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  1. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  2. When leaving the Grand City Penthouse (for the first time) Huey came up and was going to talk to me, but froze a few steps before me, and I quicksaved (thinking that when a soft reset would resolve it) buttttt now I'm frozen at that frame. Any help please? Game.rxdata
  3. Hey I was hoping to do a Sneasel-starter run; A lvl 5 Male Sneasel with Ice Punch, along with decent Attack/Speed IVs (while holding a Razor Claw), and a lvl 1 Bidoof named Peanut Butter with literally the IVs (while holding a King's Rock) would be absolutely wonderful and appreciated. Thanks! GameSneasel.rxdata
  4. Has anybody done a mono-ditto run? I'd kind of like to try (although since it'd be so hard, having 6 imposter/full-IV'd dittos, half with quick powder and half with metal powder, would be preferable) I want to see how far I can go without whiting out Game.rxdata
  5. Hey guys, I was hoping to do a runthrough of Reborn with a team of Pokemon that I've never really used in the main games or in a fan game (even though I've always been really interested in using them): Sneasel (M)—shiny; jolly; IVs with high attack and speed, average for the rest; assault vest; drain punch, ice punch, knock off, poison jab Lileep—shiny; sassy; IVs with high Sp. Attack and High Sp. Def, average for the rest; leftovers Scyther (M)—shiny; adamant; IVs with high attack and speed, average for the rest; metal coat; technician; bug bite, vacuum wave, iron head Remoraid—shiny; calm; IVs with high Sp. Attack and high Sp. Def, average for the rest; king rock Honedge—shiny; adamant; high attack IV, average for the rest Minccino (F)—shiny; high attack IV, average for the rest; razor claw; attract I've always thought that Sneasel/Weavile was REALLY cool, and thought that using it as my "starter" would be fun, so if it could replace my starter that would be splendid. And if they could all be Level 5 that would also be splendid. I can see why this might be asking too much, but if it wouldn't be too much then I'd really appreciate the help you could give me--thanks! Game.rxdata
  6. I've got to say, the music choices for this game are phenomenal. Are the Soundcloud references available/named? If not, could they be (specifically asking for the gym leader, shiv, hardy, crescent grunt, and ace grunt)?
  7. Hey guys, second semester of college is just about to start up for me, and I was thinking about maybe playing a nostalgia runthrough of Reborn--I have been looking back over my life and childhood pleasures for a fair bit now, and I figured that this would be really enjoyable to do. I'll list the Pokemon below that aren't unreasonable yet still bring back so many memories of playing with my Pokemon team as a kid. --My all time favorite pokemon is Blaziken, and I already picked Torchic (so no need to worry about it) --My second favorite is Flygon--I thought it was one of the coolest Pokemon (and still do), so I'd love to have a Trapinch. If possible, a low level (10ish), or if it would be too OP for Julia, then just make it like lvl 20 or something (about the same level it would be in the desert region of Sapphire's Hoenn) so its above the level cap for Julia's gym. It can just have like Bite, Sand Tomb, Sand Attack, and Dig (what all those Trapinch's have as far as I can tell). Also, my prized Flygon was a girl. --My third favorite was definitely Alakazam--playing through FireRed with my Kadabra until beating the Champion, and then finally finding somebody with a link cable made me so stoked, plus Alakazam's power (and mustache). In short, an Abra would be wonderful. I could see how this could be unfair, so if you think so then I'll just go ahead and wait for Abra from 7th Street. If you have pity on a soul like me, then you could just make him (my Alakazam was a dude) like level 7, so I get to relive the grinding I had to do in order to make it evolve and become self-sufficient. --My fourth favorite was Gengar--I always thought Gengar was a stud, and still do. Thus, a Ghastly would be spectacular. I'd love for Ghastly (I can't remember my Gengar's gender) to just be the same level as if it was caught from Pokemon Tower and to have similar moves (I only remember it having Night Shade and possibly Lick, maybe it also had Spite? I dunno). --Finally, Staraptor and Empoleon tied for my fifth favorite Pokemon (excluding Electivire and legendaries of course, but I wouldn't dare ask for those)--Empoleon was my first starter on my DS, and Staraptor... well... had a sick cry, is modeled after a bird called "starling" (which is also a family name that I happen to have irl), is a beast, helped me out loads in my first playthrough of Pearl, and has a super duper AMAZING cry (twice for emphasis). I'm not going to ask for a Piplup, since I have a starter already, but if you want to put something from the Piplup evolution line into my PC (you would be doing it of your own accord, so do whatever you want with it), I would speak highly of you on my deathbed. That being said.... I would really really really like a Starly. Low level, standard moves from whatever route it can first be found in (Tackle and Growl probably), and male are preferable. Also Keen Eye is the preferable ability (my Staraptor had Intimidate). I know I've only given five rankings worth (even though there are six Pokemon listed), but I want to keep my core to be concentrated-nostalgia. I don't want any fancy egg moves or anything, because I didn't use those as a kid, and would love for them to just have basic move pools so it feels more natural. I don't want any of them to have hidden abilities (except for Torchic's current Speed Boost--its fantastic) for the reasons I just listed. This is a super long request so I apologize, but if you could at least get me a female Trapinch.... You would make the little kid in me very very very happy. Nostalgia.rxdata
  8. Hey guys, my name is Starling irl (it's a family name) and I just now realized that I have never done a Flying monotype run of any game--even Reborn. Given that info, I came here hoping someone could edit some Pokemon in for me--since I'm doing a monotype run, I was hoping to not actually use any Pokemon that aren't flying until they evolve into a flying type (like Charmander) and since the Starly line is based off of actual starlings, I figured it would be cool to use that as my "starter"; if you have the heart to make it a shiny then feel free. Also, I was thinking that have a Gyarados would be cool, as well as a Dragonite, so if you could edit in a level 5 Magikarp and a level 5 Dratini that would be swell. After that, since the first gym is electric, if you could edit in a low level Gligar that would be SPLENDID. Finally, since I don't want things to feel artificial, because I want to use a Togekiss if you could make the Mystery Egg hatch into a Togepi (instead of a mere percentile) I would be in your debt. Hope you guys are putting up with the wait for Episode 16 better than I am Game.rxdata
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