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  1. Lost the battle with Zetta in the Nightmare Realm, got kicked back to the Penthouse, tried to sleep, but I can't get back into the Nightmare as Aelita? What am I missing?
  2. and then it pulls a reverse UNO card and makes you its food
  3. I will add that Froslass got me through the 9th gym battle (Thanks, Blizzard) so absolutely keep her around
  4. Regenerator Tangrowth is always fun it does have the mixed attacker problem though, but I went the special route and have Giga Drain/Sludge Bomb (I believe you'll get it soon enough, I'm not that much past you in the game right now and I have it), which is all you really need. I kept Knock Off on because Knock Off is never a bad option. Then the 4th slot you can run Stun Spore/Sleep Powder depending on how you play. of course this is kinda moot since you're not really touching Rillaboom, SORRY
  5. believe it or not this is the first mega stone you can get lol
  6. I just went through this part yesterday under 13.0.3 and did not have any issues.
  7. even the Audino trainers know to use Knock Off if you have an item, and it doesn't use it if you don't
  8. Page 279 - clarify that the Vulpix encounter needs a Gourmet Treat! turns out I didn't have one :(
  9. Emolga instead of a Magnet? BRUH I'm upset considering I spent 2-3 hours catching Nosepass in the Safari Zone trying to get one with a Magnet At least I have my shiny Silvally, so whatever.
  10. bruh I'm thinking this 2% is BS, along with the 1% Oranguru rate in Hula Meadow. I did over 250 encounters with Oranguru and now over 150 with Nosepass. I've found two shinies before a 2% encounter!
  11. not sure if this is intended behaviour or not, but this shrub right here will give you a Calm Mint every time you interact with it. in terms of usefulness? not totally gamebreaking because Calm isn't a super-common desired nature and you can't sell the mints for a lot of money ($5) but, here we are!
  12. I beat Crawli with a Purugly too, Faking out the Galvantula and killing it with your other party member before that guy even sets up the webs makes that battle very much easier.
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