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  1. That's my main worry. Too many villain arcs have yet to be wrapped up. I really hope the final boss of the game is Madame X or Indriad, but I'm worried it'll be Freya, who gets revealed to be the mastermind behind all of this. That would be stupidly anticlimactic, since we've battled her so many times already.
  2. I know, but I'm saying there's gotta be a limit. I doubt it can make you think your entire past was different; otherwise Freya's job would have been so much easier.
  3. He was trying to do the same thing to Braixen at the Hospital of Hope, and it was implied that he had already succeeded with the two of them. With Freya, I doubt she could give someone total amnesia, much less make them remember an entirely false past life. Her tricks on Kenneth were still pretty minor--they just included making him and Taelia misremember minor things, making Kenneth think he was having hallucinations, and giving him a dream where he met Taelia (and I think he was already knocked out at that point, so it would have been easier).
  4. Nah, it's the opposite (read its dex entry). Jan just used artistic liberty to expand its powers a bit.
  5. He eliminated Valerie and Adam's memories, and tried to do the same to Braixen. And also, he helped Narcissa get rid of her memories. Oh, and he transferred his memories to his son, and then tried to do the same to Lavender. I doubt Freya could completely alter someone's memories on her own. Her power still has its limits.
  6. I guess we've only seen Isha wipe people's memories. But I'm sure he and Freya's Beheeyem, if they worked closely together enough, could start completely changing people's memories.
  7. Alternatively, maybe Madame X is a brainwashed Saki? Maybe Freya and Isha did their work on her, and told her that she was the daughter of Freya and Kieran. We saw her on the pyramid just after she was brainwashed, but then she was taken to the Miera region in the past. Freya then somehow died in the nuclear explosion, but Madame X lived on. Or something like that. After all, Saki's final tweet was signed with an X.
  8. She doesn't. She turns into her early-game sprite. Here's the sprite she momentarily turns into on the altar. And here's the sprite she has when you first meet her in Goldenwood Forest.
  9. Good thought. That can't be true, since she's inside the soul stone now. (Speaking of: if Maria were Melia, Anathea would definitely have popped out when you came into contact). I kind of doubt Freya would be THAT sophisticated. Thanks for bringing up that Garufa Nuke though, I'd forgotten about it. Weird that Freya would want us to know about it. Are we all pretty certain that Risa is Freya? Because if so, Aelita and Texen have a common enemy. They could join forces against her, and Texen would get his redemption arc.
  10. Oh, I don't think anybody thought that Melia would have any memories as Maria, just that she was a reincarnation or something. But really, their only similarities are that they're both blonde and that they both have superpowers. The blondeness, if it isn't just coincidence, could be because they were both near the archetype at some point. And they don't even necessarily have the same kind of superpowers; we never saw Maria use any kind of light to make things grow. Is it possible that Maria was a past interceptor instead? The "remember who you are" thing Madame X said would still make sense.
  11. Actually, you know what I've realized? There is NO evidence that Maria and Melia are the same person. The game kind of just lets you assume that. But the only thing suggesting that is that when Angie tries to sacrifice Melia, Melia says she's "experienced this before." But that's flimsy evidence at best; presumably many people have been sacrificed in the past.
  12. Yes, it was. But the layout of the inside is exactly like the layout of the house in the prologue. You can even find the portrait of Maria's family in GDC, hang it up where it originally was in the prologue, and in response the basement will open and you can see the room where Vitus sacrificed his wife. So yes, both the house in the prologue and the Marble Mansion exist simultaneously. But that's not even the weirdest part. When you walk around the house, the player character themself starts having flashbacks to the prologue. Which clearly has something to do with them appearing outside of the house when you "die." So it appears that Marianette and the player have a weird connection.
  13. Yeah, that's what I was saying. But it only works if the timelines merged at some point, and had already begun merging before the calamity.
  14. That's what I thought too. But you can literally find the house from the prologue in the desert.
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