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  1. Mhm that's just how it is the AI has always had crazy hax and it definitely feels like they reads items. In Amber's normal mode fight for me her Camerupt would always switch turn one against my Golduck. Then when I switched to a water gem to try and 1 shot the switch in the AI was like sorry bro guess again.
  2. Have you had any luck with this? I'm having the same problem.
  3. Sure glad I didn't figure out the keyword at night Super sick though, I can't wait to solve the next one if there is one! HYPE
  4. Goomink the ultimate lifeform !!
  5. The new portraits look so good! I love all the touch ups like for Eli and Sharon, for Crawli, etc. Florin looks genuinely really cool now, same with Adam, I never really liked Aevis's newer design, I much prefer the legacy sprite, but maybe this new hairstyle will make me like his design more. The new hair looks a little weird, maybe the ends are a little too long.
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