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    It's probably a fact now at this point that I'm probably the biggest fan of Tales of Symphonia on the Earth, since I now own EVERYTHING Tales of Symphonia related, including all of the overly expensive figurines, blu-ray dvd's, posters, Japanese manga, Japanese novelization, wall-scrolls, and all versions of the game (including Japanese exclusive versions). Yes, I am a nerd, yes, I am a huge fan-boy who has plans to go to a Tales of Festival in Japan, and YES... I want to get my stuff autographed.

    Currently, I am an Animator, Animation Director, Fan-Game Developer, Stage Actor, and Computer Science Major with a Secondary Major in Performing Arts.

    Also... I don't like Pokeplayers. Fact.

    Animation and voice acting directing work, down below:

    Japanese Dub


    English Dub


    Feel free to join my Groups Page! http://symphonic-horizon.deviantart.com/

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  1. Can someone ELI5 Cancel Culture to me?

    1. ZEL


      Can try!

      Okay, so. Basically, to "cancel" someone in the discourse sense of the word basically means to boycott them. Essentially, it's like this: famous person does a bad thing, people point out bad thing to others (often referred to as "callout", i.e. as a "callout post" that compiles information on the incident(s), ideally with sources/proof), and ask others to stop supporting famous person because of bad thing. As more people pick up news about it, social media spreads it, and more and more people pull their support from the person to show that they are displeased w the shitty thing.

      Sometimes cancelling is meant as a tool to get the person to re-evaluate their actions or views - "hey, this thing you did was awful, please apologize and consider what you did, or I won't support you any more". Other times cancelling is meant to be final - "jfc this person abused their children, no way I'll ever give them money again and neither should you".

      Originally, "cancel culture" was a term that people used to criticize a rise in behavior where people started making callouts over far-fetched things, like going years through someone's social media to point out a minor ploblematic thing the did a long time ago (think 'said something offensive and has since expressed different views', do NOT think 'murdered someone in cold blood').
      The issue was that with how accessible everyone's past has become through digitalization, it was easier to find out about past mistakes than ever, and people rightfully pointed out that people deserve to have some room for error before you try to outright destroy their base of support.

      However, in recent years the term has become a little... contested, because it got picked up more and more by people who applied it to cases where "cancelling" the person was wholly justified.
      I think part of the blame simply lies in the structure of the internet: it's so easy to spread news now, and there's so many people that do crappy things, you certainly FEEL like every day there's a new scandal happening. And that gets tiring, processing this much information is tiring. So it's easy to think "ugh, what happened NOW".
      So you've got a climate in which a lot of people are already ready to say "man, stop it with the callouts, you're going overboard". Now add to that that there's a tendency for fans of famous personalities to be willing to defend them no matter what, for various reasons. And now add to THAT that there's actual bigots out there who find it very much convenient to cast themselves as the victims of "cancel culture" and censorship. 

      And voila! You've got the recipe for what's going on now:
      People whining about "cancel culture" whenever someone gets called out for shitty behavior, even if that shitty behavior is actually something very serious.

      So what I was trying to get at here:
      - Cancel Culture by itself refers to criticizing a perceived over-reaction to people making mistakes, basically disproportionate retribution
      - However, when someone complains about cancel culture, it's worth looking into why that particular person is complaining.

    2. ZEL


      Addendum: "callout" as a term is a little older than the term "cancel", and the words "callout culture" and "cancel culture" can often be used interchangeably.
      The internet really likes adding "[x] culture" to things.

  2. Anyone else watch the Moomins?

    1. Seal


      I did. That purple thing scared the shit out of me.

  3. I don't know if it's just me getting older, but when did the term "vibrating" become slang to say "I enjoy doing a thing?" Specifically "vibrating" and not "vibing."
    Double points goes to the person who explains why on God's green Earth we say "vibrating" in a sentence that has nothing to do with repetitive motion.
    1. Masquerain


      If you use enough mental gymnastics, "I enjoy doing a thing" implies one does this thing multiple times and therefore in some odd roundabout way, that constitutes "repetitive motion" in the "action" sense at least


      That said, I find the use stupid, much like a lot of other modern day slang words

  4. So, I went to an open mic night, last night, with some friends and there was a guy who was so awful, the only thing I could think of was the end of this laugh track:





    Spoiler warning: I was the guy who coughed, during the awkward, dead silence.

  5. Found this and it made my day:



  6. I am probs one of those people who thinks Blade Runner is "just okay," alongside the Matrix. Change my view.

  7. Update:


    Good news: Not cancer. Bad news: I have to get surgery on my mouth and excise it, because it's really freaking huge.

    1. Candy


      oof, but I'm glad it's something with a comparatively easy fix. take care 🙂

    2. Masquerain


      Well that's some poop...glad it's not something serious even if you will need a surgery. Godspeed to you lad, swift recovery!

  8. Happy Birthday 😄 i just saw your post about the dental checkup, i hope nothing bad happened and i also hope you'll have a wonderful day 🤗🎂

    1. Dylanrockin


      Much appreciated, mate!

    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome 😄

  9. Going to be getting a dental checkup to see if this lump that's been in my mouth for the past 2 months is cancerous or not. Actually quite worried. Wish me luck.

    1. Gastronely


      Damn... I hope everyting turns out OK for you...

  10. If the thought ever crossed your mind that Dylan wears clothes similar to my profile picture, the answer to that is: yes. I do wear a sports coat very similar to that and I am always seen wearing a turtleneck, no matter what season.


    These are the kind of things Dylan rambles about, before bedtime.

  11. IMPORTANT UPDATE!! So, for the first, actual, update since 201-something(?), I have for you all, a new character. Her name is Colette Bernatitus. She plays a strong role, in the new, revised story of my game and is one of the past Children's of Aether - essentially what Krista Harper is currently. During the latter half of the game, she is granted permission to visit Earth for 24 hours and during that time she is to bring Krista into full-realization of her powers. After which, Krista is no longer playable and fulfils her duties as a Child of Aether and then spoiler things happen.
  12. It's been awhile, so I've decided to make an important announcement: I now work for the Department of Defense and am now making a healthy salary, which has put me in a much better spot than I was last year. Most of what I make will be put towards bills, savings, etc, while the rest will be put towards my game's annual budget. I will be getting back in touch with my artists and crew, to put something amazing together for all ya'll to see!


    Also, I have a corgi and his name's Pepin:



    1. Xtrack


      Congrats on the job man good to know that life is going well for you. 

  13. Would you rather:


    Give up drinking healthy for the rest of your life, or be wrong in every argument you have?

  14. An RPG suggestion to everyone here: Skies of Arcadia: Legends. It's actually quite good - better than I thought it would be. 8 hours in and I've enjoyed what I've played so far.

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