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  1. I have been losing motivation, maybe when next chapter come out i will feel the urge to draw again. I draw lin, tania and amaria cuz they have lot of protagonism on the last chapter and ciel cuz i related a bit to her when on the last chapter: This time im posting something a bit different, is a Symphonic Horizon fanart, i started it for a art contest @Dylanrockin made, but i noticed i was breacking a rule so i didnt finish it and change to other character, i found the files and feel the urge to finish it the rule i broke was the clothes thing, i invented myself clothes for one character cuz she has a outfit that is like a uniform for her elite fourth position and i wanted to draw her before she become a elite fourth, i could have asked for details but i didnt wanted spoilers (;u;) im thinking on opening commisions but im not sure if someone would be interesed on commision my art for real money? i also do pixel art ;u; made the Pokemon Desolation two female characters vs and throwing pokeball animation all from scratch no repaint/edit over maybe start a topic tomorrow for this xD
  2. i usually stay for the characters more than the story, i cant stand bad characters but i dont think that all the stories have been already told, and if the story is also good it add A LOT maybe you lack on a reason that inspire your story? like dystopia (old dystopia books not the mainstream actuals) born from a real fear that the society will become like that (sorry if no make sence but is hard to explain on english ;u;) but if you want to be comercial, the plain characters sell more xD everything depend on your target
  3. Well if you want to improve you need to practice everyday! draw human (or animal or object etc) pose, study some anatomy, there are art fundaments, you should research them and study them, shape, anatomy, compositon, color, you can look for them on the net or youtube, whatever your learning process prefer reference.sketchdaily.net you can put poses her for 30sec/1min and try to draw them for 1hr+- everyday you can also draw ppl on the streets or look for pics yourself, my advice, dont try to do details, try to understand the shapes that compose the body Also sorry for my bad english... _(._.)_
  4. Sorry for the late reply didn't see your comment yes i mean that also be carefull with the contrast on the colors you use, for example the umbreon the shadow was too dark, if is hard to choose the colors for the shadows vs light (cuz it depend on the sprite too) then just copy them from other pokemon or even from a trainer sprite ^^
  5. Thanks! I use clip studio, and a wacom inotus pro clip studio has some brushes that i found similar to oil painting ^^ (also is a loooot more cheap than photoshop and in my opinion much better or at least i found it more comfortable) Thanks i posted a sketch of amaria on the 9th post on this tread here is it again:
  6. They are all awesome and beautifull! just roll through all the tread looking for more ^^
  7. Yes, already edited my post xd i posted it and then read your post
  8. Amaria sketch, probably will take long to finish cuz i want to finish Ciel and M-CloudAltaria first, and is not going well ;u; but a sketch don't hurt Solaris hu?, paint a old rough men (? not really sure how to say it in english xd) would be interenting but can't think on an interesting pose/ambient to him And there is an interesting event related to taka on certain castle... Thanks ^^ Draw kids, my nemesis xd i will try but don't know how it will turn out cuz im really bad on drawing kids .u.; Thanks! those are a lot, lets wait and see how far my motivation goes on this xd ---------------------------- btw, surprising no one has suggested Lin, i was expecting that suggestion to be there fast nevermind xd Also if you know their aces are shiny please let me know ^^
  9. Hello, as the title say, i made a fanart of titania, i want to make more fanarts from reborn characters on the same style for practice, feel free to suggest wich one you want to see next ^^ (im actually painting ciel) Also if someone can tell me the team of each character or atleast their main pokemon cuz i want to draw them with at least one mon, but since their teams may have changed im not sure what their team is so i will really apreciate it here is Titania Amaria: Ciel: Lin: Symphonic Horizon fanart
  10. Your sprites look pretty nice too ^^ i really loved the two mimikyus, relly cute just a little advise, be careful when you use unsaturated color b/w and greys, try to avoid them, add a little of saturation, cuz in real life is hard to find unsaturated things, the ambient colors influence everything, you still can use unsaturated colors but be careful when use them :3 this guy look black and colorless but none of the colors on the pallete is complety unsaturated (only the black lines xD) hope it make sence, sorry is kind of hard to explain on english ;u; what do you mean by a club? also sorry for the late reply _(._.)_ that mega-gengar is looking good so far, love the colors the others are nice too i can see you like cyan/blue+black, i love that combination too for the staraptor what is the thing you dont like of it? and same advise i give to Dan, be carefull with unsaturated color ^^ Also sorry for the late reply too _(._.)_
  11. Sometimes i made some new shinies for my playtrhougts or just for fun, i have collect most of them in case someone want to use them for their playtrhougts or maybe for their own games or whatever Only color change (feel free to use/edit them, no need to credit me or anything) With minor edits (feel free to use/edit them, no need to credit me or anything) And a nb character (Feel free to edit it. ONLY use it for playtrhougts)
  12. the only solution i can give you is to try to see if you have a backup file that isn't too far from your actual point or post here your actual save file and maybe @Njab can fix it http://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/save/ here is how to post your save file btw thanks Njab for fix the save files ^^
  13. you can still search the files from the old chapter folder and remplace them on the actual chapter folder if you really want to keep playing with him the files you need are on the graphic - transitions and characters folders
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