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Found 14 results

  1. This poll is simply an experiment that is pretty much relative to everyone. I'm sure that we've defeated a Shiny Groudon or Kyurem with a non-legendary or mythical. Just the other day, I defeated a Shiny Kyurem, a Shiny Kyogre, and a Shiny Xerneas with only my Meloetta. If anyone can relate, feel free to respond!
  2. Hey guys! Anyone have a spare Blue Moon Ice Cream that I can have? Didn't know Ii had to get it before going to Agate Circus. I'm curious on how the friendship will change with Titania.
  3. Welcome to my first run-through of Pokemon Full Moon! Let me first thank you for checking out this page. This run will be completely blind, and as such, I have no idea what to expect. I hope you enjoy some of my first impressions of this game! Chapter 1: The Abhorrent Absolution Before we even get to the beginning of the game, I am already blown away by the title screen! Look at this detail! There is so much art packed into this one image, and it really has me excited to see what the rest of this game has in store for us! At the introduction, the professor explains to us that we are a girl named Luna. She ran away from her family and friends due to her constant bullying. As such, we only have one friend with us: our trusty Arcanine. Again, this game goes above and beyond with the art! It is so neat to see this method of presentation. Since this is considered our best friend of the game, I thought there would be only one name fitting for him: As we were heading out of our cave home, we ran into a commander of a "Team Lightning" known as Redi. Redi challenged us to a battle, claiming we were withholding information from him. After defeating the leader, we met another new character. Chan tells us that he used to be a good friend of Luna's, but he eventually started to bully her. As such, this devastated Luna's psyche, making her feel completely alone. If that wasn't enough, however, Chan then said this: I am already getting a bad vibe from Chan at this point. To bully someone completely only to say "Sorry, by the way, I guess I love you, lol," is completely out of the blue. There was no character development, and Chan only comes off as a creeper in this scenario. Luna sees it, as well. As soon as she hears it, she tries to run as far away from him as possible. After all, after constant bullying from her "lover", there's no way she would just open up to him. Wouldn't it be ridiculous if- WHAT?! Before I rant, I should also mention that I indeed caught another team member. Meet the second member of the team: Either way, I cannot stressed how forced this romance currently feels. We as the player only know the guy for less than five minutes, and they are already star crossed lovers?! And this is even after all of the bullying! She doesn't get angry at Chan at all! She decided "Sure, I'll just go to your parent's house. I'm not sure if I trust you after all of those years of bullying yet, but sure, I guess I love you, lol." It's completely ridiculous and rushed. More time was needed to develop this relationship. Either way, Chan eventually brought us to his parents house. So far, if there is anything I can praise, it's the environments. So far, they look colorful, interesting, and... and... Grammatical errors aside, we got yet another new team member! As we walked into Chan's house, he told us something disturbing; his parents died. Of course, Luna offered her condolences. Chan allowed us to then explore his house, where we found something disturbing. We learn a bit more about Chan here, including the fact that his sister is the Champion, as well as the fact that his brother may have committed suicide. Chan found us reading the diary, asking why we were reading it. However, Luna lied to him, not wanting to hurt his feelings. We then heard a knock on the doorbell. As we went to look, we found more bullies from the school. As you may guess, rather than develop their characters, both of the old bullies tell Luna "You're dating Chan? Guess you're off limits now, lol." Honestly, my earlier rant applies here. They then discuss the fact that Team Lightning has invaded. Without question, Luna went off to confront the problem... ...but not before getting drunk! I really want to see if this has in game consequences. So far, I'm getting a lot of pre V9 Rejuvenation vibes from this game. In other words, it seems to have a stunning world, but not much character development. The dialogue also seems to need some work so far. However, I would still love to see what happens next. As such, next time, we will be confronting Team Lightning! Current Team
  4. I have an OC who is essentially an android from another planet (well, android isn't the right word has she wasn't created by mankind but she looks pretty human) who is trying to hunt down the entity that made the entire species of her creators go extinct while she was in cryo sleep (she doesn't know who or what did it, it's a wild goose chase through the stars). Anyway, aesthetically she's very much inspired by the waning moon phases, her weapon of choice is a sickle that resembles a crescent moon. I have two name ideas for her, but can't really decide on which. Crescent or Skara I was thinking about naming her either Artemis or Diana but due to my affection for the DC characters of the same name I'm refraining from doing that. So what do you guys think? Skara or Crescent?
  5. uhhhh I hope this was ok to post here. I need to get on here more often lakksfghs but um does anyone out there have powersaves and are willing to help me? I draw ill pay in art or if anyone plays pokefarm q some stuff from there or I don't play flight rising much anymore ill offer stuf there o3o or if your nice and willing to do it for free lkFJH the things I need help with changing a few pokemons nicknames ljkgj a shiny xurkitree named Xerxes a marshadow named Mason (I KNOW THIS AND THE ONE ABOVE AND BELOW IS ASKING ALOT IM SORRY) a shiny mew named Blueberry aklfhkhf im sorry if im breaking any rules by this aaaaa im just a desperate lil crapper I actualy need the 3 pokemon for the purpose of some charecters its kinda weird kjgslhg I like owning the pokemon I based my Gijinka ocs off of
  6. Chris's Sun and Moon - Reborn Trading shop Greetings my friends. My name is Chris and I am offering a rather unique trading service: I offer Pokémon, as well as items, in the generation 7 games Sun and Moon in return for Pokémon or items in Pokemon Reborn! Now, you may wonder what can you request, and I assure you that the answer will please you: ANYTHING! (Yes, from all Generations) (as long as it's obtainable legally of course) Are you sad that you missed out on certain event Pokemon? Or that you can't access certain transfer move combinations? Those days are past now! :3 Now, what am I looking for, specifically? When it comes to Reborn, I'm a sucker for some of the "dark" themed custom shinies in the game. (Example: Absol and Gardevoir) And I'm also interested in valuable items, such as battle items (example: Life Orb) or utility items (such as heart scales and shards). Of course, Pokemon with high IVs are always welcome as well.^^ Now, I'm aware that a lot of Pokemon and items are significantly more time consuming to obtain in the realm of Reborn then in Sun and Moon, so the trade ratio can be scaled accordingly. Try not to be senselessly greedy tho. <3 Just post your requests alongside your offers and we'll certainly have some pleasing exchanges. :3 I look forward to work with all of you! Take care! <3 - Chris (Freind Code: 1736-1565-1110) (Disclaimer: Some of the Event/Legendary pokemon will be cloned.)
  7. So I'm not sure if this is the right place to put it, I'm not sure if anyone's even interested and I'm not sure what to do with my life (but that is irrelevant) I haven't seen anything like this on the forums, and I'm kinda new to giveaways so uh. Apologies if I do anything wrong~ And mods, feel free to delet this post if I'm breaking any kind of rule. Anyway, I'm giving away a boxful (that's 30) of breedject Mimikyu for Pokemon Sun and Moon! Hooray! MIMIKYU DETAILS All of them have at least 4 perfect IVs, but about ~70% of them have 5 perfect IVs. The IVs may not be distributed optimally (they're breedjects for a reason) All of them are Jolly in nature They all come in Luxury Balls, so you can love and care for it easier. OT is Despair. in case that's actually relevant information All of them are legit. No hacks, no clones. HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Step 1. Read all of this carefully. >:T Step 2. I'm giving away the Mimikyus via GTS. You can access that through the Festival Plaza, unlocked ~40 minutes into the game. Step 3. Comment what Pokemon you deposited into the GTS, it's level, gender and your ingame name using this format: Step 4. Request a Mimikyu. If it isn't in your Pokedex yet, scroll all the way to the bottom and tap "What Pokemon?" and type Mimikyu. Step 5. Set the Level of the Mimikyu requested to "Lv 1-10". This is to prevent sniping. Step 6. If you want a specific gender Mimikyu, you may request it in your post but do not set the gender in the GTS. I may have ran out of a certain gender and you'll likely be skipped. Step 7. If you get sniped and I haven't seen your post yet, you may deposit a new Pokemon into the GTS and update your post. If I have seen your post and skipped you, feel free to make a new one. Step 8. One Mimikyu per person. Don't be greedy. Step 9. Love and care for your Mimikyu. for it is the superior Pikachu DEPOSITING INTO THE GTS What to deposit: Wingull, Magnemite, Slowpoke, Grimer and Cutiefly can all easily be found early in the game. Depositing these will ensure the least chances of getting sniped too. What not to deposit: Lv 1 Pokemon, any of the starters, legendaries/shinies, Dittos and Abras are all pretty popular and have a high chance of getting sniped. Do not deposit Yungoos, Ratatta, Caterpie or Pikipek, the GTS is flooded with these and it'll make it harder for me to find your request. Just shoot me a PM if you want a Mimikyu to prevent flooding this thread! And that's all. If this catches on I may do more giveaways in the future. What with Reborn's online functionality, I might do a giveaway there too. Maybe. I'm mostly targeting this giveaway to people who just got their copy of Sun and Moon or just started competitive breeding to get a head start. But everyone's welcome! c: Oh, and just to prove that you've read everything, tell me what your favourite Ghost-type is in the requests too. Mimikyus Left: 27 UPDATE: Have to sleep, I'll trade when I wake up about 12 hours from now, so feel free to request!
  8. So, I was playing Pokemon Moon, and after reaching the Aether Foundation for the first time, some of Wicke's dialouge struck me. In something of a throwaway line, she mentioned that Pokeballs don't work in the Aether Paradise because of a jamming signal emitted within the facility, preventing trainers from catching Pokemon within the Paradise. The first thing that came to my mind? "Holy shit! Pokemon Rejuvenation's mechanics on how Pokeballs work are canon now!" That then opened the floodgate for other realizations. Aside from the obvious one (Alolan Variants being inspired by Insurgence's Delta Pokemon), I noticed other parallels to fangames I've played. For example, Mega Evolution being incredibly painful and destructive to the Pokemon involved reminded me of the PULSE Pokemon from Reborn, and Lusamine attempting to murder you with her Nihilego after fusing with it brought forth memories of Solaris using his Garchomp as a personal assassination tool. Have you guys noticed any other similarities? Let me know if you did!
  9. Sorry if another topic like this exists, if so, you can delete this thread with no questions asked. Seeing as its less than 2 weeks for the games to be fully released worldwide, I felt the urge to post this. Of all of the officially released Pokemon of the Alola Region, which are your favourites? Mine are: Litten, Torracat, Incineroar, Yungoos, Gumshoos, Rockruff, Lycanroc (both forms are awesome, but the Midday Form is cutest to me.), Cutiefly, Ribombee, Pyukumuku, Mimikyu, Togedemaru, Jangmo-o, Hakamo-o, Kommo-o, Cosmog, and Solgaleo.
  10. Hey, it’s me again, after a not so little while… I posted this topic in Reborn City as I feel it could be usefull to this game, but really it's also about any other Pokémon Fan game. If it's the wrong section then I apologize, and will move it as soon as I'm asked to, As you guys know I’m not usually one to participate much to this community, because that’s just who I am I guess, someone who just stays back and observes. That is until I find – or think of – something I feel is worth sharing. And for those of you who remember me still, even though I rarely make any appearances, you should know by now, I like to make clear, constructed, and looooong arguments to share my thoughts. So if you don’t want to read all of it, I suggest you go right where the big red arrow is "==>" where the most important part of my speech begins. For the bravest of you, I thank you for you reading, and hope I make it worth your while! First of all, I should say, I’ve always been a great fan of the Pokémon universe, and its games (duh…), but I never really found complete satisfaction in the official games. I mean don’t get me wrong, they were always great, just missing that little something that keeps me hanging, thinking “what the fuck just happened? Where am I going? How am I going to win this shit?” Usually, it was always just interesting, but the stories unfolded quite easily, and mainly always the same way. Then I discovered fan games – Romhacks and RPGMaker games – and it was a bit better, but most of the time it was still just alright. Many reasons for this, the first one being that I probably have some sort of OCD, and I don’t like romhacks that don’t have complete national dex (i.e modified pokédex to replace some Pokémon with ones from newer generations), and also because I just couldn’t take Fakemons (usually due to lack of good design). Also I kept being disappointed with aborted fan games. And then Reborn happened. A game that was said to be mature, with a much darker theme, and that obviously was greatly cherished by its creator (s?). That’s when I really began to search for every fan game that looked interesting to me. I even found one that reconciled me with Fakemons, Pokémon Sage. It actually helped me understand that I didn’t like Fakemon when they were mingled with actual Pokémon, because they didn’t feel like they fitted. But when they were apart (AND well designed), I could actually fall in love with some of them (looking at you Avalynx). Since gen VI and mega-evolutions, I felt the same way with fake mega-evolutions. As in “meh.. sure” but not a great fan. ==>However recently, with Pokémon Sun and Moon on the way, and all the new things that are coming, there is one that has caught my attention a great deal and that had an idea grow in my mind: Alolan forms for already existing Pokémon. (By the way, for now they’ve all been first gen unless I’m mistaken, and I do hope that some other gens will have their Alolan forms). I’ve read a few posts on this very forum, about adding them to Reborn, and how they could be introduced and such things. I have to say, I felt like people were really missing the obvious… In my opinion, the next generation of Pokémon is a great gift to us, but more than that, it is a great gift to fan games creators. And I don’t know if I’m the only one to have seen it that way so far, but if so, then I find it weird. Alolan forms… Then maybe Reborn forms? Or whatever other fan game forms ? Someone creates a whole new game with a new region that has its own environment, weather, history and culture, could they take some of the official Pokémon and adapt them? Justifying their non-existence in other regions by the fact that they moved in and mutated/evolved. Basically what I’m thinking right now is GameFreak has given us more than Alolan forms, they introduced Darwin’s evolution in their universe, so we can now just go ahead and diversify any species of Pokémon we like, to extend the background story and universe of any fan game – For instance, what if the Azurill line had become Poison/Fairy type in Reborn due to waters being infected for so long? So if any of you want to do that, you go ahead, and know I’m probably gonna want to play your game. If any of you has any thoughts to share about this or any kind of same interesting thing, I’ll be reading, Angel out~
  11. I've been playing pokemon since the very beginning, playing pretty much every game that's been released amassing thousands of hours of playtime. With that said, for me, the highest point of the fun factor in pokemon was during the beginning of X and Y. The pre-pokebank meta was a lot of fun and shinies were all legit except for the ones involving the Shiny Value trading and duplication. That was still a heck of a lot better than someone using a cheating device and getting perfect shinies effortlessly. Although I never was able to use the Shiny Value trading or duplication, I didn't have a problem with it, because it at least brought people together to trade and breed perfect IV pokemon (something else I really enjoy). It gave value to pokemon that you put time into breeding. You were rewarded for your efforts. Later the Shiny Value trading was invalidated then pokebank got released. This made it so the only shinies that you couldn't get by cheating in previous games was 6th gen shinies. I was still okay with this since I expected this from the beginning. I spent many hours legitimately breeding 6th gen mons with perfect IVs. Unfortunately, afterwards the powersaves came out. After that things weren't as fun anymore. I had over 800 hours in that game, but now that you could just cheat everything, it seemed pointless to continue on. When ORAS came out I bought it day 1. I got bored of it after beating the elite 4 and doing some post game stuff. All the things that gave X&Y nearly infinite replay value were gone with the existence of powersaves. My question is do you think people will be able to use the power save the same way they can on X&Y? If so, how soon will they be able to do that? I would still be excited to play the game and hunt for legit 7th gen shinies and stuff if there would be at least be a month or so where people couldn't cheat any 7th gen mons. I don't know much about the powersaves since I've never used one, but that's why I'm asking. My 3DS got stolen a few months after ORAS came out (all my pokemon with it) and I'm contemplating whether I want to buy a new 3DS for Sun & Moon if I'm just gonna get bored after beating the elite four. I wouldn't wanna miss the 7th gen experience though so I may buy it either way. Especially with that new koala mon c:
  12. If these are real, which one will you choose? I would honestly pick Moon
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