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Found 19 results

  1. I'm currently having trouble beating Kiki. My team right now is Blazekin (Lv 43), Meowstic (Female) (Lv 42), Ampharos (Lv 42), Floatzel (Lv 42), Drapion (Lv 42), and Roselia (Lv 42). I'm guessing I should replace Drapion for this fight but with what. Are there any other suggestions for replacements?
  2. I'm currently having trouble with Shade. Right now my team is Blazekin (Lv 38), Meowstic(Female) (Lv. 38), Floatzel (Lv. 36), Ampharos(Lv 39), Roselia(Lv 38), and Noibat(Lv 33). Who should I replace on the team for the fight and with what?
  3. HELLO EVERYONE! So after finally learning that the 18.2 update allows multiple saves, I am finally doing it! I am attempting a mono run with my favorite type, Flying. I feel like this will be a fun yet challenging experience considering the first gym is Electric, theres an Ice Gym in the mid-game, and the final gym at the moment is Rock which should provide me with some hurdles along the way. I started this past weekend and will give you a bit of a runthrough as to how the first little bit has gone! My current team: Butterfree (Beefwee) Bond (Dartrix) Hedwig (Noctowl) Clarise (Tranquil) Batman (Swoobat) Lillith (Vivillon) / Stereo (Noibat) I started with Rowlet (nicknamed Bond), being the ONLY flying type starter (Other than Charizard). I didn't choose Charmander because he does not start out as a flying type. The main rule that I set for myself is that I cannot use any non-flying pokemon (even if they evolve into flying types) for main battles- such as story missions, gym battles etc. Now I can train non flying types that will evolve into flying types outside of the story through just straight up grinding. An example of this is Butterfree. Caterpie and Metapod had to be trained in alleys until it evolves into its flying type. Then it can be used. The other rule that I am using is to nickname any mon that ends up on my team- just makes it more personal and fun. I swept Victoria's Litten and Cains Nidoran with ease and went out to try and assemble some early pokemon to help with Julia, the first big hurdle. First things first I caught a Woobat (which I named Batman) and a Noibat (named Stereo). I trained them up to level 10 to match my Rowlett and then went to catch Caterpie. Training it into a Butterfree took time but was well worth it which gave me my 4th team member, Beefwee. I then caught my self a Hoothoot named Hedwig, and a Pidgey named Flappy Bird. I beat Fern easily and made it through the power plant relatively fine. Woobat came in clutch with its confusion during the main fight there and then it was on to Julia. Julia wrecked me... Utterly destroyed my team which was right around level 15. I reset as to not lose any money and decided to train up til my whole team was level 18. Both Batman and Bond evolved at level 17 and Flappy Bird at 18. This, while still tough, was enough to Heart Stamp spam Julia to get those flinches and win the first gym battle. Stereo basically was cannon fodder as I did not train him up to 18. I know Noivern is amazing, but that grind for him is ROUGH. I pretty much kept him to swap into to tank a hit and heal up Batman. I moved on, swapped out Flappy Bird for a Pidove named Clarise after the character from The Silence of the Lambs- I dont know why, but thats what I felt clicked. Fortunately, I caught one with Super Luck and a Serious nature. I was hoping to get a Ducklett egg, but got a Bronzong from the Slums and a Clampearl from the Day Care Couple quest so I boxed them and kept moving to the first Pulse fight. I STOMPED Tangrowth and moved on to face Florina. Now Florina had given me many headaches in my previous playthroughs. That Cradily always hits hard and heals up so much that it caused many hair-tearing out moments in my life, but let me tell you this was the easiest gym battle ever which I solo swept with one pokemon and didn't even need to heal. I even managed to OHKO the Cradily! All thanks to Beefwee, Goddess of the Butterfrees. It had learned Silver Wind from it's fight with Tangrowth and somehow managed to get the stat boost effect for the first three times using it. First time out it killed Cacnea and then just kept boosting. I didn't take a hit of damage. I have never felt so lucky in this game. It is a shame, because Beefwee's time on the team will be limited because of what I will be training up next. I move on to Jasper and Beryl Ward and catch myself a Scatterbug to quickly evolve into Vivillon which I nicknamed Lilith. She is a BEAST in the latter of the game, so I swapped out beloved Beefwee. I make my way through saving all the officers, beat Taka easily, picked up the egg, and continue onward to the next Ward to Double Battle with zEL and Taka and hit a wall. Glaceon kept slowing me down and Chatot is a b*tch. I realized however that Lilith is probly not the best for this fight and the Goddess of Butterfrees herself comes to save the day. I Hypnosis Glaceon with Hedwig and one-shot exeggcute with Beefwee's Silver Wind getting my stats boosted. I then Hypnosis Chatot and Silver Wind Glaceon getting my stats boosted again. Then I silver winded Umbreon and Espeon killing both with ease while I chipped away at Chatot. It woke up during my battle with Umbreon but Beefwee's defenses were too high and it barely scratched its health. Once it was just down to Taka, I killed off Chatot and then the two took down the Tangrowth for the final time. I am currently at Corey's Gym trying to hatch the third egg I found in the forest- but I have a feeling it wont be another flyer . If not though I'll be using both Beefwee and Lilith til something new comes along- I do plan on keeping both in rotation, training alongside eachother throughout the game because how valuable they both can and have been (Vivillon in other playthroughs has been astounding). My main team plan is listed below: Aerodactyl (with Aerodactylite) Braviary Togekiss Hawlucha Vivillon Swanna/Pelipper/Gyardos/Dragonite/Skarmory My 6th slot will pretty much be whatever I can use most effectively. I feel like Swanna or Pelipper may be better for the Special Attack as I'll only have Vivillon and Togekiss for that. I usually like to keep an even balance of 3 Physical Attackers and 3 Special Attackers. That being said, the Tanks of Dragonite and Skarmory could be pretty dang useful too, especially for Hardy. Please feel free to post your favorite Flying Type recommendations and why you think they'd be valuable for my playthough! I'll probably end up using A LOT as I go along with a healthy sized rotation. I'll also try to give updates on how the mono run is going and would also love to hear about your own mono run experiences too. Hope to hear from you all soon!
  4. Ok, I reached the Onyx Trainer School, and need advice on what Pokemon team to use for Fern and Florina, as those battles will be challenging. Keep in mind that I only have Marshadow in the party atm, and everything else I caught is in the PC box. Any suggestions?
  5. So as you all know, I am the lover of all things Eevee, and was wondering what eeveelution would make my current team synergize the best. Any suggestions are appreciated. My current team: 1. Blaziken with Speed Boost and Adamant Nature 2. Raichu with Lightning Rod and Hasty Nature (knows Volt Tackle :D) 3. Gothitelle with Shadow Tag and a Naive Nature 4. Alolan Ninetales with Snow Cloak and a Modest Nature 5. Dragalge with Adaptability and a Modest Nature 6. THE ULTIMATE EEVEE PICK FOR THIS TEAM Thanks in advance XD Also, all Eevee art is welcome
  6. So if anyone else out there is like me, playing Pokémon Reborn is about 30% catching Pokémon, and 70% staring at that Nickname text box trying to come up with a clever nickname for my new teammate. After countless hours playing through various incarnations of the games, there are only so many naming conventions you can have stored up in your head! So here's a place you ask your fellow Reborn players for suggestions on your hard-to-name Pokémon! I know we've got some crazy-clever folks here on the forums that can help! I'd suggest listing the Pokémon you need help with as such: [EXAMPLE:] Need a name: -Persian (male) -------------------------------------------------------------------- And then a suggestion can be made with a simple @ tag for the person's name, with maybe an explantion of your suggestion choice. For example: -------------------------------------------------------------------- @CodeCass: Suggestion: - Persian (male) = Orion (Cat from MIB) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Just something I thought folks might find helpful and fun! I'll start off! Need a name: - Nidoqueen - Toxicroak (male) UPDATE: Now "Rina" and "Dart" respectively! Thanks for the help folks! Thanks folks! Hope this thread can be helpful!
  7. I've recently just finished Episode 17 and [REDACTED]. So I planned to go back to an old savefile to [REDACTED] instead. Until I realized I didn't actually backed up. Sooooo.. I have to restart the whole game. But why not do it in a thematic way instead? I'm going to do a sort of time-traveler run, but I'm having trouble thinking of Pokemon related to the concept. So far, I have.. Klingklang, to represent gears in a clock. Claydol, as a sort-of hourglass shaped Pokemon, bonus points for also being Ground type for the "sand" theme. And some psychic types that can learn Future Sight, or are directly related to futures/past itself, such as Xatu, Gothitelle, and Gardevoir. But other than that, I have no idea anymore. I can possibly expand the concept to something about alternate universes/dimensions too, since that will still fit the theme of someone trying to explore all possible "timelines"/"worlds", but I'm still lacking any ideas. When I get a complete roster, I might post this as a bonafide playthrough in this forum too. Thanks for all possible suggestions!
  8. So, with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 confirmed, I kind of went crazy imaginning what improvements could be made (assuming it won't be a year of developpement to release a recicled 2 anyway). I wanted to share it with you guys. Note that I won't add PVP content/balance. Story mode Seriously, there's a lot to say. First, I would like to see more than one group of antagonists, who would always act the same way. If we want a sequel to the first two games, these are three villain groups I would see: The Time Breakers For some reason, Mira would have survived the events of DBX2 and would have made it a quest to travel through eras in order to train and fight strong people. However, the problem is that by doing so he creates supplementary timelines, so a lot more work for the Time Patrollers. In order to not have to face the entirety of them at once, Mira would have went through different timelines and would have recruited some people who would have kinda the same objectives as him: Perfect Cell, Buuhan, Vegeta, Broly, Piccolo (from a timeline where he would have never became good), etc. The missions against them would be pure heated fights, against some of the strongest characters of the franchise. The final fight featuring them would be the fight against Final Form Mira. The Demon realm Demigra, revived, leads another attempt to restore the Demon Realm, this time by actually merging it with the multiverse. The would travel through time and deliberately alter history in order to gather energy from the timeline split it would generate. Some of their missions would feature intense battles, but you are mostly supposed to prevent the demons from fulfilling their objectives. However, at one point, you would learn that when you succesfully stopped them, they drained your energy instead to acheive the same result. These antagonists would also dispose of a lot of minions and the final fight against the demons would be against Demigra, with the help of Xeno Trunks. The Godly Alliance The most dangerous ennemies of the game. One version of Goku Black would have survived the events of the Trunk's arc of DBS. He would have searched another version of Future Zamasu and would have gone through different timelines to search for allies. These would be mortals, just like Black, who would help the Zamasus create their "perfect" world in exchange of being forgiven for their "mortal sins" and would become gods of the new multiverse alongside Black and Zamasu. Some of their allies would include: Turles, Lord Slug, the Ginyu Force, King Cold, Frieza (and a lot of his minions), Cooler (and his armored squadron), and Baby Vegeta. The final mission of the game would be against them, as a part of the ultimate assault from the Time Patrollers in a timeline where the Zero Mortal Plan would have already begun, in a devastated city. During the mission, you get to fight several of their members, before ending facing Goku Black and Baby Vegeta. Then, a mentor would come and help you. This is the mentor you have completed his lessons and have the most friendship with (or for the longest time, and if you didn't complete any mentor, you will be alone). After some time of fighting, they decide that they are outmatched and that they have to fuse (I was inspired by this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtpIH5ZCgY8&t=1078s) into the entity known as Baby Vegito Black. Then they proceed to one-shot your mentor (yes, even if this is Beerus or Whis) and faces you one on one. As the Chronoa and the elder kai beg you to retreat, as the new ennemy you're facing has a power beyond imagination, but your character looks at their fallen mentor (or the destroyed city if they have none) and decide to fight Vegito. After a short speech depending of your race, the battle begins. The character "Baby Vegito Black" would be playable, but in the story mode, your ennemy would actually have its health multiplied by ten and its damage output by 1,2. During the battle, Vegito would make a comment depending of you fighting style and if you use a transformation (see the CAC section below). When you actually put Vegito's health at zero, you would be trated with a cutscene featuring you and your mentor finishing him off (ex.: if your mentor is Goku, he will weaken Vegito with a Dragon Fist before you kill him with a full-powered and voice-acted Kamehameha) or, if you have not, killing him with your first Ultimate. Character Customisation! Ooooh boy! Lots to say! Races Here are the old and new races I would want to see in a new game: -Humans -Saiyans (Duh!) -Namekians -Frieza's race -Majins -Shinjins (the race of the Kais) -Demons -Android -Bug people (like the ones Vegeta and Nappa met before arriving on Earth) -Beasts (no race given, they just look animalistic) Body types these would influence what kind of fighting style you can use and slightly affects your stats -Humans: Thin, Athletic, Huge -Saiyans: Thin, Muscular and Fat -Namekians: Warrior, Dragon and Regular -Frieza's race: Royal, Assassin and Mercenary -Majin: Skinny (like Kid Buu), Super and Fat -Shinjins: Thin, Muscular and Fat -Demons: Evil god (like the royals), Scientist (like Towa) and Bestial (like the beasts, but more terrifying-looking) -Android: Mechanical, Cyborg and Bio-Android -Bug people: Beetlebug (equivalent of fat), Ant/Wasp (equivalent of thin) and Grasshopper (equivalent of muscular) -Beasts: Thin, Muscular and Fat Fighting styles You get to chose one at the end of a character's creation. It influences the way your character fights and the default skills they possess. -Hero: The standard balanced style Users: all -Elite: the standard long-range style Users: all -Beserker: the standard close-range style Users: all -Weaponizer: balanced. Your character uses the item on their back to fight Users: all, if they have an item equiped on their back -Aura blade: long-range. Your character uses ki blades on their arms, like Zamasu. Users: Thin humans, thin saiyans, dragon namekians, royal members of Frieza's race, skinny majins, thin shinjins, scientist demons, ants/wasps, thin beasts -Wrecking ball: close-range. The fighter uses their huge bulk as a weapon. Users: Huge humans, fat saiyans, fat majins, mechanical androids, beetlebugs and fat beasts. -"I don't even need my arms": balanced. Beating up your foe without the need of your arms may be the most badass thing ever. Users: all -Fabulous: long-ranged. As the king of youtube always said, it's not called being gay, it's called being fabulous. Users: all -Brutal: close-ranged. Want to beat down your ennemies in a spectacularly brutal fashion? This is made for you! Users: Athletic humans, muscular saiyans, warrior namekians, super majins, muscular shinjins, Bio-androids, evil god demons, grasshoppers and muscular beasts -"I don't even know... WHAT I'M DOING!": balanced. By looking silly and clueless, you will catch your opponents off-guard. The style still looks ridiculous, tho. Users: all -Look cool: long-ranged. In the Giny Force spirit, don't just fight. Make poses, move in a stylish fashion, look cool! Users: all -Claw carnage: close-ranged. Pretty simple, just use your claws to tear people apart. Users: Bestial demons, all bugs, all beasts (if they have claws equiped) Transformations There's quite a lot, so I'll just cover my new ideas. I'm not quite sure about the buffs/nerfs with each transformation, so I will just specify those I'm sure. Humans: -Human God (humans only): Goku's SSG form isn't technically a super saiyan form, it's just him using god ki, then we can make it for humans too. The appereance would worf like Super Saiyan God, but the color would be of the fighter's aura. -Full Power (human version): Like master Roshi, the user buffs their muscle mass, boosting strike and defense, but lowering speed. Saiyans: -Super Saiyan 4: Turns the saiyan into a super saiyan 4, with red aura. -Super Saiyan God (SSGSS as stage 2): Works like the titular Super Saiyan God, with great buffs in offense, but also comes with stamina drain. -Legendary Super Saiyan: The fighter gains 3 size and weight mesures (even if maxed) and their aura and hair turns golden-green. Comes with a huge boost in strike and blast, but an awefully high stamina drain. -Suppessed legendary super saiyan (like Kale's controled super saiyan): The fighter gains 1 size and weight mesure and their aura and hair turns green. The stats change wouldn't be as big as the LSS, but so is the stamina drain. -Super Saiyan Rage: Same golden hair as Super Saiyan, but with a slight white glow from the fighter's eyes and body. Grants a big boost in blast, strike and speed, but locks all skills until turned off. -Mutated super saiyan: A customisable Super Saiyan transformation, with customisable boosts, having to culminate to a given total. Namekians: -Namekian God: Appereance:(image) Frieza's race: -Full Power (Frieza's race version): The fighter gains 2 weight mesures. Works like an inverted Golden form (which boosts blast and speed, but lowers defense) and boosts strike and defense, but lowers speed. Majins: -Buuhan Transformation: The fighter recalls the long-done Buuhan form Super Buu once took and recreate it. Shinjins: -Kaioken x100: As a god, the fighter can truely use the full potential of the kaioken. Demons: -True Form: The demon embraces fully their demonic origins. Aprereance and stat boosts customisable Androids: -Super Mode: The fighter gets 1 size mesure. and their facial traits change a little. -Systems Overcharge: Makes electricity go through the fighters's body and enhances their damage output and speed, but costs stamina. Bug people: -Solidification: the fighter hardens their armor. -No armor: The fighter abandons their armor. Beasts: -Ultimate Fury: The beast unleashes its anger. All: -Ultra Instinct: Can activate after some times. Makes the user automatically dodge all non-super or ultimate move. Standing still costs nothing, but attacking costs stamina. -The Maiden's transformations from U2 (Ribrianne, Rozie and Kakunza), since apparently it's not limited to the original users of the transformations. New mentors -Toppo - Gives you the pride trooper clothes when you finish his lessons Supers: Justice Tornado, Justice Punch, Justice Beam Ultimate: Justice Flash -Ribrianne - helps you get the Ribrianne transformation once you complete her lessons Supers: Pretty Cannon, Heart Arrow of Love, Max Love Cannon Ultimate: Pretty Love Machine Gun Trio de Danger (Basil, Lavender and Bergamo) Supers: Wolfang Pressure, Poison Blow, Wolfang Penetrator (counter-attack) Ultimate: Triangle Danger Beam -Nappa (abriged) Super: Rock Smash, Nappa... SMASH!, Mouth Cannon Ultimate: Catch the Ball So, your thoughts about this?
  9. So, since many people that do monoruns or just play Reborn in general have asked about it and been struggling with this, there are 3 suggested methods to easily cheese Solaris and his Garchomp. These are the brilliant -mostly in Reborn- moves: Perish Song, Destiny Bond and Counter. So, after some searching, I made a list with the Pokemon that can legally learn at least one of these moves till the moment of that battle. This means that 1) the pokemon are accessible in-game before fighting Solaris at Pyrous and 2) the said move is learned either by level-up or by (chain)/breeding with another pokemon(s) that also are available normally before that fight and learn this move by level-up (and not relearning, since move relearner isn't available by that fight). Here's the list! Normal: Counter: Slaking (level up), Raticate (breed with Slaking), Chansey (breed with Breloom), Teddiursa (breed with Slaking), Zangoose (breed with Slaking) Destiny Bond: None Perish Song: Igglybuff (soft reset event till you get one with Perish Song) Fire: Counter: Charmander (chain breed with Slaking and Nidoran-M), Houndour (breed with Slaking), Torchik (breed with Slaking), Chimchar (breed with Sawk/Slaking) Destiny Bond: None Perish Song: None Fighting: Counter: (take your pick xD) Breloom (level-up), Medicham (level-up), Sawk (level-up), Makuhita (breed with Sawk), Mankey (breed with Slaking), Croagunk (breed with Sawk) Destiny Bond: None Perish Song: None Water: Counter: Wooper (breed with Slaking), Mudkip (chain breed with Slaking and Nidoran-M, or others, see Bulbapedia), Lotad (breed with Breloom) Destiny Bond: Carvanha (gifted by Aqua Gang after defeating Magma Gang, soft-reset to get a Destiny Bond one) Perish Song: Seel (Mystery egg Seel knows Perish Song), Marill (maybe Mystery Egg Marill too, not sure) Flying: Counter: None Destiny Bond: Vespiquen (by level-up), Drifloon (breed with Weezing) Perish Song: Murkrow (event Murkrow knows it I think) Grass: Counter: Breloom (level-up), Paras (breed with Breloom), Chikorita (breed with Breloom), Lotad (breed with Breloom), Cacnea (breed with Breloom/Sawk) Destiny Bond: Cacnea (level-up), Phantump (level-up), Pumpkaboo (breed with Yamask/Phantump) Perish Song: None Poison: Counter: Nidoran-M/F (breed with Slaking), Croagunk (breed with Sawk) Destiny Bond: Weezing (level-up), Gulpin (breed with Weezing/Yamask) Perish Song: None Electric: Counter: None Destiny Bond: None Perish Song: None (Why I dislike this type xD) Ground: Counter: Nidoking/Nidoqueen (breed with Slaking), Sandshrew (breed with Slaking), Rhyhorn (breed with Slaking), Wooper (breed with Slaking), Phanpy (breed with Slaking) Destiny Bond: None Perish Song: None Psychic: Counter: Medicham (level-up) Destiny Bond: None Perish Song: Jynx (level-up) Rock: Counter: Sudowoodo (level-up), Rhyhorn (breed with Slaking) Destiny Bond: None Perish Song: None Ice: Counter: None Destiny Bond: None Perish Song: Jynx (level-up), Dewgong (Mystery egg Seel has it) Bug: Counter: Paras (breed with Breloom) Destiny Bond: Vespiquen (level-up) Perish Song: Kricketune (level-up) Dragon: Counter: Axew (chain breed with Slaking and Nidoran-M (or others, see Bulbapedia)) Destiny Bond: None Perish Song: None Ghost: Counter: None Destiny Bond: Yamask (level-up), Phantump (level-up), Pumpkaboo (breed with Yamask/Phantump), Drifloon (breed with Weezing), Duskull (breed with Weezing/Yamask/Pumpkaboo), Shuppet (breed with Weezing/Yamask/Pumpkaboo) Perish Song: None Dark: Counter: Houndour (breed with Slaking), Zorua (breed with Slaking) Destiny Bond: Cacturne (level-up), Carvanha (gifted by Aqua Gang after defeating Magma Gang, soft-reset to get a Destiny Bond one) Perish Song: Murkrow (event Murkrow knows it I think) Steel: Counter: None Destiny Bond: None Perish Song: None Fairy: Counter: None Destiny Bond: None Perish Song: Igglybuff (soft reset event till you get one with Perish Song), Marill (maybe Mystery Egg Marill too, not sure) Happy destroying everyone!
  10. So I'm kind of aiming at a fan game that has all Pokemon available to obtain. So I need suggestions in which area's certain Pokemon appear. That means I'm asking you which kind of Pokemon would fit in an Amazon Forest kind of environment and would be unlikely to appear anywhere else?
  11. All right, for things to be clear, I know that a Reborn anime is very unlikely. However, how would you see it if it was real? For me, the series would not focus on the "Gotta catch'em all" at all. It would more focus on the developpement of the characters and their interactions. Characters An anime for Reborn would need primary characters, obviously. However, who would take the place of the "playable character" is a tough question, since there are, in-game, six ofthem. The best solution would be a group. The said group would contain the characters each with a different role. What I see would be what these fan-arts show: http://kitaichan.tumblr.com/post/119283907493/c25mor-the-behind-the-scenes-dream-team Or, if you are too lazy to go and see, it's resumed here: -Vero: the ace trainer (the ones who wins badges) -Alice: the leader -Kuro: a pokémon prof. in the making. -Lucia: the team's personnal trainer -Decibel: pretty much the comic relief (with some hidden depths, though) -Ari: the team's geologist and geography specialist. Of course, each would get different moments of focus. As for their pokémons, events ones would obviously make part of the team of some of them (like Heracross, Metagross, Eelektross, etc.) I would also see some characters get more developpement on-screen, like Fern or Victoria. Story I would see the first episodes with only a few characters, and the episodes before the first Meteor-related events would focus on the miserable life in Reborn City, as the first protagonists would begin to explore. Of course, the Meteor arcs wouldn't star always the same protagonists. Now, what are your point of view?
  12. I know that Pokken Tournament Deluxe has been confirmed and all that, but I can't help but to think about which pokémon would have been awesome in this game! Here are some examples: -Incineroar (power) Here comes Incineroar, ready to give the audience both a crushing battle and a spectacular show Its battling style would look like a slow and powerfull macho wrestler. its movepool would include Darkest Lariat, Earthquake (as a counter-attack), Flare Blitz and Leech Life (as a grab). Its Burst Attack would be Malicious Moonsault -Zygarde 10% (standard) With the help of its own cells, Zygarde's opponents will have a hard time for sure. While attacking, random cells would join up and help complete the combo (like Suicune's ribbons), with moves like Thousand Arrows and Core Enforcer. While in Synergy mode, it would turn into Zygarde 50% and afterwards to Perfect Zygarde for its Burst Attack. -Greninja (speed) Greninja fights with confusingly-fast moves. Have its opponents blink, they'll miss their own defeat. With a ninja-like battling style, Greninja would turn into Ash-Greninja for its Synergy mode. -Porygon-Z (technique) Porygon-Z's strategy focuses on keeping its opponent in check while beeting it up at the same time. With a moveset focused on keeping the opponent away while using long-range attacks. It would have moves like Tri Attack and Psychic. What are your personnal suggestions?
  13. Howdy Friends ,im kinda new to this Forums but since i loved Pokemon Reborn i cant resist myself to post Anyway, direct to the point. As we know Amethyst a.k.a the creator said that Generation VII will be added in Episode 18 or 19 (Little Chances of appearing on episode 17) But i have a great worry when Ame goes on developing those new episodes, You see i have in mind that she will replace the original forms to Alolan forms or it will be random, to put it easy random chances of Alolan form or original form; What i propose is that Amethyst take this thing into account, not oblige her to do this of course, but this is a little advice so that Pokemon Reborn shines. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opinion to Amethyst' death P.S : Also Ame why did you died in the 16th episode, you know i kinda wanted you to respond in the Grand Hall, also i would also think you may revive by any means. Lin a.k.a The Mental Sick Woman has a seriuous problem due to the fact that she satisfies herself by making people suffering, that indeed its a serious mental problem, but anyway that death was pretty brutal so i think you should put a rating into this game for 10 or older, (i have 15) anyway sorry to be a bother Ame but i wish you seriously revive in the 18th episode, i kinda want to avenge you by torturing Lin a bit to give her a lesson. Cheers
  14. My current team on pokemon reborn is: Seismitoad Lv 60 (Timid)(Swift Swim) Moves: Mud Shot, Drain Punch, Muddy Water, Hydro Pump Bouffalant(White?) Lv 61 (Sassy)(Sap Sipper) Moves: Swords Dance, Revenge, Mega Horn, Thrash Steelix Lv 62 (Brave)(Sturdy) Moves: Iron Tail, Strength, Stone Edge, Rock Smash Noivern Lv 61 (Serious)(Frisk) Moves: Bite, Air Slash, Iron Tail, Air Cutter Blaziken Lv 62 (Adamant)(Speed Boost) Moves: Double Kick, Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Cut Meowstic F Lv 60 (Calm)(Infiltrator) Moves: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Charge Beam I recently completed the 9th gym (which was not bad because I had Blaziken carry me through most of it) but I know my team is not very well rounded and some of my pokemon may need move/ability changes. Is there any pokemon available to me right now that I should swap out some of my current pokemon for currently? I am expecting to have lots of trouble with future gyms using my current team (The reason I have Bouffalant is because the psychic gym would have been nearly impossible without him) (Ps I only had found one heart scale so far in the game can someone give me a lead on how I might go about obtaining more?)
  15. Hello there fellow REBORNS, I'm starting a new playthrough of pokemon reborn, and with the new online features I had a funny idea. I am looking for fun suggestions, and people willing to donate a fun bug pokemon they can breed for me. So if you have any, please think of dear Sotek. I can also give you some other fun pokemon from the other file in return. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello, so I learned the other day that the IVs/EVs are important and found out all my team pokemon have really bad IVs/EVs. I also never cared much about the nature of the pokemon or the tankyness etc. Thats why I came here to ask you guys for some advice or suggestions for my team. I just finished and realized, things may not work out in future fights, bc I just try to one-hit everything and this gets difficult at times.(Or it's just the game) Before progressing further with the story, I want new pokemon in my team, but I'm not sure which ones. This is where I need your help. So this is my whole team so far: Lvl. 80 Infernape (bold) Lvl. 80 Pyroar (Naughty) Lvl. 78 Manectric (careful) Lvl. 76 Meowstic (Brave) Lvl. 72 Jynx (sassy) Lvl 68 Walrein (Careful) I thought about adding a ground, water, dark and dragon type to the team. Currently I have a sneasel, spiritomg, pawniard and cacturne for the dark type. A totodile, simipour, swanna, frillish or lapras for water. One cubone for ground and a druddigon as dragon type. (where the axews at?) Are there better alternatives in the game? Also does my team lack anything else? I don't know much about team building, I just took what seemed to fit into the team. Or should I just stick to trying to one-hit everything and take the pokemons I see fitting? I'm just imagining myself getting wrecked in future battles.
  17. I bred an amazing Roselia in my latest run. It momentarily has Extrasensory, Toxic Spikes, Giga Drain and Magical Leaf (perhaps for Technician?). It is Timid natured, and has 31/30/31/30/31/30 IV, which gives it access to HP Fire. It also sports Natural Cure. I cared a lot for it giving it a 252 SpA, 4 SpD and 252 Spd EVs, trying to make it an offensive powerhouse when evolved. Since I just beat Serra, the best moves are yet to come, iirc. Any suggestions on moveset?
  18. Hallo, So in my signature you can see my current team and reserve Pokemon I have. I was curious on opinions to whether you would stick with the current team or switch them around with the Pokemon I have in my reserves. I've just beaten Shade and I'm at the stage where the guys from the Psychiatrist centre have been kidnapped from under the railnet. All the Pokemon are around Lvl 40-45. Any suggestions? Thank ya Edit: Also, where could I find a Growlithe and Fire Stone?
  19. This idea struck me when i was attending my boring physics class and thought it would be great to share it with you all. As we have seen HM Fly has not yet been implemented in the game which creates a possible room for adjustment in the general modus operandi of it and possibly make to the game more interactive. It is seen in other pokemon games that HM Fly even though has been a vital tool for fast travel in the game actually has a dull way of working in which you select the city you want to travel to and you suddenly appear in that city. What i suggest and want to see is HM Fly being used to actually fly by air routes that connect different places where you can soar through the air and encounter flying type pokemons within clouds (just as wild grass on land). You can also station a gym (Say a flying type gym) or some specific events in the clouds. A wide spectra of possibilities to be visited through this idea. Now you might question that it defeats the purpose of fast travel and I certainly agree that it will. But i have a suggestion for that too. What you can do is convert TM teleport into an HM which will fill in the gap left by HM Fly in the fast travel business. Even though some pokemons learn it as they level up, you will need a certain badge to be able to use it outside battle. If you use teleport inside battle with wild pokemons you could teleport to the pokemon center you last visited and if you choose to use it outside battle you have the freedom to choose between cities you want to teleport to provided you know the directions to it via land, thus making fast travel possible if the new type of HM Fly is implemented. As i said, this is just a suggestion for future episodes and even though i know it is very hard to implement such an idea, i thought it would be great to share it with the creators of the game and let them know what i want from the game. Thanks...love the game
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