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  1. This is really well-written, and I understand a lot of your points. I do respectfully disagree with your position on this topic. I know that the world we live in right now is a volatile, ugly place, but it is still my personal worldview that violence is (99.9% of the time) not the answer. Even when it feels justified, it alienates people from your cause, and ultimately hurts it. On a scale like this, collateral damage is inevitable and invalidating to whatever justice you're trying to enact. I disliked Flora the second we met her, when we saw her hypocritically setting off her sort of corrupti
  2. If Erin was originally older than Melia, is she still older after Melia's +3 years in the past, or is she now younger?
  3. Hey so I noticed that there's a theme titled "Xenogene" in the music folder, as well as some sprites in the characters folder labeled "Xgene." Is that a reference to something outside of rejuvenation, or is it something meant to come up later in the story?
  4. Will all mega stones be made available before post game? If not, which ones are planning to be excluded?
  5. what I usually do is find the hidden irons, proteins, etc. (ev raising items) and sell them, since they're not really necessary this early on. they give you a lot of cash to use on the haircut lady.
  6. Updated my pic for v12!! spent a lot of time on this one. so happy with it *^^*
  7. recently been doing a little research and came across an interesting goddess pic of her from wikipedia inspired this:
  8. Tweeted this awhile ago, but never posted it in a thread or anything here so also wanted to do a quick doodle of gearen's favorite trio after finally figuring out how to watch Melia's audition tape :,)
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