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  1. i think they were saying we're all gonna die anyways, so what's another week?
  2. I thank you for this. Gonna pay this forward because I had to search this thread to find out what to do here.
  3. he has also said he's motivated for daily content again though, so who knows
  4. so, am I dumb, or did I miss how to get onto the Chrisola Rooftop to get that Zygarde cell? I know it's during the day only. But I have no way to get to the roof where I am in the game right now (1 badge)?
  5. considering how hard he's made this game on himself, I don't have a problem with him spamming assists to win gym battles dude's dumber than a box of hammers sometimes, but that's a part of his charm and why he's entertaining....you can tell he does love this game.
  6. that was the best video I've seen in a long time, perfection
  7. better or worse than Suzerain making himself one of the Timeless trainers in Insurgence?
  8. the editing job lmao 40:22 "here he goes...." talking about Shade again, I'm dying
  9. Uh, circumstances? Is it covid related? I hope not. Is it Nintendo related? I hope not.
  10. Beldum would be nearly impossible to figure out if you didn't know about how to do it.
  11. Uranium came during the summer of Pokemon Go (2016). Pokemon fever was at its highest in a LONG time when Uranium released.
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