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  1. Heya! So I decided to hunt for the department store stickers, because I need evolution stones super duper badly, and the casanova that gives you a sticker is not where he's supposed to be in the underground railnet. I have no idea if this is a story progression problem, where he can't show up past a certain point or something, but it's keeping me from getting my stones... I NEED MAH STONES
  2. R3m3dee


    Alrighty, I shall be ready by then
  3. R3m3dee


    Offensive, please. And I'm awake now lol, if you're available. Unless 10 is when you're available the soonest...
  4. R3m3dee


    Ah, I'm gonna be a bit greedy here and say the Drapion level 75 hehe, and yes to the other 2 offers. I can't thank you enough for this. Also I just woke up, so yeah I'm sorry for the late response xP
  5. R3m3dee


    I am aware of where to find Skorupi and Drapion, but I really need a quick boost for exp so I can get it to level 75+, it takes way too long when you don't get the boost from pokemon that are event or just not yours. If anyone has a Skorupi, bred or otherwise, may I please have it? Many thanks!
  6. R3m3dee

    Dragon Scale

    Not really lol
  7. R3m3dee

    Dragon Scale

    Thanks again, do you need this back?
  8. R3m3dee

    Dragon Scale

    I'm still on, and thank you so much! My user is Revenant
  9. R3m3dee

    Dragon Scale

    Heya! Anybody have a Dragon Scale they would be willing to give away? Been fishing for one for a few days now (yes a few days, around 3-4 hours at a time) and I'm getting really really annoyed. If someone could trade me a pokemon holding one so I can get it off of them for my Seadra, that would be great!
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