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  1. New version is up! - Edging - Set the level for the entire team - One more Community team
  2. New version is up, with better features on Decat Menu and Pokepage : - Decat Menu has Two new Battle Scenarios : Rebornian Master Trainers and Community Teams - Decat Pokepage has fixed Duplication, set HP as percentage, add Item directly to the pokemon. - Both decats have cleaner menus with junk options hidden, and some reordering. Code is a bit cleaner too. Re-read the OP for the M.O. for submitting a Community Team.
  3. Hey everyone! What to expect, ye who enter here - Quality of life mods for debuggers - Mods to facilitate or make some challenges possible - Battle-style content mods - Madness Mods and their features Decat Madness Modpack How to Download and Install Decat - https://drive.google.com/file/d/12RrfN-B7vW4swKKnkegfJZN0hJNCfxht/view?usp=sharing Madness - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QtxNjh-MEaTXspIXKpvyu1qe7XyRdw8B/view?usp=sharing Non-Compatible Mods I have no idea lol I'm so good at programming that 1HP mod isn't compatible with decat :D Troubleshooting Feel free to post if you have issues, i'm a bit more on the discord so you can always find me there I will try to put this out for e19 somewhat quickly, at least Decat. Emphasis on TRY. :) How do I add a community team uwu Post here the following info : - Team name - Trainer name - Trainer class (for the sprite) - The field used for the fight - Singles or doubles - The team in pokepaste format (only pokepaste allowed) - the lead or leads must be in the first/first two slots - Amplified Rocks are Terrain Extenders, reborn seeds are Electric Seeds, and remind me what the seed is in the post :) What are the current community Teams Change Log
  4. Sure, it's more efficient to drop by the discord so we can synchronize a trade time :) If you don't you can respond here but it might take longer Heads up you can only trade from your team of 6, not your box
  5. Hey guys Someone on the Discord said that he lost the "Steal a TV" fight in Apophyll and when he comes back on the top floor after wiping, the lady moves on her own and neither the player or her does anything, softlocking. I dont have a save at Apophyll so i cant check, so i figured i'd post it here if someone knows about it.
  6. All single battles are possible with only one Pokemon (not the same though) The doubles battles have also been all done with two Pokemon If the goal is to use only one pokemon from the same species all the way, it hasn't been done and doesn't seem doable. You're welcome to try :)
  7. Ok. Alolan ninetales should be the lead for the last fight, this will bait a bullet punch by scizor most likely. You can switch turn 1 to arcanine for intimidate, the whiscash usually goes for dragon dance so it's a wasted turn. Florinia will probably Yawn someone so you have an easier early fight.
  8. Who's your partner against Solaris?
  9. rock blast is an example, stone edge is even better. they're learned at lv34 and 54 ditto can actually do it at lv5, the only relevant stat for Ditto is it's HP (after impostor its attack, etc...are picked from the transformed mon). But yeah leveling ditto is good overall ^^"
  10. Can't Golem one shot the Minior? Lvl 45 0 Atk Golem Rock Blast (3 hits) vs. Lvl 48 0 HP / 4 Def Minior: 90-108 (72 - 86.4%) -- approx. 2HKO (this is only 3 hits, and this is before the shell smash def drop) If push comes to shove you can use Ditto to revenge kill the Minior, he gets a speed tie and i'm pretty sure Power Gem is a kill. Then you can actually use boosted Minior against Sirius If Ditto doesn't have Impostor this is the best mon to use an Ability Capsule on
  11. Best way to get honey is actually to buy it at the Lapis flower shop, its inexpensive The secondary way is to buy candy and give candy to the pikachu fan in the North Aventurine Forest, but since you're in the dark gym you opened the gate and can go back to reborn quickly edit : yeah its actually not that cheap lol. 15 should be more than enough
  12. The lapis alleyway doesn't have berries yet, it will have them in a few badges for you. Sitrus Berries are available at your stage of the game though :) You need to go back to route 1, and more specifically the South Aventurine Forest. There's some puzzles with logs and webs that require using Honey on the trees and beating up some Tauros, Bouffalants, Heracross and Pinsirs. After you clean up the forest and can navigate more, you will find berry trees with Sitrus and Custap berries.
  13. The real question is : are we going to see the staraptor ametrine kid in the nightclub and is he going to sweep us with his Unfezant
  14. Wait, i'm not familiar with the circus-locked items. If you have two mons waiting for a Moon Stone, just take them out until you have that stone. Clefairy can probably stay since he's pretty bulky, especially with Unaware, but jigglypuff's gotta go Same for Sandslash, he's 4x weak to Fighting, and he wont outspeed, so he's dead weight. Good mons that can be caught outside and can do well : Donphan (route 2) and Meditite (get the Huge Power ofc, route 2) Physically bulky pokemon are best here, Samson's Hawlucha is unfair and will outspeed you, whether you like it or not. So you should survive his attacks no matter what.
  15. Gible is in the desert, in a cave not far northeast of the train station. There is a few puzzles with sand holes, you can figure it out. Bring a few dozen Pokesnacks, and your A team for battling. Max Repels would be nice too. Decent grass types IMHO : Ferrothorn : headbutt outside of titania's gym. Torterra : slide puzzle in the circus. I wouldn't level him for Cain/Shelly, but you can keep him on your roster Leavanny : probably the rhodosomething forest. Get him swords dance, leaf blade, x scissor and a coverage move and you're set Abomasnow : You mentionned him. If you want to go full snow i remember you having Sandslash but yeah i wouldn't use a hail setter unless you want to use Aurora Veil or spam Blizzards. Whimsicott : east of Calcenon, morning/day only. Only worth something with Prankster, but damn he's good with Prankster.
  16. Ok, that's not a problem. 1) Remember 7th street? There was some dude selling pokemon in cages (which were the pokemon you were stuck with in the minigame where you had to heat/freeze a cell) Buy them all (don't release any of them) Once you buy them all, you should see DJ Arclight in 7th Street then in Grand Hall. You can follow his instructions, i don't want to spoil it all since it's a pretty interesting quest. You can find stuff in the walkthrough topics if you're stuck. Once you're done (there's a difficult fight at the end) you'll get the Mega Z Ring, who can make you use Mega Evolutions (and Z Moves) 2) You can talk to someone in the Grand Hall basement who will complain about something about the Railnet. You should head to the Wasteland to check it out. Reward's an Aggronite, which will help your Aggron (well, he loses STAB on Rock Slide, but a lot of bulk...) Manectrite is sadly unavailable at your point in time, it will be available after your next gym. You should use this time to train some other pokemons. Nearly every non legendary pokemon is available to you now, if you need someone in particular you can tell us (or look it up) and we'll tell you where to get it.
  17. It's shelly btw, not Aya the Rock slides and Arcanine should take care of her nicely, focus her down then 2v1 Cain when she's done. Prepare a lot of healing items, and get ready to stay in this topic for a while. This is the hardest fight in the game. HMs really have no spot in this fight, just get a bibarel if you want him to surf/waterfall/etc. Don't rush it, this is the moment to really build a team that can handle this fight. Noivern would make much better use of Tailwind, especially with the Rock Slide users you have (flinch chance) Lilligant has poor move coverage, but Petal Blizzard is still useless. Switch it to Sleep Powder, you could make use of it. Or better yet, Sunny Day, just to prevent Cain from spamming Thunders. Arcanine is so much better with Extreme Speed then Strength. Are you able to mega evolve one of your pokemons? Are your pokemon EV optimized?
  18. +1 Lvl 78 0 SpA Arcanine Flamethrower vs. Lvl 83 0 HP / 0 SpD Magnezone on a critical hit: 242-288 (103.4 - 123%) -- guaranteed OHKO ^ including the special defense from the pulse form. might be lower if he has IVs, but it's probably higher on your end since you have EVs yeah that should work you can buy synthetic seeds at the lapis ward shop since the city has been restored. other solution is X Special attack if you have one, but that's less efficient, since you need to tank a hit, and it's still not a one shot kill also if you have smackdown (it's tm 23 if you picked it up) you can un-levitate him and then he's free
  19. Magnezone hits like a truck, his special attack is higher than freakin' deoxys and his moves take advantage of the terrain. If you face him head on, unless your pokemon counter his, you will lose. he is also decently bulky. his weakness is supposed to be twofold : -he's slow -he is sent last, which means you can already prepare yourself before ZEL sends him with screens/boosts/etc your team sadly is also slow, has physical defense but no special defense, and has nothing to boost themselves/debuff the opponent, and you can't outlevel this one... Unless you want to change a mon, i'd say your best bet is to save Noivern for last and give him a Synthetic Seed, it will give him a 50% boost in special attack and guaranteed crit on your first attack. That might oneshot? Do you have anything in your PC?
  20. Regarding Rhydon, you can help him a lot in two ways : - either evolve him (go back to the valley where you fought Luna, there's his evolution item. you need a link stone on top of that) - or give him an eviolite (surf/dive in the newly cleaned Azurine lake) to make his defenses busted
  21. Well congrats for beating Swalot then yeah it's normal to struggle here. Game really starts to get hard. If you have no problem with Fern/Blake, which is where most people have trouble, then you could change your starting mon to prepare more for Solaris/John. If the wiki is right, their leads are Scizor/Whishcash. If flobot takes care of whishcash, can't you lead with noivern or arcanine to deal with scizor? Then at this point, id say the best bet is to try a few times to see who is dead weight on your team, then replace it. See who can deal with his late mons (whats your answer to chomp?) and try to keep that mon healthy during the fight. Maybe see if you can have a way to focus down John, while Solaris is stuck using a non-threatening mon.
  22. According to the pokemon location guide you can fish a Finneon between levels 45 and 60 in the Ametrine or Celestinine mountain. He learns Soak at level 54 (dont evolve him yet or you have to wait lv 66), IMHO it's the biggest change you can make with a single move in this fight. Then just evolve him and he should outspeed, or give him a quick claw and reset. edit : with the old rod only
  23. Swalot is really made to be a self sustainable wall. There's a lot of ways to make the fight easier, not all of them are necessary to beat him : - Get rid of the field : either Blizzard (as mentioned) or Whirlpool (which will still be a water field) - Get rid of his item with Trick, Covet or Knock Off - Soak gets rid of his Poison typing, and he will start getting damage from both his item and from the field - Worry Seed gets rid of his ability (dont do it if you get rid of his typing) - Lower his stats. He only uses special attacks, so Infestation will do wonders - PP stall him yourself. Steel and Ground mons can protect themselves well against him. - Setup. If you can't kill him with enough Psychics/Tbolts before he heals, try being at +2/+4 before attacking. - It's only one mon', so Leech Seed, Attract, Confuse ray...hell, even Perish Song..can cheese him In my runs I mostly used stat lowering/setting up on him.
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