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  1. HUEnd

    HP Fire Snivy

    Yep, they're all 30s and 31s (except Atk which you won't use). And about the Diglett, I'd like the female one, please! My IGN is also HUEnd. I'll be on the waiting screen in a minute.
  2. HUEnd

    HP Fire Snivy

    Hey there @P.Kiko! I already have a bunch of HP Fire Snivies (only found the random nature ones, but I might end up finding a Timid one) lying around, so if you still need one and want to save @Node15's time, just let me know and we can trade (hint: I'd appreciate one of your Jolly digletts)!
  3. As far as I can remember, Fissure Machamp was only a thing in Gen 1 mechanics, so it's not really an egg move and, therefore, cannot be obtained in Reborn as there was never an episode with said mechanics.
  4. Thanks a ton for the new version Cass and team! I'm just showin' up to say that the Mega download link seems to be missing the decryption key part, so we can't download dem new version from there. I'll be editing this whenever I come across with any errors while playing it!
  5. Well, I've been running a rainbow team on Rejuv (regular difficulty) so...yeah, Ryland was such a pushover that I only atually realized he was a gym leader when I was wondering how I could spend this Pyramid Point thing I got after defeating him. Hey, it was, like, 5 am and I was almost falling asleep, so don't judge me
  6. I actually expected the Mega-Z Ring to be given by Amber, as she's been trying to hand the MC something for 2 (maybe more, as something may have changed or I just forgot since I played the earlier chapters) and I have no clue of what's in the damn box and it just pains me to see that the MC just seems like "Okay whatever, another completely normal Key Item to keep in my capacious backpack." At this point, I wouldn't be surprised to see the admins confronting her methods, as the vast majority of them are just doing whatever they feel like. Well yeah, those are kinda obvious, but I can't find any other conections with the remaining Kingdoms...So, there are seven of them, ruled by (with their respective "deity"/guardian, as explained in the ending of the Kingdom of Goomidra questline): Griselda (Giratina); Tiempa (Dialga); Spacea (Palkia); Kasumi (Reshiram...? Can't remember right now); Nymiera? (Zekrom? If I recall, she's the one that states "I had this power and now I don't have it anymore" or something across this line); Isiah (Arceus, I guess?); Unknown? Maybe the 'inner workings' lady that I can't remember her name or Anju? Or could this one be Lord Xanadin himself? Also, could someone refresh my memory regarding of what happened with Melanie/Melia in the alternate timeline? Did they just happened to touch at some point and they 'fused' together? Becaue if that's a thing, I recall Madame X stating at some point that she didn't want Melia to touch her, possibly meaning that she's probably Melia of another timeline...I dunno. I'm just bad at keeping track of what happens in this game. I should play it again and write down every single question that's still unanswered.
  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  8. hi I'm alive Just showin' up to nominate bibs for all three
  9. RamK

    Hey I was told to ask you for a steelixtie. I picked the wrong donation and am willing to trade anything if I have it. I just got a shiny steelix and thought it would look amazing,

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. RamK


      Can You do Tomorrow?


    3. RamK


      Ill Trade you A Shiny Lairon holding the Medichamite for Anything holding the Steelixite. My username is zrkrishn. Let me know when i can get on

    4. RamK


      NVM boss I got one

      Sorry For bothering you

  10. Typo in Flower Garden's field effect note: Synthetic > Synethetic
  11. Happy Birthday hope it is/was a good one

  12. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. seki108


      It's not that day in my timezone yet, but Happy Birthday for when it gets there.

    2. Zarc


      Happy birthday ! 

    3. Dreamblitz


      Happy birthday HUEnd!

  13. Forum name: HUEnd Showdown alt(s): HUEnd I'm such a creative fella Discord: HUEnd#3184 Availability: 3 pm ~ 3 am on weekends (with a few exceptions) Favourite type(s): Grass, Electric and Dark Least favourite type(s): Water? I blame mark for this
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