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  1. "i don't even remember what the characters are named at this point, sry for wasting your time have a nice day" Whoever did this, you're a legend and don't worry because you're not alone.
  2. I don't know if you got it, but I stumbled upon your post several days ago and couldn't try it out earlier, but yeah, you can find Thick Clubs on wild Cubones at Vejyr. Sorry for taking so long to try it out! >.<
  3. So I just finished E5 and I got a couple of ones to point out: Articuno Drilbur: Pinsir:
  4. Happy Belated birthday, hope it went well

  5. Happy Birthday HUEnd 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  6. You might also want to chain breed all 31's you want first on a single pokemon using the strat Edo mentioned (Power items and Destiny Knot), so it's easier for you to breed other pokemons in the future without relying on the 1/32 chance of getting the desired 31 random stat. Just catch a bunch of pokemons that belong to the dragon (our other groups if you feel like it) group and start the chain. Once you get your first 5~6 x 31 IVs males, things will get a lot easier.
  7. HUEnd

    HP Fire Snivy

    Yep, they're all 30s and 31s (except Atk which you won't use). And about the Diglett, I'd like the female one, please! My IGN is also HUEnd. I'll be on the waiting screen in a minute.
  8. HUEnd

    HP Fire Snivy

    Hey there @P.Kiko! I already have a bunch of HP Fire Snivies (only found the random nature ones, but I might end up finding a Timid one) lying around, so if you still need one and want to save @Node15's time, just let me know and we can trade (hint: I'd appreciate one of your Jolly digletts)!
  9. As far as I can remember, Fissure Machamp was only a thing in Gen 1 mechanics, so it's not really an egg move and, therefore, cannot be obtained in Reborn as there was never an episode with said mechanics.
  10. Thanks a ton for the new version Cass and team! I'm just showin' up to say that the Mega download link seems to be missing the decryption key part, so we can't download dem new version from there. I'll be editing this whenever I come across with any errors while playing it!
  11. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  12. hi I'm alive Just showin' up to nominate bibs for all three
  13. RamK

    Hey I was told to ask you for a steelixtie. I picked the wrong donation and am willing to trade anything if I have it. I just got a shiny steelix and thought it would look amazing,

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    2. RamK


      Can You do Tomorrow?


    3. RamK


      Ill Trade you A Shiny Lairon holding the Medichamite for Anything holding the Steelixite. My username is zrkrishn. Let me know when i can get on

    4. RamK


      NVM boss I got one

      Sorry For bothering you

  14. Typo in Flower Garden's field effect note: Synthetic > Synethetic
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