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  1. She didn't have any insurance because she knew she would win. Melia was mentally hurt and Melanie was overconfident so she should have win. For the question What would she have to gain by touching and absorbing Melia? Well, she gain more power, can do things that she couldn't before, it can be many things.
  2. The best pokemon against Madame X is Sawk (Sturdy), who learn Quick Guard, Endure, Counter. With these 3 move he should be able to solo Yveltal. Turn 1 to Turn 10 (until she has used all Decimation) use Quick Guard, Turn 11 use Counter and after that use Endure. Best for Sawk to have max EV in HP so his Counter can do maximum damage
  3. 75% is the maximum but it can be less. Some update are really long, like V13 will be longer than any update. We just know it will go to V16.
  4. Nature Power transform in Judgement, which receive two boost (x1.5 2 times). Deerling can loose his grass typing with camouflage. I think Nuzleaf can sweep by himself, and Ninetales will be slower than him because of the sun.
  5. You can try with TM Echoed Voice, (just spam hit it's boosted) or TM Nature Power (it's boosted Judgement) . You can poison some and use TM Venoshock on them.
  6. Can we assume that the Player and Aelita will meet the Puppet Master, or somethings that explain why they should always be together ?
  7. Lyvanrocs Crest: Summon Stealth Rock Lycanrock-Dusk Crest: Every physical Rock type attack are contact. Lycanrock-Midnight Crest: Gain Solid Rock. On switch, +1 in speed and first move is a priority. Lycanrock-Midday Crest: If faster than the enemy without a priority move, Accelerock double in power. Flapple Crest: When he miss, gain +1 in speed and lock-on for the next attack. Centikorch Crest:Ability Ice Scales but for physical move + Adaptability. Copperajah Crest: On switch, gain +1 in Defense and Special Defense. Gain Heatproof. Dhelmi
  8. Barraskeda Crest: Summon the rain when switch in. Clawitzer Crest: Give him STAB on all move affected by Mega Launcher. Raise Speed by 1 stage if KO another pokemon. Hatterene: Summon the Trick Room on switch in and give it a hidden leftovers. Kingklang Crest: Plus or Minus is always active. Every 3 turns when he is fighting raise his speed or special attck by 1 stage, or during 3 turns he gains resistance on all his weakness. Milotic Crest: Marvel Scale is always active, and gain Magic Guard. Rotom Crest: Lose Levitate but gain immunity or resistance against all type
  9. Mimikyu Crest : Special moves use attack stat. When disguise fall, increase attack and speed by 25% or 50 %.
  10. I don't know if it's really important for the story but some characters have resemblance with certain pokemon. For Tiempa and Spacea we can see Dialga and Palkia. But there is other. Spacea:Palkia, control space Tiempa:Dialga, control time Comet:Metamorph, can morph in every living beings Cosmia:Mew,can morph in every living beings (can do it better) Keiran:Meloetta, because of his voice Freya: a fusion between Zoroark and Beheeyem Puppet Master:Darkrai, live and is the master of Nightmare city Protag/Interceptor: Jirachi or a fusion with Jiraichi and a
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