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    It's probably a fact now at this point that I'm probably the biggest fan of Tales of Symphonia on the Earth, since I now own EVERYTHING Tales of Symphonia related, including all of the overly expensive figurines, blu-ray dvd's, posters, Japanese manga, Japanese novelization, wall-scrolls, and all versions of the game (including Japanese exclusive versions). Yes, I am a nerd, yes, I am a huge fan-boy who has plans to go to a Tales of Festival in Japan, and YES... I want to get my stuff autographed.

    Currently, I am an Animator, Animation Director, Fan-Game Developer, Stage Actor, and Computer Science Major with a Secondary Major in Performing Arts.

    Also... I don't like Pokeplayers. Fact.

    Animation and voice acting directing work, down below:

    Japanese Dub


    English Dub


    Feel free to join my Groups Page! http://symphonic-horizon.deviantart.com/

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  1. I am probs one of those people who thinks Blade Runner is "just okay," alongside the Matrix. Change my view.

  2. Update:


    Good news: Not cancer. Bad news: I have to get surgery on my mouth and excise it, because it's really freaking huge.

    1. Candy


      oof, but I'm glad it's something with a comparatively easy fix. take care 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday 😄 i just saw your post about the dental checkup, i hope nothing bad happened and i also hope you'll have a wonderful day 🤗🎂

    1. Dylanrockin


      Much appreciated, mate!

    2. LykosHand
  4. Going to be getting a dental checkup to see if this lump that's been in my mouth for the past 2 months is cancerous or not. Actually quite worried. Wish me luck.

    1. Gastronely


      Damn... I hope everyting turns out OK for you...

  5. If the thought ever crossed your mind that Dylan wears clothes similar to my profile picture, the answer to that is: yes. I do wear a sports coat very similar to that and I am always seen wearing a turtleneck, no matter what season.


    These are the kind of things Dylan rambles about, before bedtime.

  6. IMPORTANT UPDATE!! So, for the first, actual, update since 201-something(?), I have for you all, a new character. Her name is Colette Bernatitus. She plays a strong role, in the new, revised story of my game and is one of the past Children's of Aether - essentially what Krista Harper is currently. During the latter half of the game, she is granted permission to visit Earth for 24 hours and during that time she is to bring Krista into full-realization of her powers. After which, Krista is no longer playable and fulfils her duties as a Child of Aether and then spoiler things happen. As you do. Not featured in this art is her halo, because I forgot. Oops. She's dead, no big deal. So, I'm sure you're wondering: why don't you talk more about your redone story? Well, basically, because it would take forever in a year to discuss all the changes. First off: the code. It was awful and I re-wrote ALL the scripting in the game to make it smoother and easier to use. Not only that, but I got rid of all the crappy tropes and cliches that plagued this game and made it more original and it now oozes its own style in writing. Same goes for how conversations would go on for an eternity and never end. Literally, some cutscenes would go on for 30 minutes, 30 MINUTES! Everything was changed and for the better and the same goes for both Vice and Marissa's designs. When I was 14 and made those characters, by the way Vice and Marissa are 10-YEARS OLD NOW (jesus, I made those characters 10-years ago... I am really getting old...), I hate their designs and want to do away with them. So I did. Vice and Marissa look very much the same with regards to their face, figure, height and chronological ages of 18 and 16 respectively. Their clothes and attire were the things I wanted to change the most, because they are so bland and default that I just cannot stand their simple designs. That new artwork will be revealed in a month or two-ish. I'm adult now and have to adult things; I can't always spend money on my game whenever I feel like it anymore, sue me. As for everyone else, I love their initial designs and I want to announce the next Draw my Characters contest. Speaking of: The next Draw my Characters contest will be hosted at the end of October for Halloween and there will be 5 places for prizes. There will be prize money involved and I implore any and all artists to take a stab at it, since the amount of money I'm giving away for the contest is ludicrous. I work for the Department of Defense, so I can afford to have some fun, LET ME HAVE THIS DAMNIT! However, the contest will not begin judging until a minimum of 10 people have put themselves into the contest. As a personal update: I've become a botanist in me free time and go to church now. I realized that my personality a couple years ago did not lend itself very much to someone you would call... likeable? So, I dedicated these past couple years to bettering myself, as a person, while also making myself more well-rounded skill-wise. Currently, I also play the Piano and spent two-years studying music. These two hobbies of mine have made me into a much more peaceful person and has made me completely different than how I used to be, mostly because I've taken a more humble approach to myself in the way of learning new skills that I never understood or cared to learn about. It's also allowed me to use these hobbies as a destresser and for the better really. I'm also working on my Master's in Cyber Security and have become a Certified Ethical Hacker working for the Department of Defense. Big life changes for me and I'm no longer going to make any excuses for my absence from game development. I dream quite often about my game and all the people that I've let down. I feel that it's time to get back to work. Also, follow me on Twitter. Or don't - I'm not your dad.
  7. It's been awhile, so I've decided to make an important announcement: I now work for the Department of Defense and am now making a healthy salary, which has put me in a much better spot than I was last year. Most of what I make will be put towards bills, savings, etc, while the rest will be put towards my game's annual budget. I will be getting back in touch with my artists and crew, to put something amazing together for all ya'll to see!


    Also, I have a corgi and his name's Pepin:



    1. Xtrack


      Congrats on the job man good to know that life is going well for you. 

  8. Would you rather:


    Give up drinking healthy for the rest of your life, or be wrong in every argument you have?

  9. An RPG suggestion to everyone here: Skies of Arcadia: Legends. It's actually quite good - better than I thought it would be. 8 hours in and I've enjoyed what I've played so far.

  10. As is tradition, I make a pilgrimage to watch this every year:



  11. I've been working on this game in isolation, since I've been worrying about graduating college. I've graduated now, but I don't have all the time in the world to finish this game, since I also have a full-time career now. The manga has been published, but the game has not. So, if you want to read the manga, then just message me, otherwise it's gonna be a long time before this game sees the light of day.
  12. First thing I did post-graduation: watch The X-Files and be reminded of why this show disturbed me and gave me nightmares.

  13. On this day, I have successfully graduated from Midland University with a degree in Computer Science and Arts Management. Despite the extra year to complete my degree, I am now graduated and will be moving on with my career in information technology. As of now, I am currently employed full-time and working on my Master's in Cyber Security and Information Assurance. It's been a long time coming, but there's a lot more for me to look forward to, with my path towards my Master's degree and my current career.


    What does this mean for my video game? Well, nothing actually, because I will be continuing my work on my game in secrecy, due to the nature of my work. I will also be rewriting the entire game, since on a recent playthrough of my game, I was largely displeased with my old writing and decided to forego the old story and improve upon it, in many ways to avoid, what I consider, poor directing decisions, tropey-cliche-bullshit and way too much talking without gameplay for upwards to half an hour.

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    2. Mindlack


      Congratulations indeed! 

    3. Dylanrockin


      Oh this freedom won't last very long, haha - especially since I start my Master's in July.

    4. Masquerain


      Congrats lad, very proud of everything you've accomplished despite all that you've been put through. I know you'll continue going even further forward, I believe in your strength and perseverance. Keep going strong!

  14. Does anyone else think that gothic cathedrals are freaking awesome to look at?

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