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  1. sludge bomb is availble and liqudation is avilable too and i think nidoking is best special attacker.
  2. not bad at all good work must plan for that.
  3. funny thing that what I did in my game.
  4. that a good question how they are going to do fossils?
  5. lets not makes this a topic or else jan will have ours heads and close this fourm that one way to obtain a mega ring from amber or what i think we get it from alexandra but that just me please no spam and if im the cause sorry.
  6. there is bit of a problem with insurgence when i use debug for the levels i suddenly got an error and i download the lastest one
  7. rip oh well on the other hand that a smart move so i guess it better this way.
  8. you need luck on that fish game that the only thing how you get stones
  9. the suffering will never end I would say nothing can get worst but I can be proven wrong a lot of times
  10. im having a lot of fun enjoying this also same thing happen to me with filthy after beating LC i was going to get the reward but game suddenly freeze.
  11. you just have to be on it and press z
  12. um do you see something purple press on it and will teleport you
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