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  1. If he is completely blind then yes. But all it takes go beat Sierra is slapping Nature Power on XY and pushing it 6 times then it's done xD So he just need to read the field effect.. Shouldn't be so hard. I think after this many challenges he will pay more attention.
  2. Well Ttar will continue this nuzlocke. He just says he will quit because that's how he is. So don't worry about that. Im impressed how he got past Kiki. Well my predictions were almost always wrong now but I dare say that Noel will be the next big challenge for him especially after throwing his only normal immunity... Noel could even finish him off haha. Before Noel nothing really is threatening tbh. Aya is medium at best and Sierra is a pushover. Well, if he trains up new pokemon of course. Imagine him continuing with 4 pokemon lol
  3. As for me, I really want to see how far he will go and I root for him. But I don't want him to lose desperately but I just see no real way to beat Kiki with no major casualties. Well, I mean with his Team righr now Same goes for Aya and Noel if he makes it there. However, other upcoming GYM Leaders like Sierra, Radomus (maybe 1-2 minor losses), Luna and Samson are easy to beat and if he makes it to them I'm sure he will win especially because he knows how to fight in a Nuzlocke. He knows how to try hard in battle which is crucial for doing a Nuzlocke like this. Overall the only "really hard" Leaders (in MY opinion I know everyones differ) are Noel (depends on team, a good Steel Type cheeses him hard) and Charlotte (I dare to say she is impossible in a nuzlocke with no losses unless very lucky when catching pokemon. In my nuzlocke I think I lost 4 pokemon against her and went "beat fire with fire"). So yeah he could beat Kiki but not without losses. I could be wrong tho. For Noel, well, let's hope he gets a good Normal resist. And Charlotte... yeah, tbh she will be a big challenge for him. I still really root for him and hope he somehow manages the difficulties.
  4. Yeah, pretty sure the top is blocked off. Might have been changed once but I'm pretty sure. I'm the kind of guy who wonders "what if I avoid Victoria? Will the game proceed anyway?" and tries it out. It's just in this instant where Victoria wants to battle. Then you can pass to the top again. And either AI has something seriously wrong, or EVs matter here. (Maybe Swalot has a ton of Def EV? But then again, does the AI cheat and know your EVs? I really need to test that someday, really interesting) Idk, hope it's the latter because I always enjoy reading the AI.
  5. The top is blocked off anyway when Victoria tries to ambush you. So there is no way to avoid that xD But I don't think Victoria will be a problem. He has something for every team tbh so he just has to play smart. Also this AI stuff.. That's the first time I saw this lol. Solar Beam HAS to deal more damage than Flame Charge, that's how the AI works. Man, Typhlosion's Attack is terrible. Probably bad IV too. Sooo yeah. Rip TTar against Kiki, I would say.
  6. It hurts so much how he ignored Woobat. SO. MUCH. For this, he totally deserves to lose. ..No but srsly, he might really lose here. His team is, at this point, actual trash: Jinx (if he even evolves it lol) will be outsped and one shotted, I assume. (Could be wrong tho, but in most cases it will be slower.) Growlith and Mightyena are useless. Dishsoap too if unevolved. Only Swalot and Pidgeot can do something against kiki but I can't see how he can break through her fighting spirit. Even if he Stockpiles 6 times, Medicham will finish this and can either crit or boost with Meditate. He will love the training after the blackout XD
  7. That's really impressive, props for that! I suggest you prepare some good Double Battle Mons (like Fakeout, thats op in doubles wtf) in the near future for the Doubles Battles at Amarias house and the Gauntlet. They are with no doubt the hardest challenge in a Nuzlocke. (I prepared for the Gauntlet Battles like 2 days and still lost some pokemon.) I suggest you antiteam especially the first Double Battle because losing a pokemon in the first battle is more dangerous than when you two in the last battle. Maybe that's obvious for you but I still like to give Nuzlocke hints. I just love nuzlocking too much xD (I'm the kind of guy who even tries to no hit sans from undertale)
  8. No one would blame you, there were indeed people who Nuzlocked Reborn successfully (like myself). Just know exactly what awaits you so you can counterteam everything and don't play with normal Nuzlocke Rules and add some newer ones to make it actually playable like: -You may breed an Egg from the Day Care exactly one time (foe the Mystery Egg) -Static Encounter should count in most cases, as long as you don't farm them (like getting 20 Vanillites). This rule seems making nuzlocking too easy but for reborn, I think this is fine -Heck, if you really want to enjoy the nuzlocke, every pokemon can have 2 or 3 lifes. I should try this one someday, then maybe I won't have 2 boxes filled with dead pokemon xD The key to winning Reborn Nuzlocke is just antiteam everything. It's gonna be tedious sometimes but that's really the secret. So you gotta know the games well.
  9. Or the Spiritomb which tanked EVERYTHING. Now he has a weak ass Doublade as his tank? Nice, gets even KO'ed by a Growlithe
  10. Well, yeah, you are right about that. I like that Pidgeot even less. He really should train more these pokemon in the Box. He has a frikkin Mareep and doesn't use it. That's so sad. ;(
  11. Wow. Ok, I'm so surprised he managed to defeat Shade with no losses. (I don't count that stupid bird.) Kiki was more useful than I expected. That's because I expected a Discharge from Rotom to actually OHKO Kiki and that Cruncz barely misses the KO on Rotom. But I swear after each Episode Ame changed Gengars Attacks. I swear he had Shadow Ball first, then Shadow Claw and now he has Shadow Ball again. But I really miss the old Shade. Who remembers Spiritomb?
  12. I am so stupid. I meant Gourgeist not Pumpkaboo lol. But didn't he had Gourgeist at some point? Or was it really just Trevenant and my memory is just trash? I can remember Trevenant but he had a Gourgeist once right?
  13. Shade has changed indeed I'm 100% sure. I was around since Ep9. Can't remember what exactly but what I can remember is his Gengar being nerfed by changing Shadow Ball to Shadow Claw. Also his Pumpkaboo and Mimikyu are new additions. But I think it was changed way back in E14 when Gen 6 was added. I just remember clearly that in my very first Playthrough he was the second toughest GYM Leader I have faced. Edit: same for Dhelmise and Doublade? Man I always forget these things.
  14. So as far as I understand, he will not train up new pokemon soon? Ok guys, it was a nice nuzlocke, but Shade will totally finish him. Rotom and Mimikyu are just too big of a threat for his team. He should thank god that this is nerfed Shade. Maybe he will survive with, like, 2 pokemon tho if he is lucky xD
  15. Any Ghost type takes the Hyper Beam and other pokemon like Scraggy can take Dark pulse. Maybe even multiple pokemon who normal resist Dark. But I agree it's hard to even reach Abra. But just sayin'.
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