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  1. Here you can see some teams of other players
  2. You need debug mode for that. Its not a part of this mod pack. Learning egg moves via move relearner is a part of v12.
  3. You can do it with debug mod, its not the part of the mod pack.
  4. So, reborn is canon in rejuvenation. Is rejuvenation canon in reborn?
  5. What is this? Easy mode? On my intense difficulty game mode?!
  6. Playing as you/Jan in a something like WLL part would be pretty cool. We could learn more about rejuvenation world that way.
  7. Im not using it on my main save file, but once i finish the game im always having some fun with debug mode, never added some pokemons, illegal moves, items etc (not gonna lie, i used it to change my mystery egg to trapinch, for my fav pokemon of all time, Flygon). Im using it on other save files for things like challenge runs and other things. Thank you for not purging it. But i guess, if you just asked, people could just stop public releasing mods like that, and it would be much harder to cheat on the game.
  8. 1. Are you ok with all the available mods out there? Like debug mod for example. 2. Any chance for more starters? Just a normal pick your starter options, not this 1/1000 chance of some cool mons (that is no longer in the game since v10, rip) 3. Will our choice matter? Im talking about game chaning events based on our choice.
  9. Any plans for more "where love lies" like parts?
  10. So, its mega ring, or mega-z ring like in reborn? Or we are not getting z-ring yet?
  11. Kill Melia, give us Amber. Perfect pokemon game Jan.
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