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    Watching anime, Playing Pokemon, Watching VGC, Science, and playing old games like the mystery dungeon side games, playing strategy games like command and conquer, Chess ya know the stuff

    I can also solve the Rubik's cube if that's impressive

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  1. This profile is temporary 😛

  2. @Bastos Are you still looking for a Lileep? I can breed one for you in exchange for a Stunfisk if you don't have one any Pokemon is fine.
  3. The poll is over and apparently... It's a draw
  4. Alright just call me when you're online again.
  5. Alright we can trade now. just send the request though
  6. I'm pretty sure this is Rejuvenation and not Reborn
  7. Oh I already have the two from the title.
  8. Ah sorry I was watching anime. Anyways username is DelRad just send the request
  9. Hey there I have a Blaziken for you, although it's ability is Blaze since I don't have the shards to buy an ability capsule so you'll have to change it yourself. Just send the request username is DelRad.
  10. This was changed since it was a duplicate.
  11. You can try breaking her field with Stomping tantrum. I remember that a Magcargo helped me as well you can get a slugma at the game corner in onyx
  12. I'll try to hatch a female Popplio for you. Although it might take a while since I only have a 12.5% chance of hatching a female but hey I'll try.
  13. DelRad


    That ends it well, yeeet. Take care boi
  14. DelRad


    @maxstorm2 ok I'm online now username is DelRad
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