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  1. Hey guys Someone on the Discord said that he lost the "Steal a TV" fight in Apophyll and when he comes back on the top floor after wiping, the lady moves on her own and neither the player or her does anything, softlocking. I dont have a save at Apophyll so i cant check, so i figured i'd post it here if someone knows about it.
  2. Apparently its normal due to some damage calc i didnt know existed :o You can close this uwu
  3. Hey there :) This was alluded to in the discord by someone in the garchomp fight, where he said the calculations didn't fit. The basic of Impostor Ditto are that you copy whatever stats the opponent has, including stat boosts and effects, but not including player side effects (aurora veil etc). The only stat that doesn't change is HP, so you usually have a mirror match between two mons, one with much lower HP than expected. Your own damage should follow basic calculations, yet it doesn't After trying out myself in a fight, I can confirm there's a bug here. The video shows Cal's Charizard being copied, and then attempting a sweep, being stopped by Cal's Turtonator. However, this doesn't fit the calculations. +6 Lvl 37 59+ Atk Charizard Dragon Claw vs. Lvl 36 54 HP / 54 Def Turtonator: 134-158 (132.6 - 156.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO
  4. All single battles are possible with only one Pokemon (not the same though) The doubles battles have also been all done with two Pokemon If the goal is to use only one pokemon from the same species all the way, it hasn't been done and doesn't seem doable. You're welcome to try :)
  5. Ok. Alolan ninetales should be the lead for the last fight, this will bait a bullet punch by scizor most likely. You can switch turn 1 to arcanine for intimidate, the whiscash usually goes for dragon dance so it's a wasted turn. Florinia will probably Yawn someone so you have an easier early fight.
  6. Who's your partner against Solaris?
  7. The real question is : are we going to see the staraptor ametrine kid in the nightclub and is he going to sweep us with his Unfezant
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