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  1. Hey, fellow Greek here, welcome!
  2. I searched for this, too, it's confusing.
  3. I think destiny bond works regardless of the type, but I am not sure of that.
  4. Try a quick claw destiny bond Carvanha, soft reset until the claw pops.
  5. Gen 1: Gengar Gen 2: Espeon Gen 3: Milotic Gen 4: Giratina Gen 5: Hydreigon Gen 6: Yveltal Gen 7: Lunala Gen 8: Eternatus
  6. This is an interesting tier, it is amazing that this game gives such complex characters, that everyone has a different opinion on them ( well, except Fern ). I am seeing that Noel gets a lot of positive attention, but I really haven't liked him that much, basically I am indifferent towards him. Shelly, too. Not my type of person, but I don't hate her. Heather, on the other hand, I do not like. Never liked her, from my first encounter with her. I have mixed feelings about Corey, feeling sorry for him, but brought this to himself essentially. Loving Cain and all his inappropriate jokes . I saved Charlotte and Saphira for last,they are my favorite, because they are basically the people that get things done in Reborn.
  7. If you are still interested for an Eevee, message me!
  8. I am not on discord, but feel free to message me here to arrange the details!
  9. I can trade you one! Having tones of breedjects from shiny hunting!
  10. Serenity04

    feebas in V18

    I was kinda stuck in this puzzle, but this video helped
  11. Thank you, I'll send you a private message
  12. Can anyone spare a Blue Moon Ice Cream? I am stuck in Agate and tired of waiting.
  13. Thank you so much, I hope I do get it in the near future.
  14. Please, tell me that the vendor resets every time I speak to him, and not every day.
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