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  1. That Ninetales sprite is really nice, wonder how youll put the UBs or Ultra Beasts?
  2. Aww shucks, welp anyway, i hope ame re-ad that sticker
  3. Currently i have 7 stickers, but i have trouble finding the Underground Railnet boyfriend from the girl of the Obsidia Pokemon Centre, and i have a huge difficutly finding those glasses from the scientist, also i finished Episode 16 so not shure if it is normal that this happens
  4. Mde2001 i have another issue, you see when i use the revival herb outside of the battle it says:


    Scrip 'PokemonItemEffects' line 619: ArgumentError ocurred.

    wrong numbers of arguments (3 for 4)


    can you tell this to Ame if you have time?

    1. Animefan666


      You can report any bugs in the Bug Reporting section of the forum.



    2. Wolfox


      that is a known bug if I'm correct

    3. mde2001


      Yeah Wolfox is correct. This is known. Thanks for the report anyway :D

  5. To mde2001, 

    My truly apologies for double posting, i tend to not knowing the consequences of this, For you it's not to worry about it but i think is the end of my live in this forums, I'm really sorry, but the cause why i double post is that when i have a doubt or question about a rule, i cannot ask like this is a chat, so thats why i may break some of the rules, my Sincerest apologies.


    With, Respect

    Gerardo Echeverria

    1. mde2001


      It really isn't a big issue. Double posting is about as minor an offence as we have on the forums. Pretty much everyone here, including the members who have been in the community for the longest have been warned for something at some point. No-one is going to think any less of you for having this warning, and in two weeks all of the effects of it will be gone. Lots of people get double posting warnings, and then go on to be the most active and helpful people in the community. I understand it was an honest mistake, and that the rules aren't always obvious before they've been brought to people's attention. So really try not to get too worried about it!

    2. Peridot


      Thank you mde2001 youre such a nice person.



  6. Dont think my computer will tolerate this graphics but hey thats a game to fullfill your pokemon playing needs
  7. Thank you Mr. Divergent ill do it right away
  8. Sorry didnt mean to put it in here, i just wanted to tell this to Ame, Also i feel angry for he dieing in-game Ame i will avenge you! Also where do you think this thread to which topic?
  9. Amethyst, pleasure to meet you but i have a concern about the next update, you see i couldnt sleep the night due to the worry i had to warn you something you see that in the next episode you are going to add gen 7 right? so here is my worry : If we want to get the ordinary forms or Alolan form what do we do to get the specifically form, I mean you are goint to replace the ordinary forms or make it just Random? Just Making sure to take account in that, Pal =================================================================================================================================== Goodra LV 75. Arcanine Lvl 83. Klingklang Lvl 83. and Pelipper Lv 77. Thats my team!
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