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  1. I see we both had similar ideas on this scene haha. Looks great!
  2. Wait, so, if I'm getting this right, Binding Band Sand Tomb in Desert Terrain does 1/3 HP of trapping damage per turn?


    And Torkoal can pull it from Nature Power?


    *writes that down for future battles*

  3. Last one I have so far. Have another in the works but I need to get that character more mons for the battle

  4. The other fight I got for Jacob, composed of some of her best Pokemon, and a secret Pokemon of hers she normally doesn't use. Think of it as a team she'd only use if she has no other option and someone/thing needs to be stopped that's too strong for the other team I posted, being her main team of 6


  5. Figured I'd post some more of them, people might see and like them idk, I enjoy making these

  6. So I was making some custom battles of my OC's using the fields and uh

    I think I went a bit overboard on this one

  7. Hey I'm new, figured I may as well post a commission I got a while ago! The middle is my main trainer OC in a different outfit than her usual but her sprite was just a hair edit lmao. Credit to my good friend BritxBrit on DeviantArt and Instagram!
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