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  2. maybe this is the one thing you wanna fix? I'm just gonna assume they are at least discouraged to do so, that's a logical conclusion I came into after understanding your scoring system (like the Sparkling Aria example), would explain why Julia doesn't explode as much as I expect. glad to read so, and I appreciate you going deep into it. it is kind of important for me, like I said. there are some bits of information I never noticed, even paying this game a ridiculous amount of times back then, like the Sparkling Aria one. (I can see why the code is 42k long.) Definitely wort
  3. Hello, thank your for your really fast answer and your thoughts, it's really appreciated. Didn't know the code was just available for us, lol. I guess that makes sense with all the random files there are in the games folder. I will take a look soon (but frankly, I doubt it will help, as I really suspect you have to understand the projects whole code to understand the AI-code, and then as you mentioned, 50k lines long is no joke, but I can try, I guess?) Oh man this is useful information. I already know I'm gonna get destroyed at this rate xD Blue Kaizo
  4. (I didn't know where to start this topic, pardon me if this is the wrong place. I'm nowadays rarely here.) Edit: Ugh, I wanted to post this in On The Hunt, this is definitely wrong. Sorry about that. Can't seem to delete this too. I hope someone can fix this.) I finally decided to do another Nuzlocke run of Reborn. But as last time, I "cheated": I had too lenient rules (too much healing allowed, and every pokemon had 2 lives) because I thought a game as hard as reborn deserves lenient nuzlocke rules. But I think I improved and I can redeem myself with a real Reborn Nuzlocke.
  5. In a haunted field, Ghost Moves are super effective against Normal Types, and Flame Burst gains the Ghost Typing added to the Fire Typing. Flame Burst should therefore be super effective against Normal Types, shouldn't it? But thats not the case, as I saw in my newest Playthrough. (Flame Burst was Neutral against Marianettes Porygon2.)
  6. Last but not least, I want to thank the Rejuvenation Team for answering mostly all of our questions! It was only for the fans and it must have been really tedious sometimes with these amounts of questions here. Thus a last question: How did you feel answering the questions? Edit: One last question came to my mind: What if Aya and/or Adrienn die(s) in the last Episode of Reborn?
  7. What exactly is the connection between Dr. Jenkel and Flora? We never really saw how they worked together, we only saw them together a couple of times.
  8. We saw Keta/Kenneth in the destroyed future. But he was in Kanto and moved to Aveium AFTER the calamity. So why did he move, in this timeline, to a nearly destroyed Aveium? Also, why do we get there a relationship point with a dead caracter? (Keta)
  9. -Is the red-haired girl with the Naganadel called Freya, by any chance? Why has she and Kieran relatively weak pokemon besides their UB? (Stantler, Klingklang... it's almost contradiction how less threatening they are compared to them) -In earlier Versions, we fought Nastasia with her full team. Why was that battle removed? -Why could Allen easily destroy the Garufa Machines while we, the interceptor, couldn't so easily?
  10. -Any plans for Ash-Greninja? Will it be available? -Any Plans for Nuzlocke runs?
  11. Finally managed to beat Insane Moda Valerie. Thanks God I catched Snover from Blacksteeple Castle <3

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