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  1. Forgive me if any of the following already have crests... The puzzles to get them all in-game are very tricky! Octillery/Glalie/Bibarel Crest: Gives a 20% chance per turn to erase dropped stats. To be used with moody! (The idea would be most fun on Octillery in my opinion due to its amazing movepool). Mantine Crest: Gives it an effect similar to Cramorant's Gulp Missile, since it always has Remoraid swimming with it (This would outclass Cramorant almost entirely though, so I understand if you would want to avoid that.... Yall are adding gen 8 if I recall?) Cramorant Crest: Alright now I feel bad for Cramorant. The crest would, in addition to Gulp Missile's surf/dive bonus, give a similar bonus to Fly/Brave Bird. Cramorant would snag a Swablu in the air 50% of the time that would have the Feather Dance effect, thus doubling Cramorant's awful defense. It could also snag a Castform (!!) in one of its weather forms 50% of the time. Of this 50%, one third of it would be a chance to Snag a Fire-form Castform that burns the opponent. Another third of it would be Castform's Rain form that grants Life-Dew recovery to Cramorant. The final third of it would be Castforms's Hail form that would freeze the opponent. (Gosh I had SO much fun theory-crafting this one!). Vespiquen Crest: Buffs base speed to somewhere between base 80-100, and doubles the strength/effectiveness of Attack order and Defend order, respectively. The Attack Order buff would make it a 2-hit move without sacrificing base power. Ninjask Crest: Buffs base Defense and base Special Defense to base 90 and gives the hold item effect of Metronome, but nullifies speed boost. Dhelmise Crest: Drags the battle to the Underwater Field effect for 5 turns upon switch-in (or maybe 8 turns!), buffs power of Anchor Shot. Golurk Crest: Since Golurk has rocket legs (so freaking cool), Brings the battle to the Sky Field effect used in Souta's battle for 5-8 turns, buffs the power of Fly to 100BP and takes only 1 turn (If fly isn't already buffed in this field... can't remember if it is.)
  2. If I'm the only person who votes for SEC I'm going to be sad. Such an underrated "character"!
  3. I don't want to waste too much of your time so I'll keep this short:


    The music for Akuwa town (the one with the aquarium) is one of the most peaceful pieces of music I've heard in a long time. 



    I found the music file in the game's folders, but at night the music is slowed down a bit and that's when it sounds the best. By what percentage does the game slow down the music? I would like to replicate the music in this state. 


    Thank you so much to you and your team. Rejuvenation is absolutely amazing. 


    1. Jan



      It's pitched down to 85%!

  4. Hey Ame/Dev team, Referencing this screenshot, I wanted to understand the difference between "eventing" and "story". If I were to guess, eventing is some type of programming lingo perhaps equivalent to scripting. If this is true, then I have to wonder what there is to be scripted if there's 0% story progress. In Rom Hacking you have to script every dialogue, NPC movement, etc. which means some of the story must be figured out. My educated guesses are maybe signature moves/items for the legendaries, animations, and item placing. Am I on the right track? Sorry if this has been asked before! Also, alongside putting many hours into 6 full play-throughs (started a new game each episode I played), I've been lurking the forums for nearly 5 years, so hi! Thanks for all the effort yall put in!
  5. thank you! I feel like a noob because this isn't a rom hack haha.
  6. I just updated from 14.1 to this current version. How can I be sure that the game.exe file is opening my save in the correct version? should I delete the 14.1 folder that has all the 14.1 data in it? Or will that delete my save that the 14.6.2 is potentially reading? (I'm new to the updating lol)
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