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  1. Hey guys, So I went to three different oases and made contact with the star dusts. However, the mirage tower place is still not showing. Its still has the grey water and whatnot. Was I supposed to do something else at the oases? Thanks!!
  2. DAMN THANKS SO MUCH MAN!! Do you want anything in exchange? Can't say that I got anything too good, but I'll try. And if you EV train it, I'd appreciate it so much. THANKS!!
  3. Hi all, As the title says, I want a charmander or even higher. I just want good stats and maybe make it a shiny if anyone is willing to give one. Thanks!!!
  4. jonathanxu999


    He all, I tried to do the magikarp side quest but I got stuck on the part where you look for the magma gang. I am in post restoration so i don't think it works anymore. Is anyone willing to give me a magikarp? I just really want a gyarados. Thanks!
  5. HI guys, I'm looking for the yureyu key currently. Its post-restoration and I've watched the videos but I keep getting different things! The beryl wall has a field effect read out and the old man mulch side quest gave me a venesaurite and a insect plate. Does anyone know where the hell it is now? Thanks!!
  6. Oh i see. So I'm not at that part yet.
  7. Hey y'all, as said in the title, I'm looking for the super rod to get a charmander and the other rewards in the super rod quest. However, I can't find the guy sitting on the couch or anybody at the graveyard. I'm at post-restoration and just beat Adrienn. Did I miss something? Thanks.
  8. So do I just keep the save files and delete the Reborn18.2 folder and the rest of the Pokemon Reborn folder? I already tried using the other save files so...
  9. Whenever I try to leave an area or enter a building, i get the error "script 'PokemonMap' line 78: NoMethodError occurred undefined method 'bridge=' for nil:NilClass" Please help. This just started happening today. My save file: Can a staff member please get to me ASAP? Thanks Game.rxdata
  10. Hi all. I'm currently extremely stuck in devon corp and can't leave. I use a macbook. Can anyone help me get to a past save file? I tried right clicking the wine app and showing package contents and whatever, but can't find the save data. I also tried the game.rxdata method, but i don't have an application that can run it i think. Thanks.
  11. Hi all, I'm at the black market and am deciding if i want to buy a pokemon. I looked at the 7th street fandom, and it says that some pokemon are used for quests later. Does that mean that I should buy them and they will be useful for a quest in the future? https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/7th_Street Thanks
  12. I'm trying to beat ditto Arceus at the moment. I can't seem to beat it. I looked at forums but they say it was easy to beat with a lucario, magnezone, or a gengar. However you can't get that until later in the game. What should I do?
  13. I'm not sure where to really put this question, but when I looked around other forums, I didn't really get an answer. My question is whether I choose EL or RADOMUS. I heard that if I choose El, I won't have to fight Arceus, but some others say that that is false and that you fight Arceus either way. What is the better option in this case?
  14. So I decided to go all the way to the bottom of route 1 without going into any of the side forests and it seems like I'm stuck down there. There are tauroses and a milktank. How do i go back up?
  15. I just got the quest where I go to spinel town to get medicine. I am told that it is due east of tanzan mountain but there are metal gates that block the path. I tried every single path but I can't get the gates down. I even tried going through the forest but just ended up even more lost. How do I get to spinel town?
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