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  1. Made this the other day so just thought I'd post it so others would get to know me more


  2. Oh my god I feel so stupid considering I felt like it should be there but Clara was in the way Thank You!
  3. Same and it's really bugging on top of everything looking different so it like a fresh start
  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

    1. Layback80


      Thank you! Sorry I'm a little bit late haven't really been on any type of internet because I had been moving but again thank you!

  5. IT IS TIMEIts here!!! Who's ready?PR.jpg.bf4a057d62c80d9081dd3bf07e766a75.jpg

  6. Reborn is one of the few Pokémon games were sadly some major fights I had to actually pp stall the main 1 I can think of right now is my fight with Luna,her Umbreon is like a hax GOD with its GODLEY DEFENSE.I knew after awhile I wasn't penetrating on top of it double teaming a lot so I had to let it struggle itself to death Hahaha smh I feel embarrassed 

    1. FairFamily


      Nothing bad about some healthy pp stall. 

    2. Nyaagisa The Maid

      Nyaagisa The Maid

      Nothing bad about toxic stall too

  7. This seems really good I think ill keep my eye on this one
  8. Who else is kind of hyped for Phoenix Rising episode 1 releasing on May the 25th?😃


  9. Do you archive topics or can we do it on our own and if so, How?
  10. I was gunna ask how to do the shuppet puzzle to get to route 4 (Rejuvenation)because when I played on my old computer that wasn't a thing but I accidently did it so yay me :)

    (took me like 20 mins tho haha)


  11. My computer died a couple months ago and i just saved enough money to buy a new one and getting it today (typing this on phone)just got on in the first time in forever and am super stoked because i saw these updates so know i have something to look forward to when I start over😁🙌


  12. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Layback80


      Thank you all For the birthday wishes

    3. LykosHand


      You're welcome ;)

    4. Paul25


      It's my pleasure :) 

  13. Can someone help me with this puzzle I've been trying to do it since last night,I was suprised that I even did the groudon 1.......(Pokemon Full Moon)image.png.7580aa3c7ab81ff0a71edb524f62813d.pngGame.rxdata

    1. FairFamily


      Here is a link that might help.

    2. Layback80


      Thank You! Fr was having trouble

  14. @DylanrockinI only just made a profile but I've been watching out for this game a couple years now(mainly on youtube)And I gotta tell you this awesome work you've been doing and I'm waiting patiently for the full game because this sounds to good.
  15. I can barely keep from being excited!!!!!(Been offline a couple months and I come back(Just officially joined)and get a release date)

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