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  1. Hi :D

    1. Pragorius


      Hi ! How can I help you ?

    2. Lina


      I wanted to thank you again for the explanation about Terra's hair color. I didn't know this yet because I wasn't ready with the game. Only the day before yesterday I officially saw this in the game and also spoke to Terra's parents, their backstory is really a bit sad. What is your favorite Reborn character anyway?

    3. Pragorius


      You're welcome !

      Well, good question. I think I'll go with Radomus, because he's kinda goofy yet very clever, and unclear in his intentions yet trustworthy. And also he's veeery important in the plot but i dont wanna spoil anything if you're not done with the whole E18.

      But yeah, Reborn has for sure a lot of charismatic characters ! There is a thread about Reborn saddest characters that i recommend to you if you're into that !

  2. Since Terra and Lin are my favorite characters, I draw Terra. I really like their craziness, generally I like characters like that. I really hope that she will come back again. Does anyone actually know what their natural hair color is? When I was drawing the picture, did I actually ask myself whether she might also have black hair because she has black eyebrows or is something else already determined? I would really be interested. And my English is not the best, sorry for that :D And yes, I gave her a keystone and Garchomp a Megastone because I actually thought it was quite suitable
  3. Lina

    Houndour Catch

    Hello How can I catch a houndour? I joined Team Aqua, I know it can be trapped in the Magma Base after defeating the boss. But it didn't appear there. Does it have to be a specific time and a specific weather? I've already searched here in the forum, but I didn't really get any smarter, to be honest. I hope that somehow I can be helped. Definitely wants to have Houndour as it's my favorite Firetype. thanks in advance
  4. Hi! Thank you for your answers. In the meantime I had found luck by hitting stones and found a flint. It has taken a long time.
  5. Hey I have just finished the 3rd Arena and slowly I would like to develop my growlith. But what's the quickest way to get a flint? I know you can cut stones in the cave near the 3rd arena. But does it have to be a certain stone where it spawns or can it spawn anywhere? I sat on it for 2 hours yesterday and unfortunately couldn't find a stone. Or do you get a flint in the story shortly after the 3rd Arena? Then I would still be able to endure the fact that Growlithe is still undeveloped. Thanks in advance
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