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  1. Geara is the son of the couple who lived next to Gregorian Lake, and then got stuck in the Voidal Chasm. After getting out of there, the father mentions having a son while in the chasm, and naming him after the lake. So that was definitely Gregory, or Geara as he's now known. I'm pretty sure Anju's son is Neved, but I'm not sure if that's been confirmed.
  2. All right, is Calyrex going to be added to the Badlands Arc at all? It seems too perfect not to be.
  3. But even after you protected your friends, Nim didn't try to harm you
  4. She purposely didn't set Nim against US though. She told Nim that everyone else had betrayed her, but that the player had remained by her side.
  5. Oh yes, that was a part of the theory that I forgot to mention. And Indriad probably viewed all women as children of Nymiera because Nymiera was the first woman. As for Crescent being aligned with Indriad, it would explain many things. On the other hand, why on earth would she be? Why would a former storm chaser who went rogue (probably because she found out something she should have) align herself with a death cult bent on destroying the world as we know it?
  6. Lickilicky: All physical moves now have a chance to paralyze (since it's using them with its tongue)
  7. Luxray: merges Speed with Attack, powers up moves with 60 bp or less.
  8. Yup, the only region-wide government institution is the Pokemon League, it seems
  9. Oh no, I didn't mean that. I meant that, for example, the details you choose to include or not might suggest what might be important later in the story. Or what you emphasize when you describe things etc.
  10. Isn't there a worry that an official storyline summary might spoil the later parts? Like because of how it describes things, and what it decides to include/exclude.
  11. But we know what exposure to the Archetype can do to one's skin and hair.
  12. That's not really a "missing piece" though; it's pretty much implied. I guess Freya and Kieran are far from the only "master manipulators" in the game, but they seem like the only unambiguously evil ones. The puppet masters, Spacea and Tiempa and Crescent could all have done it, but I doubt any of them would want to end the world with Storm-9.
  13. Okay, so for a while I've been suspecting that Freya somehow manipulated Gardevoir into having Anathea killed. But I had no real evidence for that. Now...
  14. That'd be so mean to any players who didn't do the sidequests. Granted, the game's storyline has been mean to them before, but still...
  15. I really want there to be an Underwhere-style sequence later on in the game, where the main character gets trapped in the afterlife for a while and has to find their way out on their own.
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