nothing. Alexandra kind of just agrees with her, not trying to start an argument. This small detail is important because it means that Alexandra either knows the Champion or is the Champion herself. Alexandra is a direct decedent of Nymeria which could also provide evidence for her inheriting the highest position in the Pokemon League. The only part of her team we know about as of v12 is Latias. Madame X: Madame X is the most powerful character we met so far in the story. She is the leader of Team Xen, saved us from death, and even was once in possession of the Time Diamond. It is likely for Madame X to be the acting champion battle, but I doubt it because I feel that the plot with Team Xen will be resolved before the Elite 8. Keep in mind, we do not know who Madame X is behind her mask, so she could very well be one of the characters I previously listed. The only part of her team we are aware of is her Yveltal that we fought at Blacksteeple Castle. ~~~ That is the end of my predictions for the Elite 8 and Champion. If you guys have any other opinions or want to provide any further insight on these characters it would be much appreciated
  5. Ever since the RBY era, there has always been a Champion in Pokemon games. The biggest milestone. The most toughest, skilled and intelligent opponent, out of everyone you fought in the game up to that point; the Gym Leaders, the Villain bosses, and the Elite 4. With this knowledge alone, it's no wonder the Champions have the highest expectations from Pokemon fans in every single Pokemon game that releases. So, tell me. Who is your favorite Champion? The reasons may vary, from competence in battles to personalities and even backstories.
  6. I warn you, this is a long post ! I originally wanted to post this on the X% thread but I quickly figured this theory is too large. So, since this is the last episode and only one gym leader is left, there won't be any discussions as to who will be the upcoming gym leader. Unless the last gym leader also dies next episode But since we will face the E4 & Champ next episode the identities of those could be up to speculation. We do know that the following people are Elite 4 members: [E18 & earlier spoilers] This leaves one E4 member unknown. Who do you think could be the last E4 member? Well, let's get to the main part of this post: The potential champion! Who would be the champion? I thought about that topic for a while and came to the following theory: As we all know in-game Amethyst was defeated and decapitated by Lin, so Amethyst falls out of the equation. Lin, on the other hand, can't be the champion because (as I'm pretty sure) the battle wasn't official, especially since Lin also killed Ame after the batttle. And on another note I don't think Lin would even want to be the champion nor battle as the champion. I don't think that we will be the champion because we beat the E4 and there is no champion, though if that WOULD be the case we would probably have a challenger battle like in the 7th gen canon games. (Though there is no character other than the MC that beat (will have beaten) all gym leaders to qualify for the E4 battles, so even that isn't a possibility. One might say Fern, since he/she (sorry, I don't remember xD) is our rival, though he stopped his/her journey for the gym badges for joining Team Meteor. (And I also think there should be a battle against Ame somehow) So, to recap: There will 99% be a champ battle Ame is dead and she was the champ Lin isn't the champ since she didn't play by the rules No one except the MC is about to beat all the gym leaders of Reborn, thus being able to take on the E4 and thus being a possible candidate for the champion The rest of my theory contains heavy E18 spoilers. Now, what do you think about my theory? I tried my best to find any potential flaws, but if I did miss some then make sure to point them out to me . This theory might be edited a bit/ added upon. Did I miss anything? Do you have some theories of your own regarding this topic? Well, I think I stole enough of your time now . (And I also think that I'm bad at ending my theories)
  7. Maybe this is just me, but had Jan ever talked about the plans for Elite 8 and the Champion of Aevium League? I mean, we already know about 2 Elite 8 members (Tesla and Karen) but not the rest of them, and I understand if Jan hadn't thought of that yet in this phase of the game. But I do really want to know about the Champion. Assume that by the time you defeat Madame X and her Xen shenanigans, your Mons will all be lv100. Unless Jan break the level cap (like some other fangames did) I sincerely fail to see how powerful the Champion will be that can top the might of Madame X. Or maybe Madame X IS the Champion... In that case, my bad =))) And anyone has any clue about who the Champion is? I guess Krystal is the Champion of Aevium, cuz those dialogues Venam and her exchanged on the train were possibly hinting at that. Or I was just being overreacted, lol
  8. Ageistal


    Hey! so I was asked to crate an intro, so im doing it now before i forget, heh. As i wont ever reveal much about me, all you need to know is ghost and dark types are by far my favourite andthat ive been playing since episode 11! my goals arent to IV Breed and EV train, mine is to be the best i can be playing how i see fit. feel free to message me any time to talk! C'ya!!
  9. Here's the scenario. You are the champion. You've beaten each region's league and are now a pokemon master. You are the strongest trainer in the world. Thus, when an unforseen crisis threatens the world you are the one chosen to deal with it. As champion, though, you need an elite four of your own. This is the question. Who is in your elite four? Are they gym leaders? Are they unique trainers encountered in the games? Who are they and why did you choose them? Have fun with this.
  10. Well, my last post about this had something happen to it, or didn't go up at all, so let's try this again: So, I've been sort of intrigued by how much Steven changed from RSE and ORAS, since RSE was in fact my first Pokemon game, specifically Sapphire. Since seeing the redesign, I've thought of how the other champions could be redesigned and given new Mega Evolutions for their "mains/aces." Feel free to give your ideas and opinions, and as a note, I will give pictures of the most recent artwork for each Champion as reference. Also given are a few stat and Ability changes for Megas, but those are more or less speculation/personal thoughts. Red: While not truly a "champion," since he gave that position to Lance, he would still be very challenging to face and maybe have the title of "Pokemon Master." Very little change to his FRLG design, as it may be simple, but it is still very effective. The major design change would be his badge on his right, where I think he should he should hold his Key Stone, straight in the center. His Mega would be Pikachu. (Lot of explaining here, just as FYI, so skip if not interested) Now, normally Mega Stones are given to the last evolution, but Pikachu may be the only difference, since he is both the mascot and my take between Mega Pikachu and Mega Raichu is that Mega Pikachu would be a pure powerhouse who is weak to Sucker Punch, Extreme Speed, and Sticky Web/Choice Scarfed Pokemon. Meanwhile, Raichu would still have good attack power, but be more based around a balanced attacker who could take a few hits. Pikachu stats: HP: 35; Attack: 155; Defense: 40; Sp. Atk.: 140; Sp. Def.: 50; Speed: 160; Ability: Shock Crash: Recoil moves do 1.2x damage. Raichu stats: HP: 60; Attack: 100; Defense: 90; Sp. Atk.: 150; Sp. Def.: 90; Speed: 120; Total: 610; Ability: Shock Guard: Recoil moves no longer have recoil damage. Type: Electric/Dark Blue: This guy's artwork changes A LOT. I think that the HGSS look is his best design, although, maybe his FRLG look might work best as well. Maybe combine the two together? His Key Stone would most likely be a bracelet, although it's tough to say. As his Ace, Blastoise would work, since he's most commonly known for having a Blastoise as most people chose Charmander as their starter. (I'm not sure how to resize images, so sorry.) Lance: Most likely would stay the same with his design, the only addition being a Key Stone on either a Bracelet, or my preferred thought: his cape links, maybe in the center. His mega would obviously be Dragonite, and here's my idea for mega Dragonite: HP: 91; Attack: 134; Defense: 100; Sp. Atk.: 100; Sp. Def.: 100; Speed: 100; Total: 625; Ability: Megascale: The first super-effective move used against this pokemon will do ¼ damage. Includes Entry Hazards. Cynthia: Again, little change to her design, just put a Key Stone around her fur cufflinks, and her Mega would be Garchomp, obviously. Alder: While I personally think that Benga should take over him as champion, and Alder roams around, like Steven in Emerald, His design will yet again not change at all, except for maybe a second necklace with a Keystone, or Benga having a belt with a large Keystone in the center. Whoever would become champion would still have a Mega Volcarona: HP: 85; Attack: 60; Defense: 70; Sp. Atk.: 150; Sp. Def.: 115; Speed: 120; Ability: Double Dance: Uses “dance moves” twice, with some differences. Affected moves: Quiver Dance; Fiery Dance: Second use only has 40% power. Iris: Maybe add some purple here and there, and make her crown a little more "outstanding," with a Key Stone on it as well. Her mega would be Haxorus: Type: Dragon/Steel; HP: 76; Attack: 157; Defense: 120; Sp. Atk.: 60; Sp. Def.: 90; Speed: 87 (Makes it to where you MUST use Dragon Dance first thing, as it seems a little OP in some areas.); Ability: Jagged Claws: Physical moves will always hit for at least 1x damage. So, any thoughts from you guys?
  11. So i suddenly noticed this while playing again.. and it seems that there is a clue to the identity of the reborn champion.. take a look.. Could it be Anna is the champion???
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